Two radiator hoses for transmission that go from radiator to under the battery tray?? Part#

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Jun 14, 2018
San Diego
Hey guys,
Had a nice red ATF fluid spill last night from the bottom of the two hoses that go under the battery tray and cool the tranny. Wanted to ask if anyone knows the part numbers for the two hoses that go from the radiator to two metal lines under the battery tray. I cannot seem to find them from any of the typical land cruiser dealers.

They are slightly curved, which is making me hesitate just trying to run autozone Chinese transmission cooler lines because they look like theyll kink.

As in theyre discontinued?
So those four, are in fact transmission hoses, but Im looking for the one that connects to the bottom of the radiator, and goes up to the metal fitting below the battery tray. After that fitting, it goes to the transmission cooler. Those 4 hoses, I do not think, are the one Im referring too. I did begin the thread by referring to two hoses -- one of the two hoses I'm referring to does not connect directly to the radiator, but goes from the metal fitting under the tray to another metal fitting that goes to the transmission via a hard line.

So now that im thinking about it, I should probably just replace the hoses that go directly into the transmisson cooler as well. So really, I need the 4 hoses that go....
1. from the radiator bottom left, to the transcooler metal fitting
2. from the fitting to the trans cooler
3.trans cooler back to fitting
4.fitting to the hard line that's under the block.

And I also just realized the old hoses, are not OEM either :)

And based on all the other threads, might want to either go gates green or silicone.


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