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  1. T

    For Sale 2000 4runner, Central TX

    I have a 2000 4runner 4x4 for sale with 220000 miles.I purchased it from my dads best friend who bought it new in San Diego Toyota. It is in amazing condition and recently had the cylinder head gaskets redone , the heads machined and new valve cover gaskets installed. Along with water pump...
  2. G

    Looking for the swappers, fabbers, and suspension gurus!! 3rd gen 4runner overhaul

    Hello all, I have lurked on these forums for years. Have done my fair share of wheeling and have a lifted 99' limited on 35s. Before anyone directs me to the search bar; I have SCOWERED the internet for months on the info Im about to provide. OK :) So long story short, this runner was sunk...
  3. TOY350

    Additional Lights 3rd Gen Runner on ARB

    Looking for some good output lights or lightbar to mount on the ARB bumper on a 3rd gen Runner. This rig sees a lot of brush on old trails so they need to be sturdy and bright. Anyone have experience with some they like?
  4. btbowie

    For Sale WTB: 3rd Gen 4Runner. Well cared for, low mileage. (In VA but will travel.)

    Hey Everyone, I sold my Land Cruiser last week fully intending to get into a Tacoma build, but plans have fizzled a bit due to prices being slightly insane so I've started looking at 3rd gen Runners for now. Aside from some outliers it seems like I should be able to nail one down for a...
  5. H

    heavy duty ladder rack on 3rd gen 4runner

    having a hard time checking all the boxes on needs for a new vehicle. can i get a heavy duty ladder rack for hauling stuff on a 3rd gen 4 runner like i have on my taco?! thanks jon
  6. mossler

    J95 and after-maker parts for Hilux Surf/3rd Gen 4Runner

    Hello folks, my first post here. So far, my searches have never directed me to a clear answer. Reading a lot of information leaves one with the impression that since the J95 Land Cruiser and the 3rd Gen 4Runner/Hilux Surf are re-skinned cousins, that parts meant for one can be used on the...
  7. sean2202

    Pic thread, 1st gen taco / 3rd gen 4R

    Figured I would start a pic thread for these as I have not seen one listed. I'll start with some of my previous rigs. 2000 taco 2.7 4wd with basic spacer lift, diff drop and 31x10.5-15 bfg all terrains. 96 4 Runner Limited 3" toytec front coilovers with ome 890 rears and diff drop 265x75-16...
  8. A

    Hood Hinge led pod brackets for 3rd gen Taco?

    Hey guys new to the forum hope im in the right thread. I have a 3rd gen taco with mods underway. Looking for some hood hinge brackets to mount the square led pods on each lower hand corner of the windshield. The brackets mount to the hood hinges. I have found these made by zroads but havent been...
  9. C

    97 hilux surf

    hey everyone, Not sure if this has been asked yet or not but does anyone know if the brakes (pads and rotors) cross over from the 3rd gen 4Runner to the 3gen hilux surf? And if anyone knows of any other parts that cross over that would be awesome! Thanks! Collin
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