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Get a manual from Downey. They'll give it to you from what I remember. Has basic info. Read it , re-read it and read it again. Come back with specific questions you can't answer from searching and I'll do my best to answer.
Getting info together berfore you start is a great plan. As mentioned earlier, many variables. Downey's manual has a lot of valuable information, and you can't beat the price....FREE !! Make sure to post up your swap !!:cheers:
Do a search on Dom Smith. His write-ups are excellent. Advance Adaptors also has a booklet with good data.
here's the advance adaprters catalogue in pdf not sure if it is the actual instruction manual , but there is lots to readin it

:cheers: got this from another mud member .



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If you want to run a small block Chevy with the stock running gear then as far as I'm concerned the best kit bar none is the Mark's of Australia kit.

It uses an auxilliary bellhousing that sandwiches between the SBC and the stock Toyota bellhousing. The Chevy flywheel, clutch disc and pressure plate are inside the Mark's bellhousing, and the Toyota bellhousing has the throwout parts. An Advanced Adaptors engine mount set is included. Minimal welding is required, for the scab plates for the motor mounts. The kit spaces the SMC ahead of the firewall, so no cutting of the firewall is needed. The Toyota running gear stays in the same location.

The only drawback to the kit is the price. But, it is a well engineered and well made kit, and reduces the frustation level to almost zero. Conversions just don't get as easy as this.

Three things to note: Follow the instructions verbatim when they tell you what clutch and pressure plate to put in. If you go cheap you may wind up replacing it prematurely. And the block hugging headers that Advanced Adaptors sells for this conversion are so tight they will rub on the manual steering box, requiring one tube to be dimpled for clearance. Do yourself a favor and run center dump cast iron rams horns exhaust manifolds instead. I'll eventually convert mine over. Also, the engine sits slightly offset in the engine compartment. This is normal, just like the stock engine.

This kit is sold through Advanced Adaptors.
I am in the process of V-8ing my 72. I am running AA motor mounts (355 c.i. Chevy, 410 horse), hooker block hugger headers, TH400 trans to an AA coupler to my stock transfer case. I offset the V-8 1 and a half inches to the driver's side. I used the AA transmission crossmember that bolts to the adapter between the trans and transfer. No added stress like the batwing style. The 4 core radiator is from TLC in North Carolina. I run dual electric puller fans, B&M trans cooler and B&M shifter. I converted the T-case shifter over to a twin stick. The rear CV drive shaft is OK, but I must use the AA front for the clearance w/ the TH400 trans. I am running a stock fuel tank with a Holley blue pump and regulator. I am just about ready to fire it up.... hopefully this weekend.

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