1. R

    1996 Toyota HiLux Surf Diesel

    This is a recent JDM import straight from Japan with right hand drive in excellent condition. Miles have been converted from kilometers. 1996 Toyota Hilux Surf Diesel for sale at R and L Auto in Rochester, NY. 585-738-2792 | RANDLAUTO.COM | 4625 West Ridge Road Spencerport, NY 14559. JDM...
  2. R

    1995 Toyota HiLux Surf Diesel

    This is a recent JDM import straight from Japan with right hand drive steering in excellent condition. 136,508 miles which have been converted from kilometers. 1995 Toyota Hilux Surf Diesel for sale at R and L Auto in Rochester, NY. 585-738-2792 | RANDLAUTO.COM | 4625 West Ridge Road...
  3. rusty_spike

    SOLD  Oregon: 2018 Toyota TRD Off Road Premium 37K Miles (White)

    I'm selling my 2018 Toyota TRD Off Road Premium "storm trooper" with 37K miles. I wanted to post it here on iH8MUD because the casual driver might not care/want what comes on this package: locking rear differential, Crawl Control, and the Multi Terrain Select traction control optimization...
  4. OverlandKc

    SOLD  Kansas City: 2003 Toyota 4runner Sport Edition V8 4WD - 272K miles, Southern Vehicle.

    For sale is a 2003 Toyota 4runner Sport Edition, 4.7L V8, 4wd - asking $5500 OBO. It was a southern vehicle until 2019, and has been undercoated before each winter with fluid film, so the frame and body have remained clean. It has 271,5XXK miles currently and is increasing, as it is my daily...
  5. N

    For Sale  1982 Toyota Pickup Rock crawler

    1982 Toyota 4x4 Pickup Rock Crawler. Fully built custom rock crawler. Licensed & street legal. Won "Best in Show - People's Choice" and "Best in Show - 4x4" at Cal4Wheel Convention in Sacramento. Walks through the Rubicon and Fordyce without breaking a sweat. One of the cleanest and...
  6. RJH

    For Sale  Oklahoma City, OK: 2013 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Sport Utility 4D - 4X4, 3rd row

    Hey MUD, I'm looking to sell or trade this 4Runner. I've added a photo album below. 4x4, 4.0L V6, 3rd row, leather seats. I am open to trading for older 4wd, 4 door Toyota trucks or cruisers worth under $10k plus cash to make up the difference. My cell is 806-255-0471 if you want to give...
  7. thezbone

    SOLD  2016 4Runner Limited w/ 78k miles in OKC, OK

    This is my mom's vehicle she has leased and then owned since new. In addition to what's in the FB Marketplace listing: -Asking $32k on Facebook, but realistically looking for $30k. She doesn't need to sell it, she just doesn't drive it very often and is considering something else. Nothing lower...
  8. Hogg45

    Tall people in toyota's

    Hey guys and gals! This is my first time posting but I have been here for a while. I am looking at buy my first real off road SUV. So I am looking at getting either a 4th gen 4runner or a FJ Cruiser. I have sat in the 4runner (4th and 5th gen) and my knees hit the steering wheel and I don't...
  9. G

    For Sale  Chicago - 05 Black Onyx GX470 (Non Nav/No KDSS)

    Up for sale is my 05 GX470 Non Nav and No KDSS! I bought it last October for my mom as a winter truck, now that its getting warmer I'm looking to downsize to a sedan for her. Miles: 286,000 Clean Title I bought it from the original owners who kept it in great condition. Body is pretty good...
  10. C

    Looking to buy again. Any advice appreciated

    So I sold my '98 Limited 4Runner in 2019 when I moved to NYC from Colorado. Now that I am moving to New Hampshire in the late summer for school, I will need another SUV similar to a 4Runner/Sequoia/Land Cruise model for my dog and I. My budget is around $8,000 - $10,000, I'll be looking to buy...
  11. S

    For Sale  San Diego: 2010 4Runner Limited rims

  12. cool Bob

    For Sale  1986 4Runner Turbo SR5 - Mint Condition

    Hi All, Putting feelers out for my beautiful 1986 4Runner Turbo SR5 with 119K miles. Some of you may have seen this truck on BaT - it did not sell there as reserve wasn't met, but I ended up coming to an agreement privately with the seller. It's all original - graphics, paint, interior - and...
  13. S

    For Sale  2010 4Runner Limited Wheels

    Hi y'all, I have a set (4) of 2010 4Runner Limited wheels/rims for sale. They were stock on the vehicle, and I'm the second owner. Image attached to show the style/design of the wheel (I pulled the image off Google). Happy to shoot over additional pics if of interest. Selling as I put on BFG's...
  14. R

    For Sale  1996 4runner Limited 4wd/ E-locker, lift, armor, single owner, Bay Area-CA, $10k

    Good day, I am selling my 3rd generation Toyota 4Runner. It has been in my family since it was new off the lot in ‘96, so we have a lot of records for it. It was stock almost all it’s life until a few months ago when I started building/ maintaining it. Here’s a short description of the...
  15. G

    3rd gen 4Runner, Racing Build

    Howdy folks, I am building a '99 4x4 4runner to Score competition reg's. It's been wheeled alot from Moab to Texas, and I decided to build it for racing. The goal? Build a race-spec 4Runner, get some experience with smaller races for a year, then tackle the Baja 1000. ^Current photo Current...
  16. roguewave

    SOLD  Massapequa, NY: 2017 Toyota 4 Runner TRD Pro - Cement (REDUCED PRICE)

    Have a built 2017 Toyota 4 Runner TRD Pro - Cement color list for sale at 41,500 The vehicle is in great condition (no issues) with only minor scratches that I inherited when I purchased in February 2019. I also purchased with approximately 60k miles (all TX highway miles) and she now has...
  17. A

    SOLD  FL: 95 Hilux Surf SSR-X 3.0 4x4 - 1KZTE

    1995 Toyota Hilux Surf SSR-X 3.0 Limited 1KZTE Turbo Diesel 4x4 Automatic 182k miles(292,000km) Imported from Kyushu, Japan in Oct 2020 VIN: KZN130-0005168 This truck is an absolute treat to drive, great low end power, drives smooth and feels solid like a 90’s Toyota 4x4 should. the four...
  18. H

    Wanted  91-97 land cruiser front springs

    Looking for some stock 7 wrap front coil springs from a 91-97 fzj80 land cruiser. Willing to pay shipping to North Dakota.
  19. VAPny54

    1998 4Runner fuel sensor repair

    Hi Folks - I've taken an interest in my family's 1998 4Runner SR5 (only 137K miles), it's clean, runs smooth, all the maintenance is up to date and no rust at all. I noticed the fuel gauge either reads empty or full. My conclusion is that the fuel gauge sensor in the tank needs to be replaced...
  20. patchagan

    SOLD  Atlanta, Georgia: 2000 Limited Toyota 4runner

    See facebook listing here: facebook link Selling my 4runner to upgrade to LX470. 2000 Toyota Limited 2WD 4runner 3.4l v6 5 speed automatic transmission asking $4,500 or best offer Color: Imperial Jade/Topaz (dark green and gold) 227,851+ Miles I’ve used this car as my daily driver for a...
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