Why do you own a GX 470 instead of a 100 series LC or LX?

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Dec 24, 2017
Southeast US
Just curious how many GX 470 owners here have driven or owned the 100 series, and if you have, how you would compare them?

My story is that I have driven almost all competitor trucks including the 100 series, but just find the GX to be the "Goldilocks" truck for me. I've never gotten out of a competitor truck, gotten into my GX, and felt anything other than "I prefer this GX." I will admit, however, that there's something that draws me to the classic 100 series, and the appeal seems to get stronger and stronger as they get older. I wish I had another garage space!

What are your experiences and preferences?
My son now drives the 80 and I wanted another exploration vehicle. I originally wanted a 100-series. I still drool over the 100-series in Slee's web site gallery (see photo below).

Anyways, I ended up with a GX470 because I was able to find one near me at a good price (less than $10k than a similar 100-series in my area for the 3 months that I looked). In addition to the better initial price, I liked the better gas mileage and the more comfortable ride on the highway.

I do miss the rear fold tailgate (don't like the big barn door swingout) and the higher center console. Now that I've owned it for 10 months and have done all the preventive maintenance and the upgrades I needed, I wouldn't change it for a 100.

I preferred an '06 - '07 Land Cruiser, but I couldn't find one with less than 150k for a reasonable price. The LXs were less expensive, but I don't care for their looks.

I like everything about the GX except for the barn door. Compared to my Tacoma and other SUVs I've owned, it drives like a sports car.
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Every 100 I looked at was beat to death, came down to finding the cleanest truck in my price range.
I would have rather had a clean 145k mile 100 series lc. Hard to find in my price range. The lxs were there to be found, but I wanted a 2003 minimum.

The gx is a little bit of a compromise for me, coming from an 80. However its a great great truck and i can't wait to mod it.
I've had both. 100 was too big. GX is perfect and parts availability is actually better.
I've had an 80, 100, and now have a 120. Pros and cons with each. I really liked my '95 Land Cruiser w/ diff locks. The biggest pro was that I didn't care about it as much. I'd go through water up to my windows and cover the thing in mud. I didn't mind the the branches scraping down the side. As my daily driver, the cons were the lack of speed, rough ride, and no rear air conditioning. Here in Florida, my kids got pretty hot in the back. I also have 6 kids so I also needed 8 seat belts.

I sold the 80 and got a '00 LX470. Superior vehicle in every way as a daily driver. It was a garage kept bone stock baby when I got it. Here in Florida, there are a lot of LX's that are owned by rich old women that have never seen a dirt road. With that being said, I would go around the mud holes and not go down the narrow trails. Kinda babied it too much. I liked the comfort features and the ride. The performance was much better.

I then picked up a '05 GX470 Sport. I searched for about 6 months for a sport package without navigation and when I finally found one, I jumped on it. I was in Orlando at a Ford dealer listed as a base model. With the shorter wheel base, VVTI Engine, 5 speed Transmission, and KDSS, it feels like a race car compared to the 100. Gas mileage is a little better, but not a game changer. The biggest con is the swing out rear door. I miss my hatch/tailgates.

I bought all three of them bone stock and lifted each of them and put them on 33" BFG all terrains



I have owned 3 different 100’s. ‘00 LC(sold), ‘03 LX, and a ‘07 LX. I currently drive a ‘06 GX w/sport package for camping, hunting, fishing trips. My daily driver is the ‘03 LX, I can say each has their place in my heart! My GX has gotten as high as 20 mpg on the highway, has gotten me out of serious muddy conditions in eastern Montana, (pic) has an incredible amount of power in a small package, I tow my 20’ V-nose Haulmark cargo trailer with no issues. It has the air bags that self level when a load is on the hitch which is awesome to have. It has a narrower and shorter body, it is made for trails and off roading for sure!
I am at 114K and have done nothing but regular maintenance, tires, wheels, and floor mats. Looking to add LED’s soon.
I have a frame of 5’10” 220 pounds, for me the 100 is more comfortable, seats are a bit larger and sit higher from the floor, more truck like, yet also more comfortable.
All in all I would have a hard time saying which is better, its more of what better suits your lifestyle, for me, at this time, I have both, so life is good!
Maybe another reason some of us are ending up with GXes is that there's not that many LCs and some people don't quite like the LXes. Sales data suggests that it's hard to find an LC because not many were made...this is what I found on Wiki (not sure how accurate it is, but that's the data they have).

I've had both. 100 was too big. GX is perfect and parts availability is actually better.
That's a big part of my reason for preferring the GX 470 (I don't like the GX 460 nearly as much). I've driven the 100-series on three different test drives and they impressed me as very high quality vehicle but they felt large and much less nimble (felt quite top heavy), much slower and less responsive, and just did not make me want one instead of the GX. But I do love the look and quality of the 100 (they are becoming more and more of a classic as time goes on) and still have the urge to find a very nice one while it's still possible. But, I don't think I would be happy if I gave up my GX for one....
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Nothing unique to add beyond what's stated above. I cross-shopped both extensively when I was in "buy mode". Never found a 100 at anywhere near a similar price when mileage/year were comparable and the extra weight of the 100 over the GX also eventually swayed me.

Zero regrets - I know the GX isn't the same animal as the 100 is (e.g. weaker/smaller rear) but I love this thing.....period.
I have had my 99 100 series LC for 2 years now and really love it. Its my weekend car. I drive a prius Prime as a DD. Our first baby was born in August and my wife decided she wasn't going back to work anymore for a while, so we decided to get rid of her $800/m Audi Q7 payment and Buy an 06' GX470. My initial idea was for her to just drive around the LC, but If it was a main car, I wouldnt be able to wheel it hard. I was able to find a 06, non Nav with 130K miles for just under $10k. timing belt needs to be serviced, but I will get that taken care of. Having it for 2 weeks now, we really like it. It feels like a rocket compare to my LC on 35's. Its averaging 15 MPG around town and contrary to most peoples dislike for the rear door, she likes it. I have installed a modern pioneer double din with backup camera, now she just needs some gx 460 wheels to modernize the look a little. side note, @HomersCanyonero was that you I saw on Pilot Rock trail the other day?
I drove by Pilot Rock on my way to Devil's Hole last week, so I was in the area. My first time on the Willow Creek Jeep Trail, so I was preoccupied with my driving. LOL.
I prefer the styling and power/weight of the GX. If the 100 had more power to compensate for the weight I would've considered them more.
I have a 97 4runner and got talked into a 470 courtesy of @DanKunz . I love it for all the reasons everyone has stated.
To add on...I have had a 40, 55, 60, a 3FE 80, a 1FZ 80, a 100, and a GX. Nothing compares. Nothing has everything, but the GX damn well gets close. Now that I have mine built up over several years, well, it really does have almost everything I want in a truck. I like to dabble in a lot of things: expedition, mud, rock, touring, long hauls, and hope to run the Rubithon and Baja in the coming years. I have a travel trailer to tow. The GX does it all.
Man, that's a lot of passion for the GX470. I would subscribe to your thread on the Rubicon. Has anyone done the Rubicon on a GX470? Just wondering.
40, 80, 120 :doh:

I just like the looks of the GX much better than the 100-series :meh:

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