SOLD SOLD!! - 1991 HDJ81 with Freshly Rebuilt 1HDT, Custom Turbo, Intercooler and Harrop E-Locker!!

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Up for sale is my RHD JDM 1991 HDJ81 VX Limited, Land Cruiser, 4 speed auto, 4” lift, 35” tires with 227,XXXkms (142,XXXmiles) on the odometer. I purchased this truck sight unseen January 2013 with 204,111kms (127,569miles). Needless to say the truck was not as advertised and I HAVE SPENT THE LAST 6 YEARS REBUILDING THIS TRUCK FROM END TO END!! NO EXPENSE SPARED!! Everything documented with over $30,000 in parts receipts and recorded in a vehicle diary.

4.2L 1HDT Turbo diesel
207, 760kms Complete tear down and rebuild by Morrison Machine Shop
Rebuild kit and parts supplied by Engines Australia & Cruiser Addiction @Akella,
Bored 0.5mm over
New pistons
New head
New cam
New cam timing gear
New Toyota timing belt and tensioner
New valve cover
New water pump
New oil pump
New harmonic balancer
Rebuilt power steering pump
Rebuilt vacuum pump
Rebuilt starter
New water hoses
New turbo hoses
New belts and idler pulley

Injection System
205,677km Injectors first rebuilt by Fred Holmes injection Shop
207,760km Injectors retested, calibrated and cleaned by Jon @yotahed at Okanagan Diesel
207,760kms Injection Pump Rebuilt by Jon at Okanagan Diesel Injection
New Injection nozzle seats
New injection pipes
New mounting clamps and hardware
New glow plugs

207,760kms Installed Supra 7mgte turbo combined with Karter’s @ForealBoreal custom compressor housing and compressor wheel, mated to the Toyota 58020 fast spool turbine housing. Assembled by Alamo Turbo, Calgary AB
For Sale - CT26 Compressor Housing/Wheel Hybrid Upgrade Parts

Heating /Cooling and A/C System
New CSF 2709 steel radiator
New A/C condenser
New A/C drier
New A/C compressor pulley
Converted to R-134A


208,815kms HP Diesel Intercooler installed and HP Diesel billet aluminum oil catch can
HDJ81 - HP Diesel Series 2 Intercooler Install & Review

Custom 3” mandrel bent exhaust. Racing style flanges with V-clamps. Allows exhaust to be easily removed in three pieces when working on the vehicle

Truck was purchased with new 6” Iron man complete suspension package: coils, shocks and caster correction plates
205,478kms Switch out coils for Slee 4”
227,680km Old Man Emu steering stabilizer

Front Axle
208,781kms Big brake upgrade
New backing plates / dust covers
New callipers
New rotors
New pads
New Brake lines
Knuckle / hub rebuild with all new Koyo bearings and OEM seals and gaskets
218,050kms Complete new 3rd member with Nitro 4.56 gears from
New OEM knuckle seals and gaskets

Rear Axle
218,050kms Big Brake upgrade
New Backing Plates
New rotors
New pads
New E-brake shoes and all assembly hardware
218,050kms Complete new 3rd member with Nitro 4.56 gears from
New Koyo hub bearing and OEM gaskets and seals
221,521kms Harrop E-Locker installed in 3rd by Zuk at Toyota Gear Install Harrop
Wired into factory locker switch, dash lights and ECU
Harrop E-Locker using OEM Switch and Dash Lights in a HDJ81 / FJ80

221,521kms Installed Wholesale Automatic Transmission Nomad Extreme valve body with 3rd gear torque converter lock up. A must have for towing or mountain driving

227,325kms Webasto diesel fired engine coolant heater with 7 day programmable timer. Never a cold start. No need to ever plug in

208,242kms installed gauges with custom gauge pod
Wide band Air fuel Ratio digital gauge by Innovate Motorsports
Pyrometer (EGT) with Auber digital gauge, sensor and high temp alarm
Turbo boost PSI gauge by Auber with absolute zero pressure sensor
221,521kms Transmission temp gauge and sensor by Auber Instruments

209,748kms JVC Stereo with 4 – 6.5” Pioneer door speakers

4 x LT315/75R16 Yokohama Geolander M/T with 12/32nds tread depth
2 x spare 35X12.5R16LT Interco Trexus M/T with 12/32nds tread depth

Other Items
204,111kms ATEB steering box frame reinforcement bracket
204,111kms New Drive flanges
209,058kms New OEM brake master cylinder
209,781kms New OEM passenger door window motor
209,781kms New Hopkins Trailer lights wiring harness
214,588kms New GT seat covers
216,828kms Depo Headlights
220,126kms New Power steering hoses
220,126kms Power Steering reservoir
221521kms New Lift Support hood and tailgate struts
221,729kms New OEM power steering pump (rebuilt pump had low pressure)
222,905kms New Drawtite 2” trailer hitch
227,891kms New group 24M and group 24F Batteries
This covers the majority of the work done. I am sure I’ve left out some odds and ends

The Good:
Mechanically this truck is rock solid and as good as it gets. Just enough mileage on the motor rebuild to prove the work and get the tune dialed in. The combination of gearing, intercooler and transmission valve body makes this truck a real pleasure to drive. Great power and acceleration in town and on the highway. Plus the ability to pull a small trailer through the mountains with ease while maintaining low EGT’s. I towed a 13’ Boler trailer on a 2500km road trip through BC, Montana and Idahao with no trouble at all. I built the truck with the intention of expedition traveling.

Truck has been previously under coated and stored inside and hardly driven the last 6 years and it shows. Underneath the frame and suspension look great and are rust free!!

The Bad:
Cosmetically it shows well but it is not perfect. The drivers door and hood were repainted by the previous owner and the colour is not a great match. Their are several rock chips on the front of the hood and fenders. Also their is one tiny dime sized spot of rust on the rear lift gate. The interior is decent but far from mint. Some discolouration in the headliner, a worn spot in the carpet beside the back door, a cracked piece of interior plastic behind back door and a few other scratches, nicks and spot stains here and there.

Reason for selling
I originally bought this truck for the wife but after realizing how much time, money and work it needed, it quickly became “my project”. Since then our lives have changed and the wife needs a truck to pull her horse trailer.


All pics taken 2 days ago, No glamour shots or editing. Just actual pics of how the truck looks today
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DONT let the import process scare you away. Its actually very easy
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Why was the engine rebuilt originally? Top end or bottom end issue? Crank issue?
Previous owner cranked the boost and blew the stock turbo. Patched it back together and dumped it on me. When i got it home the motor had a knock so I pulled the head and their was scoring in 3 of the the cylinder walls from the bottom of the pistons moving from side to side. At this point I decided to have the motor, turbo and inj system completely rebuilt. My A.D.D. took over from there and next thing i knew it was 6 years later and I ran out of my budget and my wife has ran out of her patience
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That last engine pic is just for show. That is actually now installed correct? Lol
LOL, Yes that is the actual motor and it is installed. It now has 20,000kms (12,500miles) on it. I did however change the valve cover and swapped out the Denso timing belt for the Toyota OEM belt before running it.

Im not in the market, but if I hadn't purchased my HDJ81 a couple years back, THIS would be the one i'd get. Having gone through a very similar experience as you (the truck not being what the seller said it was), I too have gone through the insanely expensive and time consuming process of bringing my truck up to the standard I expect it at.

GLWS: I am telling everyone I know about it.
Thanks. Anybody like yourself whos been through it or knows how much time and money it takes to bring a 25+ year old truck up to this level will apreciate what I have here. At this point it wont break my heart if it never sells
Still for sale? Would like to have a chat with you on this rig.
Sorry for the slow reply. I just msgd you and yes its still available
Truck just hit 230,000 kms (143,750 mies) and I am dropping the price one last time. Price is firm and I will keep it forever before I drop it another penny.
You wont find another truck in this condition, with this much work done, for this price, anywhere!!
NEW PRICE $22,750 USD !!!!


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