The "Un-Official" Off Road Trailer Pic Thread

Jun 12, 2011
Thanks! I needed something a little bit more sturdy!
On a side note, I can confirm that these little trailers will hold up to .9 tons of gravel. I wouldn't recommend doing it though ! I had the springs completely flat and the tires were less than an inch off of the fenders.
Jun 2, 2019
I designed and built this trailer, Mini Mag, for off road use. It's made of 3/4 inch structural grade plywood, has 3) 48 inch 500 lb rated guides on the pullout drawers. I added a 200 watt solar panel to power LED lights, USB, 12 volt plugs, water pump, stereo and an ARB 80 qt fridge. It has a pop up tent on top made by Maggiolina out of Italy. It also has 2) 5 gallon fresh water tanks and an 18 gallon marine grade tank underneath for showers and clean up. It's done Death Valley Goler Wash trail twice, Mojave Trail and various other places this year. I'm very happy with the newest mods to lighten the tongue weight and will be using her a lot this year. SHe is always loaded and ready to go, just add food and water.



Sep 1, 2018
Hey @84shortyota, you reminded me to post my also mostly finished trailer build up here!

Rear kitchen view. Can see the fold-down counter top, extinguisher, cooking spoons/spatulas, paper towel holder, bottles for cooking oils and vinegar, sink, storage bins, and cooler. Cooler is mounted on linear rails so it slides out when you have the kitchen door open. The water pump and accumulator are mounted at the rear above the cooler. The sink has a connection from the bottom of the sink to the bottom of the cabinet, where I stick a short piece of PVC into that connection and it drains to a 5 gallon bucket. Grill is on its own slide on the side.


Wife cooking us breakfast on the stove. You can see the switch panel to the right - so far only 3 switches are used: water pump, kitchen lights, and exterior lights. The door below the stove has storage room for whatever - currently paper plates/cups/etc. Under the sink is only enough room for cutting boards and the potable water hose.


In this picture, you can see the open storage compartment with our camping gear in it, the potable water tank at the back side of the stuff comparment, and the drawer above the grill where we keep lots of odds n ends (like tent stakes, lighters, pans, silverware, etc).


No picture of it, but opposite of the grill is where the propane, battery, and main wiring connections reside. 160w solar panel on top and a renogy MPPT solar power controller to charge the battery.

Definitely some minor changes we'll need to make at some point. The bins were kinda annoying to take out and put away - I might build some small doors like I have on the cabinets and ditch the bins.

The hangars above the kitchen are just too low to use for much. The hand towels we had there had to be moved if we ever cooked anything. More places for hanging stuff would be good too.

The wood directly behind the stove gets pretty warm when cooking, especially with a large pot. I'll probably just add a sheet or two of aluminum to insulate it a little.

Overall, pretty minor stuff! First trip went really well. 12.8 mpg wasn't great, but could have been much worse!
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