1. S

    SOLD  2005 Toyota Land Cruiser - West Virginia 25403

    Team, Selling my 05 100 Series Land cruiser with only 169k miles. Water pump and T-belt maintenance was performed at 163k miles. Clean title, Clean carfax. New OEM floor mats, Battery, comes with 2 keys. New gas cap, None adjustable height control. Drove it to Missouri and back total of 2500...
  2. C

    For Sale  Overland 2008 4Runner V8 Limited 4x4 [LA/LV]

    Up for sale is a fully loaded 2008 Toyota 4Runner 4.7L V8 Limited Trim with 4x4, 202,xxx miles for $18,000 OBO. This has been my daily for the last 3 years and has been super reliable. This is not a mall crawler. I have taken it out almost every weekend during school, lived in it for an...
  3. D

    For Sale  SLC, UT: 2012 4Runner Trail

    My 2012 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition is up for sale. Clean title with no accidents. I bought it from the original owner. It has 143,000 miles and it does have KDSS. Options include: a sunroof, power driver and passenger seats, factory remote start, running boards, and the 6.1” touch screen...
  4. Dumpolina

    Wanted  WTB Wheelable 90-94 4Runner Southwest US

    My 4Runner trail truck is showing its age and the dog hates the pickups. Looking for a backup roadworth'ish trail truck for when this one has a catastrophic failure in the middle of wheeling season. 90-94 4door 4Runner, preferably ready to wheel or close to it. Something needing attention or...
  5. L

    WTB Land cruiser 7 & 8 wraps !

    Hey guys , I’m looking to buy some front fj80 land cruiser 7 wrap coil and 8wrap coil , I’ve looked at a bunch of places and no luck , if anyone has some for sale let me know ! I am located in Seattle, WA ! also correct me if I’m wrong but I would need the 7 wrap for the side without the tank...
  6. The Lake Hero

    For Sale  Winnipeg, MB Canada - 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TZ (90 Series)

    New brakes/pads all around and new Platinum plugs for fun, NGK wiring harness and ignition coils also for fun. This Land Cruiser is one of the cleanest JDM vehicles in Winnipeg. 2000 Land Cruiser Prado J95. It’s barely broken in wit its current kms. Interior is clean, mechanically sound and a...
  7. J

    For Sale  San Diego- LX470 Wheels & tires, GX470 Wheels

    Selling set of 4 wheels and 5 tires of a Lexus LX470. Tires are almost new, 99% thread left, Yokohama Geolander A/T - 275/70/R16 size. $375 OBO Also have a GX470 Wheel set 17”, wheels in good condition, may have small scratches. (Only wheels available, no tires). $195 OBO Also have some...
  8. H

    SOLD  Parker, CO. Metal tech receiver hitch

    https://www.metaltech4x4.com/metal-tech-standard-rear-receiver/ Wouldn’t work with my Dobinson bumper. Never used. $50, parker co, local only
  9. Hankst3r

    Kill switch

    i would like to wire a kill switch into my car for an anti theft measure. what systems have y'all put one on (ignition, fuel, spark etc..)? and where are the wires? i cannot figure out where to splice in the switch. thanks. also i have a 1993 5spd 4runner 3.0.
  10. P

    SOLD  CA: Supercharged 2001 Toyota 4Runner 4WD Limited

    2001 Toyota 4Runner Limited 4WD 229k miles Clean Title Asking $9500 with roof rack. $8800 without roof rack. Selling to get a bigger vehicle, headgaskets replaced and supercharger rebuilt less than 5000 miles ago (both done at a shop). Will only trade for a Triple Locked 1997 Land Cruiser ( I...
  11. soreneagle

    GX470 CatBack exhaust video

    Hey friends. I finally got around to finishing this video and wanted to share it with you all. I hope this will help you guys decide if you want to do the same or similar. Enjoy!
  12. M

    1985 4Runner only runs on cold start injector

    Hey y’all! I’m in need of someone smarter than I when it comes to early efi on the 22re. My 85 4Runner will only run on the cold start injector, then dies. New fuel pump, starter, efi relay, open circuit relay, and grounds cleaned or replaced. Any input on where to look? Got it to pop code 10...
  13. Scat Adams

    SOLD  OEM Trail Edition FJ Wheels (8-Hole)

    Set of 4, painted bronze, in pretty good shape with a few marks here and there. Located in Savannah, GA, not willing to ship at the moment. $350 OBO Cheers,
  14. bigredmachine

    For Sale  upper and lower 4runner rear contorl arms in nj

    I have a set of both upper and lower control arms available, both came off of an axle that was swapped. bushings are in good condition, arms are straight and came off of a truck had the axle replaced due to a bad rear. 50 for either upper or lower and 80 for both plus shipping if you want to go...
  15. ThePNWonderer

    Parting Out  Seattle: 4th gen 4Runner running boards for sale.

    $120.00 - OBO 4th gen 4Runner Limited running boards for sale. - Dave (530) 751-6045. davidbflores@gmail.com.
  16. B

    For Sale  “Built” 81 pickup for sale or trade. Located near ST.Louis MO

    I’ve got a first gen pickup that I’m thinking about selling or trading for something I can fit my kids and wife in. Something geared more towards overlanding. Anybody interested in trading or buying? Asking $5000 for truck and $6500 for truck and trailer. Propane injected 22R All Pro 5” lift...
  17. yotadude520

    1990 4Runner Build/Rescue

    Well I finally did it - I finally owned an FJ40. Check that off the list. Or as I previously joked what is left of one. Over the course of the short period owning it though I realized something - as much as I love the FJ40's and as long as I've wanted one I'm just not an FJ40 guy. There's...
  18. S

    4Runner Noobie!

    Hi! As you can tell, I'm new around here. I've been lurking around the past few days looking at 80 series, Tacomas, and 4Runners. I love the look of the 80s, but at the moment it's not a smart investment for me. I've decided that a 4Runner would suit my needs - which are minimal maintenance...
  19. SimplyTanner

    3vze. Zero compression on driver side cylinders.

    I have a 1993 4Runner with the 3.0l v6. It seemed to have a new lack of power last week, along with a low idle. Then Friday morning it died leaving my house, and wouldn’t start again. I have spark at all six plugs, I’m also getting fuel. Further diagnosis revealed that there is ZERO...
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