For Sale AZ - '92 FJ80, 3X Locked, 154K miles.....ready to go!

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Selling my '92, rarely driven at this point (<750 miles since Nov. 2016 elk hunt in Flagstaff). Trips to our cabin up north (where I keep this 75% of the time) have been rapidly decreasing as our kids get older and have lives of their own. Four cars isn't ideal and I've also got a second 4WD so it's time to let this one go.

  1. Two owners ago:
    • Professional Build documented and included radiator replacement, front axle rebuild, numerous hose replacements, ARB lockers (front and rear), ARB bull bar, Warn winch, lift/suspension and tires: Vid 1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6, V7, V8, V9, V10, V11, V12, V13, V14
    • His For Sale Ad (shared as additional reference and further details work done prior to sale)
  2. Previous owner:
    • He added the Baja Rack and did the R134A refrigerant conversion of the A/C system (both expensive)
    • His For Sale Ad here on Mud (I will link to it when I can find it)
  3. Me:
    • Picked up July 2013 @ 139,206 miles (~15,000 miles added by me since then)
    • Love this thing - my first 4WD, helped me get started with hunting trips with my brother, camping with friends/family, been to the Grand Canyon and back with no issues, exploring a TON of the White Mountains here in AZ (close to our cabin) and generally being outdoors A LOT (routinely wake up before dawn on Saturdays during the summer, grab some coffee, and just go find some elk or deer to look at.....good stuff)
    • Over $6K invested, details:
      • Mods/upgrades:
        • HIR bulbs (driving and brights)
        • Rock Rails
        • Gobi Ladder
        • WagonGear rear storage
        • Nitro 4.88 gears (installed by Camelback Toyota)
        • "Big Brake" upgrade ('93 rotors, 100-series pads, remanufactured calipers from NAPA)
        • Spare tire leveler
        • PFran reverse LED bulbs, interior LEDs
        • JVC stereo, Pioneer speakers, 8" subwoofer (mounted in rear quarter panel, no loss of storage space), doors and rear tailgate lined with noise-reduction mats
      • Maintenance:
        • new exhaust and muffler (Y-pipe back)
        • all required (fluids, filters) - oil, transmission, diffs, transfer case, radiator
        • driveshaft balanced
        • u-joints replaced (OEM)
        • new battery (extra OEM battery included in sale)
        • radiator cap, distributor, plugs, wiring loom (all OEM)
        • rear pinion seal
        • all vacuum lines replaced
        • brake reservoir cap and float (OEM)
        • ISV and PCV (OEM)
        • fusible links (OEM), EFI relay (spare included)
        • fuel filter, FPR diaphragm (OEM)
        • valve adjustment (Big 2 Toyota)
        • starter replaced (OEM)
        • rear hatch struts replaced
      • If I were keeping, things I'd do:
        • driver's front seat bolster shows wear - OEM seat cushion included in sale, I never found matching material so that repair isn't one I got to
        • permanent mount for air compressor
        • grommet to keep engine bay heat out of interior (simple)
        • Hi-Lift mount
        • wire-in the IPF lights (never got around to it, wiring included with vehicle)
        • replace window motors with Dorman units - they work fine but cold or really wet rains noticeably slow down raising the windows
        • fuel tank sock filter (cheap)
        • consider full EGR delete
No major rust (pics show some caked-on silt from the White Mountains), no drama or stories here, no rush to sell and hoping this goes to someone who'll appreciate it as much as I have. Pics show rear bumper off, I intended to install a rear tire carrier but never did, rear bumper included in sale.

Lots of pictures here, a few posted below.





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A few more pics




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First post updated to reflect that I've put ~15K miles on it since bought in 2013.
This is a nice truck. For a heads up on the owner, he would describe something as a little worn, others would say it’s almost like new.
I have a verbal commit to a deal - SALE PENDING.
I guess I left some money on the table here but that's a good problem to have.....vehicle considered SOLD.
All joking aside, if your happy with the price it's all good. Someone got a great truck at an incredible price.
How much was the posted price? I missed the early listing
We're all done here, @dividedwood flew in this morning and is on his way home. Great guy, glad this went to someone who seems eager to enjoy what this 80 has to offer. He also wisely bought quite a few local craft beers, this guy's a pro. Just don't let it turn into a rust bucket back home!!!! :)

In an "you've got to be kidding me" turn of events, money was handed over, title was notarized, pulled my plate off the back and we got the HU working with his iPhone - he went to turn on the truck to drive home and it WOULDN'T START.

Incredible bad timing or just my rig being pissed at me for selling her, I'll never know. Just a hot EFI which I had spares for in the glove box (maybe this one was just due to be changed). Glad it happened here, 2 minutes for me to diagnose but would have been a headache for him down the road on his own.

Many thanks to @jonheld, @SUMMIT CRUISERS, @SUMMIT CRUISERS Jr, others I'm forgetting, @LandCruiserPhil and everyone else in the AZ Copper Cruisers club I've met and those who've helped me out with a thing-or-three over the past ~4.5 years with this FJ80 (3FE for life!). Great crowd here, lots of helpful folks.


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