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May 3, 2011
Good evening all.

I have an issue maybe someone can shine some light on. I have looked through past threads and didn't have much luck matching my issue. heres the story.

I currently have a 1970 FJ 40. 2F engine mostly stock except of my OME suspension (awesome). So I go into town to look at a bone stock 75 FJ40 in very nice condition and on the way home decide to wash my 40 just to shine her up a bit. She starts very strong and has no issue. Until I get to the second stop sign. It idles down so low that I have to really struggle to get it started again.

When I get home (barely) I look through all of the possible issue. I checked the distributer thinking it may have got some water in it while washing the rig. It was bone dry and looked fine. I had a prior issue with the new/old fuse box that was replaced a few months ago. It seems the plug in the back came out. Easy fix-zip ties. That wasn't the problem this time either. I called a friend who owned a 40 in the past and was told it sounded like a vacuum issue. I replaced a piece of hose with what was on there and that did not help. My friend will come by tomorrow to take a look but I hoped someone could answer some questions.

What size line is it that goes from the Carb to the Oil fill tip. Is the metal piece that the hose attaches to on the oil fill supposed to be loose and turn. Why am I getting gas coming out of the plug in the front of the carb. I have attached some pics for reference purposes.

Keep in mind this is my first 40 and I am fixing allot of issue from the PO.

I think that's a 1F engine. That line your asking about goes to your PCV valve at the oil fill end. It should all be snug and tight or you will have a vacuum leak.
This may be a dumb question but how do i tighten the PCV valve at the oil fill end. It just turns and doesn't seat well? Can I buy a replacement at a local parts store or is this a specialty item?

the pcv grommet is probably part number 12204-61010 it was superceded to this ...there is an earlyer number as well 90480-18180

it would be one of those two ...maybe somebody can conferm the you know what year the engine is? ...definitly not a 2f

they have one of each at Groove Toyota in Englewood, CO are you near them?
JohnnyC said:
the pcv grommet is probably part number 12204-61010 it was superceded to this ...there is an earlyer number as well 90480-18180

it would be one of those two ...maybe somebody can conferm the you know what year the engine is? ...definitly not a 2f

they have one of each at Groove Toyota in Englewood, CO are you near them?

The engine is the original motor. I'm actually on the Western Slope. I know Safari probably has them but they wont be open until Monday.

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The engine is the original not sure what came in a 1970. I live in Grand Junction on the Western Slope. I know Safari LTD probably has the part in stock but will not be open until Monday.

I appreciate the help!

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I got a new grommet from Napa. I had a similar issue with my 2F, ended up being a weak coil.
Grommet and Valve

I purchased a grommet and PCV valve. Any hints on the best combination to get these back in?
If it goes from running fine to not being able to idle, it is likely to be something sudden and significant.
It could be a vac leak, but it would have to be a hose FALLING OFF, not just a loose pcv valve or hose.
I don't like the gas leak on the carb. I would agree with trollhole that you should start by looking at the fuel level in the carb window. It should be in the middle of the window. If it is not visible, you're not getting fuel. If it's overfull, then the float valve is stuck. If the float valve was stuck open or leaking, you could flood your engine causing poor starting and idle.
The other simple thing to check is the idle solenoid that others have mentioned. There is only one electrical wire running to the carb. That is it. Turn the ignition key to "on" without starting the engine. Disconnect and connect that wire a couple of times. Do you hear it "click"? If so, it's probably working ok.
The other common problem that is really simple to fix is a clogged fuel filter. They are so cheap, I'd replace it just on principle.
Ok. Replaced PCV valve. replaced vac hose. Replaced in line filter. Still running bad. No fuel in the window.

Any thoughts?
Ok. Gas in the window now. It finally idles right but the distributer cap is moving too much.
Sometimes it's hard to tell no fuel in window from too much fuel. Look carefully.
If you're still unsure, one easy thing to try is to drain the carb bowl by removing the jet access plug.
Drain the bowl into a glass jar. If you only get a little bit then you know that you're not getting fuel.
If it's not the filter then it can only be the fuel pump or fuel lines.
If you get a lot of fuel and you see the level drop down through the window as the bowl empties then you probably have a stuck or clogged float valve. If so, you might be able to free it or clean it by spraying a little carb cleaner into the fuel line port on the carb.

Edit: Was writing while you posted.
Cap moving too much? In what direction? Shouldn't move at all. Remove and reinstall it.
It was a loose mounting bolt. Can you send me a pic of your Carb? We think there is a missing idle spring now. It was idling fine, I took off for a test drive and now its reved up and we think there may be a missing spring....Weird.

Thanks again for your help.

What's an idle spring?
The throttle has a single spring on the carb and you would know if it was missing.
Idle mixture and speed screws have little springs and I doubt that they are missing. I can see the idle speed screw in your pic.

When you tightened your dizzy screw did you readjust the timing? That could be way off.
We were looking at the carb. The spot I'm pointing at looks like it had a spring there at some point. I tried looking in the manual that I have and it dis not show enough. Now it idles well until you give it gas. Once you let your foot off it stays in a high idle. The place I'm pointing to does not come all the way back into normal position. That was why the question of a spring came up.

As far as the second pic. The gas level is very high in the window.


Do you have a pic of the same carb?

Yes, there is a spring missing. Or should I say I have a spring on my 71 carb.

These two pics are from the drivers side and above. Yes the engine is off the frame right now and the accelerator and choke cables disconnected.

There is a flat F shaped bracket that the spring attaches to at one and end the other on the throttle linkage.




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