Recommend a Cruiser Mechanic in your area

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What about anyone who specializes in cruisers in the Northeast any farther north than Maryland? I don't want to drive 7 hours or more to get work done on my truck.

seems like you've figured out that issue and many more since it was first posted, lol!
Anyone know a competent machine shop in OKC/Tulsa/N Texas for 1FZ rebuild?
I just had my 13bt rebuilt by engine rebuilders llc in dallas and they did great work for a very reasonable price. They have a machine shop on the premises and did everything in-house including head machining etc..
Anyone know a competent machine shop in OKC/Tulsa/N Texas for 1FZ rebuild?
Call Kevin at Lexutech in Fort Worth: (817) 877-4357.

They have 3 shops in town and work on all Toyota and pit crew for regular FJ-anything for most of the high end cruiser around here. Tell him Neil with the FJ62 sent you and you need help. Fair prices
Salt Lake City, UT

State Street Auto
State Street Auto

Formally State Street Radiator, this is the place to go for Cruiser repair in the SLC area. I have personally used them for repairs and upgrades on both my rig (HJ61) and the wife's rig (BJ71). Just today I dropped off Stoffel for a few repairs and he had at least 9 Cruisers at the shop including two HJ61s, a 45, 40's , 80s, 100 series and more! I personally use Dustin for all of my repairs and I know others around the area use him as well. If you find yourself in need of a mechanic around the SLC area give Dustin a call and he will certainly be able to take care of you. Here are a few pics from today at the shop!




One of the worst experiences I've had with a mechanic -- installed cheap Chinese parts on my 100 Series, including an axle that isn't build to handle cold temperatures (on a Montana based truck)! and completely whiffed on other items to be addressed after having the truck for a week.
Here's a solid reccomendation for a quality Cruiser shop in Bend, Oregon.

The Fit Garage - Projects — Fit Garage -

They did the front axle rebuild in my 60 while I was visiting and the owner Alex showed me a few of the projects they were working on. 40's 70's 80's all in different stages of various work.

Super happy with not only the work they performed but also felt the pricing was fair.
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Don't think I'd seen any recs for So Cal FJ62 shops...I called ICON today and they basically said they hadn't touched them locally since they moved TLC out so South Carolina...

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