1. T

    For Sale  92 fj80 4.2 turbo diesel right hand drive Japan Import

    Imported from Japan into Canada last November registered in British Columbia now registration that has expired and we are moving out of the country must sell possible great donor vehicle por owner. runs fabulous 120000 MI, refrigerator freezer center console, because we drove over the Border...
  2. ardnez

    1HZ engine feels underpowered.

    1HZ engine in HZJ73 feels underpowered when going up a road with a 7% - 9% grade incline hitting 2800-3200 rpm, doing 20-40 mph blowing black smoke, is this normal for a 1HZ, since it is a slow engine or is this a problem?
  3. wyattf

    1991 toyota surf alternator not charging help!

    so i just bought a 1991 Toyota surf with an alternator issue. so far i have got the alternator rebuilt(because we don't have them in Canada and would have to order a new one from japan or Australia) and i got 2 new battery because the old ones were hooped, got them tested. i got the alternator...
  4. Hitoy4x4

    For Sale  Niagara, Ontario, Canada 1981 BJ42

    1981 BJ42 frame was sandblasted then hot dipped galvanized then painted and is in great condition. Gozzard fiberglass tub and fiberglass front fenders. Doors have some rust on them. New OME springs, new shackles and bushings. New brakes - drums, rotors, backing plates.. too many parts to list...
  5. theglobb

    BJ75 Battery & Filter Light Issue

    Hey there, today was the first "cold" day where I live, dropping down to 36 degrees last night, I have no clue if this has anything to do with anything but yea there's that. As for the issue, it started today just as I had pulled out of my driveway and popped it into 2nd gear my battery and...
  6. N

    1978 HJ45 2WD not working

    I just bought a restored 1978 HJ45 and the 2WD stopped working. All of the 4WD options work but when I shift the 4WD back to neutral then the gear won’t engage as shift through them. I can also shift to gear and take my foot off the clutch and the car won’t stall.
  7. SnowVersion

    The HDJ81 Build I Didn't Know I Needed

    In October of 2017 I sold my diesel Hilux. By November seller's remorse was pretty acute and I was desperate for another 4x4. @AirheadNut was selling a fully optioned HDJ81 VX Limited recently imported from Canada. This thing had all the bells and whistles: triple lockers, center console...
  8. D

    1kzte cylinder head PITA

    Bought a cylinder head from a local company. almost 6 months later my kzn130 is still collecting dust in the garage, head off. First one came, installed it, had numerous leaky valve seats/ valve clearances out of spec (also came with metal filings). They sent another, this one had incorrect...
  9. M

    For Sale  1968 FJ40 w/12-HT Diesel and H55F

    1968 Toyota FJ40 Toyota 12-HT Turbo Diesel and H55F 5 speed manual transmission. I bought this FJ 8 years ago with the original 6 cylinder gas engine and 3 speed transmission. Over the years I have continued to make improvements to all aspects of the car (see full list of details below). All the...
  10. B

    Parting Out  1991 BJ73 Engine Swap Removals in Albuquerque

    Removed from 1991 Spanish manual BJ73 4-cyl 2.5 l diesel conversion to Cummins 2.8. All offers considered. Engine with 200,000km. Ran with good power but white smoked heavily when cold, lightly when warm. Complete except coolant temp sensor removed. Clutch housing, clutch, throw out all good...
  11. theglobb

    3B Glow Plug Timing Issue

    Hey there, around the start of August my glow plug timing started acting up, I could hear them go on and then back off almost immediately, yet the glow plug light would stay on for how long they would usually be on for. Then after a week, they started working normally again and would turn off...
  12. Hushin AK

    Isuzu 4jg1, is it worth it?

    Hello, Long time lurker coming out of the shadows. I was able to get a killer deal (seemed so anyway) on an isuzu 4jg1 non turbo. I assume it runs and that it was a high hours replacement from a mini excavator or skid steer, that may need a rebuild. Assuming it doesn't, it is an 2004 or...
  13. basicToyota

    1992 Hiace: replacement for damaged 3L engine? Swap options?

    Hello, :cheers: (If this post belongs elsewhere, mods please move or delete) I have a '92 Hiace Super GL that I purchased damaged. 3L diesel with under 150,000 km threw a rod out the side of the block. The crank will rotate about 120 degrees. I'd hoped for a direct swap, but have yet to find...
  14. mountainpapi23

    Help with Toyota 14B Diesel Engine

    I have a 1994 Toyota Dyna fire truck from Japan with a 14B engine. I am just looking for someone who is familiar with this engine to give me advise on replacement parts for it. No one I've talked to at autoparts stores in my local area are familiar with the engine. Currently I just want to...
  15. F

    1979 FJ40 Land Cruiser Pricing Help

    I'm new to the forum and don't own a land cruiser, but have admired fj40s from afar forever! I've found a friend of a friend looking to sell her 1979 FJ40 and I was wondering if you guys could help me figure out what price to offer as I am not super familiar with the market. She mentioned she'd...
  16. Zhfreund

    81 Proof - Build Thread

    I'll start with a small introduction to myself and then the vehicle. I am a professional photographer based out of Grand Junction, Colorado - I have been wheeling and traveling since I was a kid with my father and previously owned a 2006 Tacoma I built for my needs. I have always wanted to do...
  17. LesChao

    Mechanics Special

    I have a 97 FZJ 80 for sale but as you can see, it’s going to need to be towed or delivered to or by you. This 80 is unique, as it is a diesel conversion. The engine is an AM General 6.5L Turbo Diesel from a HMMWV (mechanical injection), but it threw a rod. So needs an engine rebuild or...
  18. jackthornton64

    LJ70 Diesel in Canadian winters

    Hey folks! I live in Canada where it can get down to -35 (celsius) some days in the winter. I'm looking to purchase a Toyota Landcruiser LJ70 (1987) and a bit nervous about two things in winter; the diesel engine and the FRP top. Any insight on the cold start sequence, and if anyone's had...
  19. Woocha

    Engine Alternatives - Motor Mount Concerns

    All. I have a 1980 FJ40 with a B series Diesel Engine that someone over the past 40 years installed. i just picked this beast up 2 weeks ago. I am looking to complete an engine swap and i am curious if anyone has seen a list of engines that will be direct replacement engines? I am hoping to...
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