1. J

    For Sale  Texas: 1984 Toyota Pickup Turbo Diesel

    Up for sale a Toyota Diesel with a 2L-T motor. Runs and drives great. Includes the wildernest camper. Excellent for hunting. 260k miles on the clock. Engine was rebuilt at 200k Feek free to ask any questions. $8,000 usd. Call or text (915) 667-zero7seven0
  2. 4

    80 diesel or gas RHD

    Hello ! I am in the UK and about go back to the US. I was going to pick up a 80 series. I have narrowed it down to 1996 with gas that has 122k miles on the clock and a 1994 diesel with 170k on the clock. Both are triple locked and RHD the gas looks mint and the diesel is a lil rough around the...
  3. B

    For Sale  PRICE DROP Turbo Diesel 80 Series 79k Miles!

    79k miles. Runs great, clean, right hand drive, beautiful 80 series. Engine is spotless. $16,500 firm https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/cto/d/hillsboro-93-turbo-diesel-toyota-land/7022690652.html
  4. C

    HJ45 alternator upgrade

    Does anyone have any solution to upgrading the alternator with out a custom bracket.
  5. C

    Daily Drive 1980 HJ45 troopy Build

    I have a 1980 HJ45 RHD in Texas and I'll be posting pics and stuff as I go through it and build it up to a Cruising Machine. This is what she looked like when I went to pick her up and take her home. I got her up in Kansas City. I had been looking for one of these for a while and finally...
  6. C

    HJ45 not starting after new starter installed

    Hello I have a 1980 HJ45 Aussie. My cruiser had been throwing sparks when it would start up and eventually it completely died on me. I had a new starter and starter relay installed but it started arching when you would connect the battery terminals. I solved the arching issue which was solved by...
  7. C

    Re-wiring 1980 HJ45

    Hello Im in the process of rewiring my whole HJ because of some unknown electrical issue. If anyone has any advice or tips that would be great. I will probably be posting pictures of the process and problems I run in to.
  8. C

    1H glow plug wiring

    Does anyone have any advice for wiring up the glow plugs on a new wiring harness made for Gas LandCruisers.
  9. SHREDwagon

    SOLD  CA, AB 70 Series ARB Front Bumper & Safari Snorkel SS70HP Combo

    ARB Deluxe Winch Bumper model 3412130 installed for 2 month with ~250 miles on it to suit Narrow Nose 70 Series. All hardware and lights included. Powder coat as new. Paid $950 US, asking $650 US. Safari Snorkel High Flow model SS70HP, never installed, to suit Narrow Nose 6 cyl diesel. The HP...
  10. SHREDwagon

    For Sale  Vanner 12/24v Battery Equalizer / Converter

    Vanner VANN-Gaurd 70-100M 100 Amp Battery Equalizer & Converter. Has ~20k kms on it and Made in USA. Spec's here. Last converter you will ever need. Retails for $800 US. Asking $500 + shipping.
  11. B

    For Sale  Portland: '93 Turbo Diesel 80

    Craigs: https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/d/hillsboro-93-turbo-diesel-toyota-land/7022695712.html
  12. B

    Advice on pricing of JDM Turbo Diesel 80 with low miles

    A buddy of mine owns a JDM dealership mostly dealing with drift type cars but tried his hand at purchasing a 80 series turbo diesel but has fallen on the back burner for him and I personally love the car but im not extremely knowledgable about the car. Basically, the rig is in front of my house...
  13. B

    For Sale  Portland: 80 series turbo diesel, low miles clean

  14. B

    Ok to rotate oil pan 180 degrees?

    I'm trying to copy anothernord and swap a 1kz-te into my 2001 Tacoma and I foolishly got a motor from a Hiace Regius instead of a Hilux so the oil pan hits the front differential. I know I should order the correct pan but it is going to be over $500 from Japan so my current idea is to flip the...
  15. CostaCruiser84

    1977 BJ40 Build Thread

    Starting a thread for my 'new to me' BJ40. It is originally from Costa Rica. It ran pretty good when I bought it and then promptly stopped (actually didn't run when we picked it up but I thought the battery was just dead from the cold). Anyway, a buddy and me have started the process of getting...
  16. O

    Wanted  WANTED: BJ-42 Project (Massachusetts)

    Hello everyone, I’ve waited long enough and would finally like to purchase my dream car......a BJ-42!!! Please let me know what you have, and we’ll go from there. Not looking for a pristine one, but a project truck! Just as long as its not all rust 🤢. I’m located in Massachusetts but willing...
  17. S

    For Sale  Sonoma,CA 1988 HZt-62 California registered diesel!

    Hello all! I offer for sale my 1988 HZt-62 here in lovely and scenic Sonoma, CA. This survivor started life as a plain ol 1988 FJ62 and lived most of it's life in the California desert. I purchased this truck as a non-running candidate for a diesel swap. Body is straight and has no rust...
  18. H

    For Sale  1986 HJ60 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ60 - Washington State

    Time to let our Forever Rig continue on some great new adventures with a new owner. Decent Landcruiser from the 80’s are already rare and Diesel Land Cruiser are even harder to find. I spent over a year looking to find the right Diesel for us to turn into our families’ forever rig. This land...
  19. B

    First diesel 40 series

    G’day, Just wondering what the first year was that you could get a diesel 40? Any help is greatly appreciacted!
  20. O

    Wanted  WANTED - BJ-42 (Massachusetts)

    Hello everyone, I’ve waited long enough and would finally like to purchase my dream car......a BJ-42!!! Please let me know what you have, and we’ll go from there. Not looking for a pristine one, I dont mind doing work on it. Just as long as its not all rust 🤢. I’m located in Massachusetts but...
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