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Jan 4, 2006
I have purchased two racing seats and pulled my old seats out and I have two problems. First one is the passanger side is about 3.5 inches higher then the drivers side. So one seat will be lower. Dont want that so I'm going to raise the driver seat up with fabricated brackets. Here arises the second problem and the biggest one. Seat gets to close to the steering wheel. Makes it a real bitch to get in and out and drive. I have thought of a smaller steering wheel but there has to be another way. Any suggestions please
tilt column from a 60 series or Mini....or????
Poser said:
tilt column from a 60 series or Mini....or????

or split the difference. Rather than having to have the seat 3 inches higher raise it 1.5 and back a little. My passenger seat sits higher and no one has ever noticed it except for folks that have also been in the driver seat. That would be me.
Something to keep in mind: if they're too high and you end up hitting your head on the rollcage if you have one (or will).

Sorry; can't help w/ your 2nd prob; I added a GM tilt to avoid the problem.

here's an early pic when too high; this is being changed...
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snailwagon said:
Crap, those seats are high.

Yes, indeed. You get a good view in front of the hood, but you'd never see a traffic signal with a top on.

The sliders are very cool ones from an 88 xj: they slide and also adjust (rotate) to keep the seat [more] level on extreme up or down hills... which is surprisingly cool in practice... but makes for a tall mount.

The seat mounts and cage are the only things I didn't do myself, and they turned into a bit of a fiasco...

The seats were supposed to be mounted to the cage I was having built. I told the guy I'd like the sliders on both sides, but to mount the passenger side fixed if need be for height. The guy made the 'executive' decision to make body mounted brackets in my absence (ok... maybe), and also to put sliders on both which made them ridiculously tall (not ok). Resolution was he's building me an underbed gas tank & lowering the seats... this is currently underway.
that's the reason I only changed the driver seat and left the front bench in (sorry, I know it's not the help you are looking for). Good luck :cheers:
Idealy you should just worry about where the driver seat is situated. You need to be looking through the middle of the windshield. And if you can bring the passenger side down to match the height of hte driver then that is great. If not then dont worry about it. It is better to be able to properly see where you are goin then for the seats to look okay.

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