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Hi All, Looking for a rust free and clean body LX450 near the Mid-West and south preferably. Willing to drive or ship. Not too concerned about mileage as I plan a Wits-end turbo so I’ll go through all the mechanicals. I’ve bought and sold a couple on here since joining in 08, all with great outcomes. Not looking for your BAT rig but a nice Mud deal. Budget near $10k - $15k for the right one, more if it’s already been turbo’d.
I'm now on a search for a clean 80 series in the northeast...but also willing to travel as I know clean 80s in the northeast are a needle in a haystack. Ideally looking for 94-97 but open to any 80 series. Id prefer something under 220k, unmolested or mild build ( front arb), minimal or no rust, not really a fan of the red and emerald colorway but pretty much open to everything else.
I want to swap the chassis on a low mileage 97 with a rusty undercarriage. Ideally, I would like something that’s titled under a 97 with little to no surface rust and accident free. I’m interested in anything from a rolling chassis with just the axles to a complete truck with a broken drivetrain. Please send me a PM if you have something that fits the bill.
Looking for a Moonglow Pearl 95-97 FJ(Z)80. Anyone selling?
Just throwing the net out here, since every possible Avenue adds up (and the ones I’ve tried thus far still have left me empty-handed). Looking for a: 1995-1997 HDJ81 (or HDJ80) 1HD-FT engine 5-Speed (manual) transmission (Just like everybody else.) It’s going to be an heirloom truck to work on forever, and pass down to the next gen after cultivating in them an appreciation for LCs. It’s been less than fun watching the prices for all Land Cruisers skyrocket juuuuust before the 25 year mark to arrived that I’d been eating for to get my hands on a 1HD-FT. *sigh* (thanks used car market + inflation + Joe Rogan, your timing was maximally annoying).
Looking for 1 preferably stock and registered in US. Me thanks
Year doesn’t matter. Need something reliable enough to daily roughly 40 miles per day. With cold AC. Only LC no LX. Been looking for a few months. 25k to spend total shipped to my front door. Prefer white 80 or Tan 60. No rust. Tasteful and quality mods if any.
Hey folks, I’m looking to get ahold of a cruiser that many would call a bit of a unicorn. Fairly unlikely, but figured I’d go fishing and see what popped up. Looking for a 97 collectors or 40th anniversary truck. I’d prefer to snag one with: — low mileage, 140k or less. — full locking differentials —0 Rust, no corrosion or undercarriage funk — all the apropriate maintenance with service records appreciated —decent cosmetic condition, —more or less unmolested, or tastefully modified if so —no crashes and clean title budget is high enough for the right truck And would be happy to to fly and pick it up anywhere in the country if needed. Hit me with whatcha got. I know it’s a long shot, but I’m sure someone is sitting on one of...
Hello, I am looking to buy a clean 1995-1997 with sub 200k and the factory locker. If anyone is interested in working a deal I have 2 trucks that I am selling that could do a partial trade. - Very well kept 2004 Tacoma, 136k, I am the second owner. It is built with OME suspension, warn m800, ARB bumper, and snorkel. -Clean 1987 Toyota pickup, 112k, Thanks Justin
Selling my 1991 FJ80 Land Cruiser. 168k miles Currently registered. Will smog for CA buyer Warn Winch ARB Front bumper OME front springs to level out for additional weight Alpine radio with bluetooth Weathertech floor mats BFG k02 tires with a matching spare. New alternator Comes with factory service manual Known issues: Leaks oil. Likely needs new rear main seal Leak tranny fluid. Again probably needs a seal Brakes fade during long drives/down hill driving. Likely needs master cylinder. A/C does not work. Cruise Control does not work $12.5K obo.
Have roughly 20-25k to spend on a rust free well sorted 60 or 80 depending on how nice it is. This will be my daily so I need something in great shape and with a reliable A/C since I live in SW Florida. Only white in color will do for the 80. And only a manual trans for the 60. The 80 doesn’t need to be locked but would be a plus for sure. Anyone in SW FLORIDA with something I can come take a look at? I realize this is a long shot.

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