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Feb 2, 2004
Well after looking and seeing what bad shape my Slee/ADS shocks are in, I decided it’s time to take care of the old truck.

The truck had an OME heavy suspension on it when I bought it. Complete with OME shocks and yellow caster correction bushings. It worked well for many years. But as time went on I had to cobble together a few things. I once loaded it down very heavy and it became obvious it needed bump stop extensions. I stretched a brake line and quickly found I needed extended brake lines. I changed the front shocks to ADS d/t perceived heavy front end. The bushings are now completely shot to the point it wanders all over the road.

So after 11 years of service it’s time for suspension #2. I am going with:

- Dobinson 2.5” variable coils front and rear
- New Slee ADS 4” shocks front and rear
- King suspension 2” hydraulic bumpstops front and rear.
- DVS 3L radius arms w/OEM bushings
- DVS 3” rear panhard lift bracket

I have talked to The Land Cruiser shop over in Sandpoint Idaho (not sure they are on mud but they have an IG) they are going to do the work as well as replace all the suspension bushings and hardware front and rear with new OEM.

Additionally they will be redoing a new stainless exhaust as I have a flex coupler that finally let go pre-AFR sensor so I haven’t driven the truck to be safe about fueling.

I am excited about cobbling together another new suspension, hopefully this one is the last for this old truck.

Stock Full here I come! :lol: Haha

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