Pedal Commander or other throttle controller thoughts?


Aug 20, 2015
I bought JohnJB's PC for my 2018. Instant shipping, thanks. I will agree with everyone else on the difference for the 2016+. Major change in feel. I suppose I am not as much of a speed demon as most on here, as I am finding City 1-2+ to be the sweet spot for me currently. But, it's only been a day. My suspicion is that my mileage will likely worsen, as I do see the truck downshifting more frequently in stop-and-go driving now than without it. But again, I'm still adjusting to the sensitivity. So far, money well spent.
Jun 5, 2019
Abu Dhabi
I originally had a sprint booster on my 2009 Sequoia (3.91 final drive) as compared to my 2007 Tundra (4.1 final drive) both with the 6 speed and it was slightly sluggish and shifts way to early and takes more effort on the pedal to downshift. The Tundra was perfect.

The original sprint booster had only 3 settings; Off, Sport & Race. I usually had it on Sport as Race was extremely aggressive. But I always felt neither was hitting the right spot.

My 2007 Tundra evolved over the years (Twin turbos and built everything) and I had to install both a standalone ECU and an aftermarket TCU from HGM (Compushift). It was my daily for the past year and this thing got me spoiled by both power and ability to adjust shifting points by RPM and throttle position.

Now with the '19 LC200 I am left completely unsatisfied with the throttle response and I find my self flooring the accelerator pedal to just get up to speed. I'm glad to see PC have a solution just for that with 36 settings. Sprint Booster also got a new version out with more than 3 settings at almost the same exact price. But since you guys found the sweet spot on the PC, I'm playing it safe and getting that. I'll be going to their dealer here in Abu Dhabi today and hopefully fix what Toyota has messed up.
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