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  1. MC40

    67 mild to wild?

    Hello all! I’m new to the forum but I’ve owned these two FJ’s going on 12 years. The blue rig is the 67 and I’m ready to dig into it. I live in South Carolina so hard core rock crawling isn’t common. Most of the wheeling we do is dirt roads and swampy land. I plan to use the 40 for running...
  2. YohanFJ62

    87 Cruiser LS Swap...Need Help

    Hello! I was hoping someone can give me some insight or point me to the right direction. 1987 Land Cruiser, had a 2F engine with H44F transmission. Conversion: -LM7 Vin T from a 2000 Tahoe (Originally automatic transmission) with 5.3L LS crank pattern -H55F Transmission I have purchased these...
  3. 7nJrX

    Cam Sensor Wiring Caught in Pulleys | Lesson learned

    This was nuts. Started noticing my battery gauge jumping when starting the truck. Lights flickering etc... Something wasn't grounded right... A drive around town had a loss of acceleration going from 2 to 3... Sure as 💩 , found my cam sensor loom/wire torn to shreds in between the pulleys...
  4. Prymtime

    LS swap into 200 series

    Has anyone swapped a LS/LT GM motor and either 8L90 or 10L90 trans into a 200 series? I know it's been done to the older LC/ LXs, but I'm looking for info on doing it to a 200 series. Or info on a shop that would do it in Colorado. Appreciate it.
  5. Von Hayek

    For Sale Maryland -- 1990 FJ62 -- LS Crate Engine

    I am currently preparing my Cruiser for sale on Bring A Trailer, but I thought I would list it here while I'm in the application process. I have not had the pro photos done yet, so you will be looking at iPhone photos on the street. I didn't even wash it. I have had this truck for 13 years and...
  6. landera

    ZL1 Swap 94' Triple Locked FJ80 Full Restoration

    Welcome to the start of what will hopefully be a 2 year project (always have to have hope with this type of project). I have been chugging around in my GX470 for a while now but wanted a vehicle I could use to go on long trips with ultimate durability, comfort, and of course it has to be cool. I...
  7. FJ80OffRoad

    Ideas for airbox top tubing for LS swap

    Hello all, I need advice on how to get an air intake tube so I can reinstall the old airbox so I can install a snorkel eventually. I currently have a cold air intake behind the battery on the left side of the engine bay (shown in the picture), I have the old OEM round airbox and am planning on...
  8. FJ80OffRoad

    Questions regarding upgrading to 35s with LS Swap

    Hello there, this is my first forum post so we’ll see how this goes. I have a 1991 FJ80, center diff locked with a 3” OME lift and 33” tires on the stock 15” wheels that came with the 91-92’s. So I have a few questions regarding upgrading tire size with potential regearing with a LS swap. I’m...
  9. 63FST

    Check Engine Decal for FJ60/62

    For anyone who has updated there FJ60 or those with a FJ62 looking for a replacement -- I have made 'CHECK' engine decals....please see pictures below. So if anyone wants a decal please PM me and we can chat -- I am offering them as pairs just in case you make a mistake. Let me know what you...
  10. GearGeek

    Another One!... 1994 FZJ80 LS/4L60E Swap (Budget, Hopefully)

    Another build thread for an LS Swap. I'll be posting the budget and parts spreadsheet when all is said and done. The haters say it can't be done for less than $5k. I say bring it on! Starting vehicle is a 1994 FZJ80 I bought back in May 2018. Here is the previous owner's build thread for those...
  11. wester11

    LS Fuel Pressure Issue High Hot

    FJ62 with 5.3 2011 Erod gremlin. I’ve only been in situation at high elevation 2 times when hot. Both times fuel pressure loss. Here’s what’s been done to take some guess work out. These were all legitimate issues eliminated: Rewire harness, bad grounds and power New intake tubing and...
  12. offroadvegan

    THANK YOU Mudders - The LS Swap is Done!

    Thanks to everyone that talked me off the ledge about 3 weeks ago, and kept me from selling my 80. If you remember, I got screwed by a local shop and the project was waaay over due and I was running out of options. I had offers from y'all from Florida, to Texas to send my rig down and get it...
  13. Lyle Kilson

    LS Test Drive

    Is there anybody in or near the Saint George, UT area that has an 80 series that is running an LS motor? I've had a lot of discussions on this platform about the pros and cons of an LS swap and I've done a ton of research. Now I jut need to test drive an LS LC to help me make up my mind about...
  14. js0k

    Wanted Texas- Ranger Torque splitter wanted for FJ60 V8 swap

    I would like to put a 5.3 backed by a ranger torque splitter in my 60. Get at me if you have or know of one for sale! I’m in Houston but can travel or pay for shipping. Thanks!
  15. TheDirtyMuffler

    94 issues, What to do?

    So I have seen some discussion on this but not a clear answer that I could find. Have a 94, the engine is worn out (300,000+ miles), and trying to figure out what to do. Was thinking of just rebuilding the engine and adding a supercharger. Well, can't find a supercharger for a 94 engine (i...
  16. wester11

    Oil Pan Clearance Issues 5.3 Help

    Happy Sunday folks, I’ve got a LC9 5.3 Vortec E-Rod stock crate package from GM Performance, about 15k on swap. Trip inspection after the front right corner of the pan has rub/contact from axle. Has anyone had this happen? Just to clarify the motor and transmission were installed by proper...
  17. LS80Climb

    My LS2 Swapped Cruiser

    Hello everyone, I've been in the off-road game for a while now but mainly in lifted foresters. Last year I bought a sick manual 80 from Sydney with lots of goodies. Looking forward to hitting some harder tracks and lifting some wheels! I'm a 24year old gear head with a few turbo swaps under my...
  18. ARJMN

    For Sale Tucson: 1997 Lexus LX450

    Sorry if this is bad etiquette or against the rules here. I have my 1997 LX450 that I LS Swapped with a 6.0 L96 and a 6L80e. I dropped real money building it as it has a Speartech harness, Ron Davis Radiator, Lockers, Dual Batts, and all other kinds of bling. I love it. It hauls bacon all...
  19. B

    For Sale 1974 FJ40 with LS Conversion for Sale

    I am moving back to Canada and selling my fun mountain truck - a patina Rustic green 1974 FJ40 with an LS conversion built by Bsquared from this forum. I'm the 2nd owner since the restoration project, and in the last 3 years I've put only a few hundred miles on the thing. It sits at my place...
  20. Bonkenny

    (72 fj 55)..5.3swap

    12v key on ignition wire can someone send a pic
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