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Jul 5, 2014
Just had this happen to me and couldn't find the solution on the forum so I figured I would share:

TL;DR - Hit the center diff button so the center diff light was blinking and backed up 5-6 car lengths until the center diff clunked and the lights shut off.

Started the car this morning and the VSC OFF light and center diff light (looks exactly like the button next to me seat warmers - a picture of the drive terrain with an x in the middle) were on. Didn't think much about it because I had the VSC OFF/VSC TRAC/Check engine light on for weeks waiting on a new gas cap. I hit the center diff button and the center diff light blinked but did not turn off. I noticed it was "more grippy" but pushed it to the back of my mind as paranoia until I turned into a parking space and the idle didn't pull me in. Gave it a little gas heard the tires slip and realized the center diff really was locked.

Did some Googling and found people suggesting driving in reverse after hitting the button. Pressed the button so the center diff light blinked and backed up.
I really thought it was a lost cause but then about 5-6 car lengths later I heard the center diff clunk and the lights shut off!

It seems this tends to happen when the center diff is rarely used (just bought this from the typical soccer mom 5k ago) and then gets stuck after the button is hit, usually by accident. I also saw someone who tried all the suggestion and eventually had to hit the center diff with a rubber mallet while his kid hit the button because it was so bound up.

Lesson learned - lock that center diff and get in the dirt more!


Mar 14, 2006
Sandy Eggo
Had this happened to me while working on some wiring and had all off the glove box out. Turns out my buddy who took things apart inside while I was dirty working in the engine bay accidentally loosened the plug into the green VSC box on the black panel under the dash.
It was a little disconcerting since we had just done some electrical wiring.

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