Wanted FJ25 Light Switch or Knob

    Need FJ25 or Early FJ40 Light Switch. Please direct message me.
  2. djzimms

    For Sale 2 Sets front turn signals 80 Series $25 each shipped ($40 Set)

    I have 2 sets of good condition not cracks front turn signals for Land Cruiser/LX450/80 Series. Asking $25 each shipped or $40 Shipped for a set. OEM Amber color.
  3. alohamade

    Wanted 60's Light Dash Knob

    Looking for a 60's dash knob sample picture posted. thank you
  4. S

    Stock Roof Rail Mounts

    Hey all, so my team and I are working on a roof rail mount to fit on stock roof rails so that you can attach awnings/lights/shovel etc. without the need of a roof rack. Were in the process of testing them and will have a beta public test run in late-January. I wanted to see interest from...
  5. MauricioR

    Light wear on the camshaft 1HDT (?)

    Hi guys, so I am rebuilding my 1HD-T engine, and found that the camshaft had lot of wear, the previous owners that my 80 had didnt care much about the car from what I think. 3 days ago I bought a used cam shaft (original), but today my mechanic sent me this: Check that wear, is very light...
  6. E

    Which light bulb is this?

    Light by eSkittles posted Nov 7, 2017 at 9:00 AM I'm not sure which bulb is out but I'm after a little researching, I think it's the parking light (size# 168). Am I wrong, if I am, which bulb is this? Thanks
  7. 1982FJoe40

    Bright Instrument Cluster Bulbs

    I should have gone LED. I just replaced my dash bulbs with the CoolCruiser magnum bulbs and I'm now blowing my fuse. Fuse is 15 amp, but I see some circuits are 20 amp. Has anyone else gone through this? Wondering if it's safe to switch to a 20 amp.
  8. Spike Strip

    Another Early Tail Light Question - 1968 FJ40

    New to me, April/May 1968 FJ40, according to the VIN FJ4057032 Trying to sort through a few things as I'm not at all familiar with very early 40s. Are these the correct tail lights/brackets? Also, were there reflectors next to the lens, on the bumpers? Web pix are all over the place.
  9. BigRogers79

    For Sale 2006 LX470 Fog/Driving Light Set

    Pulled these out when replacing my bumper with the ARB. Both were functioning when removed. No cracks or breaks in the lens or housing. Lens isn't completely clear as they are 11 years old. Asking $50.00 for the set (not selling individually). Lights are located in DFW, buyer will pay shipping.
  10. whateverwhenever

    Wanted Toyota LandCruiser FJ40 FJ25 Inspection Trouble Light Lamp TEQ

    I'm looking to buy an original inspection light for my 1982 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ47. Attached are pictures of one that recently sold on Ebay for $290. I would pay more for one in similar condition or less for one without all the extras. The inspection light has to be working and have plug...
  11. madams557

    Wanted 2008 200-series Rear Dome Light Ensemble

    Reaching out to see if any one is planning on installing a roof mounted DVD or drop down screen where the rear dome light is in their 200 series. I have an aftermarket dvd player that came with the cruiser and I am strongly considering removing it as it is an eyesore and never used. Before I...
  12. diego355

    ARB Fog light kit protection?

    Im looking for alternatives to protect the ARB fog lights. During the winter time the roads are filled with pebbles that destroy all your paint, windshields and in this case my fogs so some time ago I added 3M to protect them but during a night trail run this Sunday I noticed the film was...
  13. S

    Flashing Cruise Control Light 2000 LX470

    Strange thing just happened this morning. Flashing cruise control light and rig runs fine. I even tested cruise control and that works just fine. I hooked up my scanner and there are no codes. I've tried a search here and on google with no luck. Any other help will be greatly appreciated...
  14. pardion

    For Sale FJ40 Tail Light Shields Camino, Ca.

    A pair of 73-78/40 shields, straight but need cleaning and paint. $65.00 shipped Thanks, John
  15. lt1fire

    LED ebay tail light issue

    All of my tail lights on my new to me 100 were cracked so I got some of the ebay tail lights since the ones that were on my 80 were pretty good. They fit and look good, although i'm going to smoke the lenses a bit. Only iss is the tail gate lights don't come on when the lights are turned on...
  16. spaber05

    Possible fog light retrofit, looking for input

    Hey gang, looking to get some input here... I was considering grabbing a set of these new Morimoto XB projector lights and retrofitting them to the existing OEM fog housings. The Morimotos look great, are relatively cheap, are practically plug and play, and the fitment looks like it might...
  17. L

    Check engine light intermittently on off

    The check engine light (typically along with VSC and the other stability light I forget) has been intermittently on for days and weeks at time then sometimes off for days with no notable sound or engine behavior or smell. Car performs normal as before. Had it scanned couple times and code points...
  18. Markuson

    ARB Intensity Lights Compared?

    LED lighting comes up...but it remains elusive to pin down the best alternatives to ARB Intensity lights. Trouble is... The knockoffs come and go so quickly, it's nearly impossible to now which ones people have used, etc. Knock-offs have a tendency to change constantly, so super hard to...
  19. JohnnyC

    Early HT Dome light LED upgrade

    I just did an early hardtop dome light upgrade to LED light. The light insert is a new product from Odd Iron Off Road Link: Over view of Odd Iron Off Road and offerings for Land Cruisers and off road vehicles Very impressed at how well this was put together ... well thought out for sure...
  20. J

    Wanted 1973 FJ40 Rear Side Markers and Back Up light

    I recently got my diamond plate covered rust eaten rear quarter panels replaced with new panels, but now have empty spaces for the side markers and back up lights that are long gone? Anybody have any that they would let go of?
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