One More H55F Install - Final List

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Nov 6, 2006
Boulder County, Colorado
I'll be ordering my H55F later today. I've reviewed the MUD postings and just looking for any final suggestions on additional parts needed or current advice by those that have recently completed it!

Here's the Toyota OEM Parts List:
33030-60450 -H55F
33124-36010-Oil Pipe (nipple)
33530-60160-Lever (shifter)
31210-60070-84-Clutch Cover
31250-36342-Disc Assembly
90363-52001-77-Throwout Bearing
90363-15004-Pilot Bearing
90311-99001-Rear Main Seal
Manafree-Transfer Case Rebuild Kit

I'll have the flywheel resurfaced. Inspect clutch hydraulics and slave. Any little stuff I'm missing?

BTW: Slightly used 4spd and BFG/MT's w/ wheels for sale from Kansas City, MO....will post in classified...:)



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I'm thinking 5th gear will work better with less weight, let me know if you need someone to take the bumper off your hands. ;)
Very Nice Rig.... Just curious, though.... Is that ladder for someone to hang onto while you're driving ?? :D:D:D

And your list seems complete. Sorry, the 4spd is now a paperweight.
There are two [freeze]plugs above the rear main. I believe one is an oil passage and the other a water. That right one is sometimes the culprit on a suspected rear main seal leak.

Don't buy them, I have a few of each, if needed.

33548-60020 Nylon bushing that goes on the bottom of H55 shifter
Bearing rebuild kit-Which one?

Any suggestions on which Transfer case kit to buy from SOR, Manafree or CruiserOutfitters?

Manafrees come with the shim pack and about $40 more then SOR and C/O.

And....are the bearings in these kits quality bearings or is there a better bearing kit out there?

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You will love the upgrade; I applaud your doing the install yourself! I had mine installed by the supplier and the one thing I learned from him is that they are very "tight" units and have frustrated many self-installers. He was right ; I watched him deftly"massage" the unit. He knew precisely what to anticipate and how to respond to what might otherwise cause a good bit of frustration. Best wishes. You'll love the feel of the h55f gearbox and, by the way, I love the look of your truck.
I just did mine w/ a TC case rebuild. It was my first time doing anything like it and I hope you get the same feeling of "Yeah I did that !" that I did when you are done. I would be happy to answer any questions for you.

I would get the shim kit if I were you. The FSM has you assemble the TC Rear Output Cover and test the pre load. It does not state that the cover goes on with the gasket or not for the test. My pre load was way to high w/o the gasket and just right with it. I did not have a shim kit as I bought the SOR kit so I relied on the gasket to space it out.

I don't know how well you are set up for tools, but I also bought a 12 ton press from Harbor Freight to remove the bearings a a pilot bearing puller. And depending on the tranny jack you buy you might get about 2-3 Ft of 4x6 wood and cut it lengthwise on a 45. Then use the wood to cradle ( \ - / ) the jack under the tranny as you remove and install it. The angle of the T-case makes it hard to sit level on the jack. You might have better luck but I did mine in my driveway with uneven cement.

Good Luck !!! and Keep Us posted !!!


If you order from Man-A-Fre get some Dirko gasket sealent, you will love the stuff !!!!!!! it is Da-BOMB !!!

It has been a year How did the install go ????

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will you post any pics?yeah what taking you so long to post the progress?
Link to the tires/wheels? I'm in KCK so I thought Ide take a looksy. ;)


The install went great. We removed the old tranny, rebuilt the transfercase, mated it to the new H55f and got it all back installed in two long evenings. The only issue we had was the shimming for the correct preload. Turned out two of the shims were stuck together, and once we figured that out, we got the correct preload and all was well. Had a slight vibration, but once he tightened the driveshaft bolts :doh: all was well. Yes that was my fault.

He did a trip a week later to Colorado, and it did great. Hopefully he will post up, and tell us what he is doing next. BIG upgrade!


Oh yeah, the wheels/tires have sold.
Had a slight vibration, but once he tightened the driveshaft bolts :doh: all was well. Yes that was my fault.

No you wouldn't do something like that would you???

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