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Aug 31, 2004
Back in the day, when I first started wheeling with the Pig, first thing I heard was "ya gotta unbolt that swaybar" before I went off-road. So I did, even went so far as to get a pair of quick release gizmos to replace those bolts.
Then, one day, wheeling with a very knowledgeable 'Cruiserhead (some call him "Mudrak") he asked me what I was doing while I was underneath re-connecting swaybar linkage after a run. "Re-connecting my swaybar linkage" I answered.
He told me that he never disconnects the anti-swaybar when wheeling. "It's kept me outa trouble" he says.
So which is it? Is anti-swaybars good? On road and off? SOA?
My bushings are shot, but I still have it bolted up. Even made 'em longer for the SOA. Is it a waste of space and weight? Should I just toss it? Or get new bushings?
Jun 11, 2004
high desert, ca
Just my opinion, but I don't think a sway bar hinders tire stuff/droop much. With or without my sway bar with full articulation, my tire will barely hit the inside of the rear wheel well. It sure seems like after 30 some odd years of use and abuse that the sway bar will flex and bend quite easily. I recently replaced all of the bushings on mine just because it was rattling without much for bushings left. I'd bet your piggy still flexes great with it on, and with the top weight of a pig I'll keep mine on anything that is driven to trail.
Mar 5, 2005
Pagosa Springs, CO.
I can say that you definately don't want to toss them. I drove my pig around a bit without one and the body just sways all over the place. Light rigs, like a samurai, don't really need them at all (tho they did come with them), but heavier rigs really need them.
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