Wrecked my LX470 :(

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Oct 18, 2018
Got clipped at 40mph. Steering is jacked. Looks like a bent tie rod.
01 w/280k. Recently installed used engine.
New Method wheels w/Toyo tires, Prospeed Roof rack, New revamped sound system w/9" Android head unit.
What are the chances the insurance company will want to total it?


That will be close. I'd say it will be a coin flip either way, but you'll need to fight them pretty hard to get true value from them. Sorry to hear about this, hopefully everyone is ok.
I think it will depend on unseen damage, especially if you took a hit on the wheel. Things like steering rack, control arms, etc. Externally damage seems to not be too severe.
sorry about your loss man. with the increased values these days, i doubt it will be a total. take the check from the insurance and use the $ to do some upgrades
I should be getting a metal front bumper in April so i'll have a front bumper (complete with fogs)/crossmember after the install. I have a river rock mica grey/green paint so it won't match you. I already moved my turn signals from the bumper to LC corners so I have the factory LX corners too.
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Very sorry that you have to go through that.
For a DIYer, buying back from the insurance can be a sweet deal, but yes, you may need to put forth a bunch of data to get a fair value payment to you in the first place (and it may be hard to get your aftermarket goodies' worth). Definitely, you don't want to let them keep the vehicle for auction with all your fancy stuff on.
That doesn't look bad. Shouldn't be a total. Was the hood damaged?
None of the valuation guides have ever been accurate.

I'm collecting BAT Auction results just in case mine gets in an accident.
Why even fix anything, it looks fine. Just extend the tie rod and run it

How do you expect him to retrofit nightview with that attitude 😦
I wouldn't be surprised if it's totaled. I just went through this with my 2000 LX470, but the damage wasn't as bad. Bumpers, bumper covers, fenders (with the cladding) and that turn signal are NLA, according to the body shops and insurance companies; and it's their opinion that you have to fight, not PartSouq and Amayama's websites. And their valuation will not consider current market prices. They don't keep up with that as much as consumers do; they focus on value schedules which are not updated as much as Facebook Marketplace and BAT.

Having said that, @nukegoat is right, there's nothing wrong that a little squinting won't fix. Seriously though, I'd hang on to it, regardless of what they give you.

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