1. L

    Surging at mid throttle

    New member, but have used Ih8mud forums extensively for trouble shooting/upgrades, thank you. I now have an issue I have not found a posting for. I have a 3B Diesel and recently installed one of Keith’s turbo kits (can’t recommend this enough, like a different engine altogether), idles perfecty...
  2. mjosoba

    4bd1t-A440 swap questions.

    Howdy guys, I’ve owned 80’s for over a decade, been driving one since I was 12. That being said, I don’t peruse the 100 section often. I have read the FAQ’s and gone over I think all the diesel swap threads I can find. Most seem oriented toward the 1HD-t and one awesome 1HD-FTE! I’ve collected...
  3. K

    For Sale 1981 Diesel BJ42 Fully Restored

    1981 Diesel Bj42 now fully restored for sale. Located Nanaimo Vancouver Island BC Canada Asking 55,000 Can Deliver upon request.
  4. sunrk

    Dial gauge / indicator kits to use for Toyota diesel injector pumps, brake rotor runout, etc.

    Can anyone suggest a really good dial gauge / indicator kit that can be used both with Toyota diesel injector pumps and also for general stuff such as measuring brake rotor runout? There are cheap no-name kits, really good stuff from Mitutoyo, and probably more. I have the special tool to do...
  5. C

    Diesel crank but no start

    Hi all, I have a HDJ80 24 valve manual which cranks but won't start, I have been searching far and wide for an answer with no joy. Any ideas? The immobilizer has been removed, which strangely was wired to the starter, and the ignition fuse has no power, although it still won't start if I wire...
  6. MrBG

    For Sale SOLD: Virginia- 1981 BJ40 LHD - 28k OBO

    ***Pics on Craigslist: TOYOTA LAND CRUISER FJ40/BJ40 DIESEL! Up for sale is my 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ40. It features the indestructible Toyota B diesel engine (gets 30 mpg highway). Diesel models were never sold in the U.S., and as a bonus this truck is the rarer left-hand drive model...
  7. BiffS

    For Sale 130,xxx KM 2L-TE engine, very good compression, no head leaks

    2L-TE engine for sale. Came from good running truck, no head gasket issues. COLD dry compression test: 451 450 455 500 Comes with injection pump, power steering pump, turbo and manifolds. Alternator, and AC pump not available. Being pulled form the truck to make way for 1HDT 5 speed swap combo...
  8. bpeeps00

    1979 BJ40 in Honduras

    About 9 months ago my dreams finally came true. I was able to find a really well kept 40, something I always wanted long before I ever even arrived here in Honduras 6 years ago. And better yet... diesel. Original motor. Odometer doesn’t work, but has around 250-300k miles. From one of the very...
  9. bpeeps00

    For Sale FJ45 Diesel not mine in Honduras.

    Thought I’d post if anyone is interested. I’m currently living in Honduras and someone I know (a North American) about 6 hours from me is selling this truck. They’re asking $11,600. 1980. Original H motor. Says it runs 100%. Let me know if I can help out if you’re interested. Not sure how much...
  10. Sherman Tank

    Heater hose routing and parts

    I have a 1984 HJ60 with the 2H motor. I drove it up from Panama, where someone removed the heater hoses under the hood as heat is not needed down there. Does anyone know where I can get that tower looking part on the back of the head that hose hooks to - or what that thing is or does? I now...
  11. Lugubrious

    craigslist RHD 1993 Toyota Hilux Surf (4Runner) 4x4 Turbo Diesel

    Not affiliated- no price listed- I have not emailed or contacted at all. Just thought I'd share. Pretty low mileage. Check out link for details and photos. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/cto/d/los-angeles-1993-toyota-hilux-surf/6782396670.html
  12. M

    For Sale 1991 Toyota LITEACE RHD Diesel 4x4 Vanlife RHD

    1991 Toyota LITEACE RHD Import JDM Texas Vanlife Glamping $7995.95 4WD 4×4 Selectable Hi/Low Transfer Case Turbo Diesel, Locking Front Wheel Hubs Everything works, Cold AC. Clear Texas Title. 195,000 Kilometers which is 121,000 Miles. We are conveniently located at 230 W Davis St in Luling...
  13. M

    For Sale Texas: 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel 4×4 1HZ $18,495

    1992 Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel 4×4 1HZ $18,495 TexasJDM.com 1HZ 4.2 Diesel Powered HZJ73 Cruiser Automatic Transmission Locking HUBS, Front and Rear Differential Lock and Removable FRP Top. Shows 177,555 Original Kilometers which is 110,327 Miles. Has one small area of rust and otherwise a...
  14. Dog River

    Wanted Wanted HJ45/H47/BJ45

    Hello, I am searching for a HJ45/H47 in un-restored condition. Patina is good if it’s not rotted out. LHD is strongly preferred. I will be needing a flatbed, but I can always swap that out if it has the original bed on it. I would prefer a later model but would look at others. I am willing to...
  15. Memphisau79

    BJ40 Exhaust smoke

    Howdy! First time posting... I have a 78 BJ40 that I’ve been rebuilding, and when firing it up for the first time, exhaust smoke was excessive, sometimes grey, sometimes darker and would calm to almost normal when bringing RPMs up. Attached are a few photos illustrating the changes as I start...
  16. P

    For Sale 87 2LT 4x4 XtraCab Alu. dump box, 2 spare engines & a lot more.

    The listing doesn't show in eBay motors and the clowns can't tell me why! So, I thought I'd post it here too. Like it says open to offers - and feedback too! The glue-lams that make up the deck bow up a little bit in winter when they get wet. In summer there's about a 1½" gap. Have been...
  17. V

    1985 12V Alternator woahs

    Looking for some advice. I'm a mechanic with some decent Landcruiser experience but seem to be stumped on this 12V internally regulated, 3b Diesel alternator. It needs a rebuild, but I havent had any luck trying to find the regulator for it. I can find the 24V regs but not the 12V ones. Also...
  18. B

    For Sale 1HDFTE manual conversion package

    I have for sale a complete 1HDFTE with 5 speed manual conversion package removed from a HDJ100. The manuals are quite hard to come by with most being auto. Package is complete from FMIC to tail shafts. Also included if required are engine mount brackets to suit 80 series, 1HZ oil sump and pickup...
  19. mep1811

    SOLD One tan Sceptor MFC (used) El Paso,TX

    I have four used Sceptor MFC 's for sale . Located in El Paso Texas. Sold as is. $65.00 each plus shipping based on your location.
  20. J

    Wanted Anyone have a B, 3B Exhaust manifold

    Hello, Located in Florida, looking to temporarily ditch the turbo setup on my BJ60 and want an original exhaust manifold. Thanks,
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