Sm465 noise

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Jan 6, 2012
Anybody ever rebuild a sm465? Mine makes a horrendous noise when I let off the gas and it transitions from acceleration to engine braking. As long as their is pressure on the gears whether accelerating or engine braking it doesn't make noise. Also if I'm coasting in neutral or in gear with the clutch pushed in it makes a loud clicking noise. Took the top cover off, I see wear on the reverse idler gear, the 1/2/Reverse slider, and the counter shaft reverse gear. But I doubt that a big deal...
3rd gear is known to break the c clip that holds it in place, there is a spacer to fix the only weak link in the 465! Hth
Yep ,only week link ,mine ate up the c clip once I upgraded to the spacer problem solved. Yours may not have the c clip problem. The later sm465 came with the spacer already installed. C clip breaks and your gear will walk around on the shaft. It could cause some damage, before my clip broke it started making bad noises and was getting hard to shift into I think it is second gear then
Since u mention the gears Low first second third. Ya second then. Lol.

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