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Self-censoring my mud posts...
Oct 8, 2013
I applied my standard approach.
Read a little, tear it apart, figure out how to fix it, stumble through putting it back together...because I didnt read the proper procedure for dissessmbly.
I like your style!
Nov 1, 2009
South Central PA
Had this delivered from Idaho and just got it today. Hoping for just some simple baselining and then pressing it into DD use so I can either tackle the head gasket on the Cammo Cruiser or tear into the LX that needs what seems like everything done. The head work should come first, but even with the garage heated its still cold. Why didn't I listen to Andy and insulate those garage doors last year like he told me to.



Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
Pulled the 2F from the 40 today to get rid of an oil leak that has bothered me for a long time. Never had to add oil but it always left an oil click on my garage floor. The rear main was leaking for sure and so was the side cover. Since it was very difficult to get at the side cover what with the large body distributor and dual batteries on that side, I decided to pull the engine rather than do all the work my truck would need to drop the transmission and transfer case. Besides it's easier for me to work on my feet than lying under the truck. Got it all apart today, decided to also pull the front bumper and winch as I didn't think I could lift the engine high enough with my chain hoist to clear the top of the bumper.
Got it all apart and the engine bolted to the engine stand before I ran out of energy for the day. Next step is to get everything cleaned and repainted and clean up all the dirt and grime from the front frame and engine bay. The old girl sure sits higher with the engine and bumper/winch removed! Been more than eight years since I installed this engine way back in 2010. The engine was in my orange and white piggy and has served me well. Stay tuned!

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Got the engine back together and into the truck. Had my son in law help with the actual install it's a bitch installing a 2F into a truck with the transmission and transfer in place. aligning everything and taking it slow worked fine. I remember doing this myself (alone) way back in 2010 when I originally installed the engine, which had been in my orange and white piggy. Getting older doesn't make things any easier! I need a new coil to distributor cable it'll be here tomorrow, then all I need to do hopefully is start it up and install the hood. Hope it goes well tomorrow!
Feb 26, 2007
Lancaster, PA
Why didn't I listen to Andy and insulate those garage doors last year like he told me to.
It's not too late. Some spray foam or foam boards and you will be much warmer and spend less on heat too.

I used a kit from Foam it Green like 8 years ago in my basement. It took only 2 hrs but the cost was about $700.


Feb 17, 2005
I just put them on Molly's car. I hope they are good!
I like them, steering is lighter, they turn in a little surprisingly. I feel less rolling resistance compaired to the sportier tires I replaced.
They should do well in the snow, lots of siping.


Nov 21, 2007
Dover, DE

I always think of this scene from Seinfeld for some reason when I do an easy fix on something that I was worrying way too much on.
Dances ::My truck doesn't need a transmission::

Silver 4Runner just hit 230K this week so I did a 30K service as well as dropped the transmission pan to replace the the filter in an attempt to rectify a front pump whine the truck developed in the past month.

Good news is no more front pump whine, this is also not the first time the pan has been dropped, already had an aftermarket gasket (normally Toyota Orange FIPG seal the pan) and while everything was installed properly it looks like the filter failed and collapsed on itself, I will try to take pictures tomorrow.

EDIT: Update with pictures of filter. Its hard to see the filter collapsed, it should be sitting about a 1/4" closer to the opening. It is also definitely dirty.

At last years breakfast I had to do a radiator while at Andy's, I had not gotten pink milkshake yet, it was pushing trans fluid into the coolant thankfully. The fluid was red then and it was still red when I drained it this time to do the fluid, the way the pump was starting to scream I figured what ever fluid was getting circulated would have been burnt, but I will just thank my lucky stars on this one.
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