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May 22, 2014
Los Angeles
United States
Make me an offer!

It causes me great pain to post this. I may not end up selling her, but it's been a long road bringing this truck back. Now is your chance to own this legendary truck, all of the hard work is done. I've poured my heart, time and wallet into this project...

Before you read the rest, know that it needs transmission work, more details below. I have a transmission lined up and I am looking for a transfer case solution that will hold up to the torque of the 4BT. If I find a solution I like, the truck will no longer be for sale. This is your chance to take advantage of the time, labor and money I have poured into this truck after bringing it back from the dead two summers ago.

This is a special truck, the resurrected zombie corpse of "The Princess", it was restored and converted to the diesel by Jeremiah Proffitt in 2004, it changed ownership a couple of times after that before the previous owner left it for dead in a state of disrepair after blowing a head gasket. This is a 1991 Venezuelan FJ62 powered by a Cummins 4BT Turbo Diesel. It is set up as the ultimate adventure vehicle, with the goal of being able to cruise on the highway competently as well as be able to Overland like a pro and rock crawl through anything you'll want to take a full bodied vehicle. The body is rough (I left it this way intentionally so I didn't have to worry about it) with very minimal rust. Frame is solid. The interior is leather that was left in the hot sun for years before I got it. It is liveable, but far from perfect. It runs like an animal and is the most fun to drive Land Cruiser I have ever owned.

Has CA registration and clear title, you know what that is worth nowadays.


1989 GM Configuration Cummins 4BTA, customer intercooler, original H1C with a 12mm housing, VE pump (with about 20K after being rebuilt) with minimal tuning, max boost of about 20psi. Howe Racing radiator, flex a lite fans. HAS AC!!!! Gets 20-25mpg.

Transmission: Toyota H55F 5 speed manual/Marlin Crawler 4.7:1 Toybox/Land Cruiser Manual Shift Split Case. The H55F goes to a Marlin Crawler 4.7:1 Toy Box, then to a factory split case. The Toy Box was restored by Marlin Crawler last year, and the Spit Case got new gears and bearings, works like a charm. Total Crawl Ratio in this truck is 173:1.

*The transmission has a bad 5th gear and a failure of the mechanism that holds 5th to the main shaft of the transmission. This is the challenge of running a Toybox, you eliminate the nut at the end of the mainshaft, relying exclusively on the compression collar to hold the main shaft together. This was converted to a c-clip but failed. The transmission itself is salvageable but will likely require a new 5th gear. I am currently working with Marlin Crawler on a permanent solution. another possible, you can eliminate the Toy Box altogether and install the new transmission straight to the factory case and sell the Toy Box. I am considering doing this with 4:1 t case gears. The other option for you would be to swap the Toyota transmission to an NV4500, but I have a feeling that going straight to the factory transfer case with the H55F is plenty strong.

Rear Axle: Rear is a factory FJ62 Semi Float with new shafts, new 3.73 gears + bearings and an ARB Locker. Has been converted to Caddy disk brakes

Front Axle: Factory FJ62 (with the factory trussed housing), 3.73 gears and ARB locker. All new knuckles with Marlin Crawler High Steer, 25mm pin conversion, all new trunnion, wheel and hub bearings, seals and felts, ARP knuckle studs, Aisin hubs with ARP studs. Running original 30 spline Longfield axle shafts.

Steering: Steering box rebuild by PSC to brand new PSC ram that is mounted to the drag link for packaging purposes, drives nice. All Marlin Crawler steering linkage w/ new FJ80 tie rod ends.

Suspension: Custom length spring over Atlas leaf springs with 14" travel front and 12" travel shocks. Shocks are Fox 2.0 adjustable remote reservoirs custom valved for the truck. Rides and drives like a coil over truck. Front sway bar is still in place with custom sway bar disconnects. The suspension uses every single bit of shock travel and is very impressive in the rocks.

Driveshafts: New Adco/JE Reel rear and JE reel front long travel double cardon driveshafts, custom designed for this truck.

Bumpers/Armor: ARB Front Bumper with a few bruises, customized Man-A-Fre rear bumper with rear rocker protection (rockers have been boatsided for clearance). Custom welded sliders, T case skidplating.

Tires: brand new Toyo Open Country MT 37x14.50R15s.

Other goodies: Front Runner Roof Rack, James Baroud RTT. Chances are the James Baroud is coming with me. 40 gallon fuel cell. GM Hydroboost (stops like a champ!).

The less than desireable: the only thing that needs to be addressed (besides the transmission of course) is many previous owner's shoddy electrical work, mainly in the engine bay. Electrical is next on the list, I have loads of new electrical systems for the truck, but they may not be included in the sale, it depends on the offer. As I had mentioned the interior isn't great, but it's useable as is. All power windows work but are slow, typical of FJ62s. Windshield has a crack that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. It could use some door seals. I will be removing the stereo that is installed. The paint is trashed. I like it, it's very freeing, but it isn't the show quality rig that was featured in Toyota Trails so many years ago.

There is so much more to tell about this truck, if you have questions, email me. Make no mistake this is not a show truck, but if you want to finish the ultimate cross country adventure rig, this is your chance to get into this truck and finish what I've started. It breaks my heart to talk about selling the truck, but after replacing or refreshing every single driveline component, I am exhausted. If it sells before I fix the transmission, so be it. If I fix the transmission I may be giving it one more shot, since I will have replaced the entire drivetrain at that point.

I will only part for this rig for cash OR I would consider trade for the right Land Cruiser. I would prefer a JDM diesel (with CA registration), but I would consider any Cruiser that is either a good starting point + cash or of equal value. Thanks for reading!

I'm asking $20K, I think that's about right based on the parts I have installed and the work I've put in, you couldn't build anything like this for less. I have about $30K into her as of today. I realize I won't get what I have put in to her. Reach out to me if you have any offers, the worst I can say is no.


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May 22, 2014
Los Angeles
@Exiled your old truck!

Miss seeing it around ATX, heard it went to Cali and then changed ownership while there. @ginericLC told me a couple weeks ago it had tranny problems. Hopefully you can sort it out and keep it. Otherwise GLWS.

Hey thanks! Yeah it’s spat that 5th gear retainer out a couple of times now... hoping there’s a better solution. Marlin sounds fairly confident he has one but we are still mulling it over.

This is an epic truck hopefully and can muster the resources to give it one more crack. I’ve been through everything else at this point...

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