Looking for the swappers, fabbers, and suspension gurus!! 3rd gen 4runner overhaul

Aug 18, 2018
Hello all, I have lurked on these forums for years. Have done my fair share of wheeling and have a lifted 99' limited on 35s. Before anyone directs me to the search bar; I have SCOWERED the internet for months on the info Im about to provide.

OK :)

So long story short, this runner was sunk up to the windows in the middle of a river and left for 12 hrs. I did what I could and flushed everything bigtime. Engine runs but is definately in bad shape. This might be a blessing in disguise, I have been yearning for a V8 swap for quite some time. I am decently equipped to perform the swap and think Im ready. So here come my barrage of questions:

1. Know anyone that has done an LSX swap on a 3rd gen?

2. How much tq/hp will my toyota IFS/rear end hold? SAS is a consideration.

3. What T-case config would I use to match my IFS diff to the 4l60/80?

This thing has been a solid rig for me and I have no desire to change. Im willing to invest some money into it, although Im not rich. Goal is to have a 5.3/6.0 swapped 3rd gen that can handle some moderate wheeling. This is mainly going to be on the street.

Thanks so much guys, Austin
Jan 6, 2012
I would not install a LS motor. The instant torque of a v8 will kill the drivetrain. I would buy a used 3.4 if yours is bad and install a cx racing turbo kit with the smallest t4 turbo cx racing sells. The slow roll of turbo power will keep the axles together. A stock 3.4 will handle about 500hp at the crank. If u use forged Pistons or a thicker head gasket u could go more. Once u got the turbo setup and fueling dialed in, I would slowly upgrade the turbo components to garret or something as most of the cx stuff is Chinese. You could go full standalone or piggyback. I've seen a 3.4 tacoma turbo run neck n neck with a old Viper. Put 420hp to the wheels at 16psi. Stock block. Also, don't listen too much to Gadget, he doesn't know everything.
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