Yoko Geolander Tires

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Aug 31, 2003
British Columbia
Have a line on some 32x15x11.5 Yoko Geolanders A/T. I have a HJ60 with 2.5 lift from Belton. Anyone had any experience with these tires? What is the best size of rim to get, 8 inch? I'm worried that I might rub with a 11.5 inch tire. The tires are used (one day) and cost $170 Canadian, seems like a good deal to me. The reason why I'm asking is that I was all set to get BFG 31x15x10.5 but these Geolanders are even cheaper!

480,000 kms with 1500 on diesel rebuild HJ60
I just put my Yoko's on yesterday, and I love them already. My Fj60 has a 2.5" BDS lift, and it fits the 33X12.50 Geolanders with no rubbing. Everyone has BFGs, I only know of two other people in my town with Yoko's. They're quiet on the highway, not sure how they handle offroad, haven't had time yet. I used 10 inch wheels, but 8 inchers would fit 11.5 pretty easily. I got mine for $100 (US) plus about $70 in shipping for the lot. check tirerack.com and see if you can get them any cheaper, I'm not sure what the ratio of Canadian to US dollars is, but you might be able to get them cheaper there. Hope that helps.
I put some 315/75/16 (35's), Geolandar MTs on my 62 a year ago. Kick a$$ tires offroad, but after only about 12,000 miles later I'm already down to half tread, the problem is with the softer compound Yokohama uses. Allthough this translates to unbelievable grip offroad it also means you gotta start thinking about buying new tires sooner than you'd expect. Thats my 2 cents on Yokos.
MTs are the way to go. I'm on my 3rd set. First set lasted 20k miles. The 2nd lasted 40k. They rock in the rocks.
One of the guys I know has 60,000 miles on his ATs, and they still look good. If you're looking for street tires go with the ATs, but if you are going to do a lot of serious off-roading go with the MTs. I do my share of off-roading, but the majority is on the street, i drive my cruiser to school everyday, and try to keep it pretty clean.(there is very little, if any mud here in west texas, so my cruiser usually has a good layer of red sand on it).
I've had 31-10.50 AT's for 3 years now and they are about 1/2 down. The 70 40 is a daily driver(DD) and I plan to get a bigger set here when all the conversion is done. AMAZING on ice and good cutting on snow. Climb like a goat but never had them in mud or really rocky climbing. There are 3 of us that run them and only one has had somewhat premature wear on his but he is a young guy as well and I think it has more to do with driving style than tire performance. I would say sound investment for an all around tire.

We just got a set and I really like them. I was thinking about switching from MT/R's on the 4Runner to the Yoko Muds as well.


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I had some MT's and was happy witht hem at first. They do wear out pretty quickly and the directional pattern can make the a little less effective if you have to back out of some gooey mud. I switched to Super Swampers, but those are too aggrewsive for most people. My buddies all run BFG MT's and seem to love them. They alos don't have the same problems I had when trying to back out. As for the AT's, they are good street tires. If you do anything other than MILD offroading, I would go with any brand MT's.
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We just got a set and I really like them. I was thinking about switching from MT/R's on the 4Runner to the Yoko Muds as well.


That's my wife in there.

Howdy Steve... fancy seeing you 'round these parts.
I used to run the M/T's - They worked well, but they have a VERY weak sidewall. Tore open three sidewalls. 2 bit the dust on the Black Hills Rocks and the other on a wooded trail in the Cow Mtn area.

Tread design is good, they just need to beef-up the sidewalls.
I've heard great things about the Yoko Geolander AT+II. We are going to purchase a set for our Liberty here soon based on many reviews I've read online. As for the Geolander MT's, I had a set on my 1988 K5 Blazer years ago. They were a great offroad tire. They did wear really quick. I got like 25k out of them with regular rotation and balancing. JMHO :D
had some geos on my company ride and loved em.had em an a dodge cummins 3/4 t.best tires i ever had in snow,pretty good in mud,had about 50k (kmthat is)on em and only half worn.check kal tire for a good price(my buddys the manager in ft nelson) :)

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