Loud screech at max acceleration...

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Sep 22, 2008
Bentonville, Arkansas
So I was coming back from a date with my wife and I hit the gas to pass one of the many turtle speed drivers here in Guam and a loud SCREECH was heard coming from what seemed to be my front end area. What in the world could that be? I was able to reproduce it two more times then I got a little worried I was doing some serious damage. It was only when the tranny shifted out of D to 2nd and only for a few seconds then it was gone. Any thoughts?
Maybe, but the sound seemed to come from the tranny/front driveshaft area. I changed my AC belt out about 4 months ago and everything is snug and in good condition belt wise.
you know when you go to the doctor, and you say "it hurts when I do this....." the answer typically is _____________

well, just like that example,

my first thought on reading the title is "dont do that".. .
x3 on belts

I had a car that did this also. It would be fine at normal driving, but if I floored it, the belts would screech.

I guess it wasn't loose enough to make nose at normal driving speeds, but at high speeds the belt would slip.
dafun1 -
Belts sound like the issue here, any feedback on if you have changed them, record of them being changed or dont know?

Maybe others will chime in, OEM (how to identify) or aftermarket.

So my guess along with the previous is belts.
May be you can try spraying some Silicon rubber conditioner. This would eliminate the noise if the belt is slipping. If this is the outcome, then the belt is probably a bit too long.
Could be belts.


have you checked the belts?
So let me get this straight... I think what your saying, and this maybe a reach, is that a belt might be involved...:cool: Thanks for the input and that is much better than a drive train issue. I'll check the belts again.

New drive belts will stretch right after installation. Check the A/C belt and any other ones that were loosened during its installation. Same diagnosis as many previous posts.
i'd check the belts;)
I checked the troubleshooting section in the FSM and based on the facts stated (Accelerating, wife in car, Guam, iH8mud.com thread, etc.) I'd say it's the belts. HTH.
I changed my AC belt out about 4 months ago and everything is snug and in good condition belt wise.

99 times out of 100 the noise, as you described it, is caused by a drive belt slipping.

Since you recently replaced the A/C belt then I would start there. As someone above mentioned, belts tend to stretch some after they break in. Another thing you should know is that we have many complaints from people that try aftermarket (esp cogged) belts. I would replace the alternator belts (OEM is a matched set) and retension the A/C belt. If the A/C belt you installed 4 months ago is not Toyota, then I would replace that one too.

X18 Belts.
belts? whats wrong with you guys its obviously a muffler bearing going out and squealing.

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