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  1. JoeW

    For Sale  Seattle: 60 Series: Well sorted LS motor mount adapters

    $380 Shipped. I bought these mount adapters for my FJ60 LS swap but found they are best suited for using an auto trans as opposed to keeping the H55f. New, never installed. 60-Series Toyota LandCruiser LS Engine Frame Adapter — Well Sorted Automotive -...
  2. Elkwagn

    LS swap up and running

    LS1 Aluminum 5.7 with forged rods and pistons, all new with a 4l80e trans. T-case rebuilt by Overland Cruisers (local to me). Extended range 36 gal. tank, new driveshafts from Tom Woods. Should be a hoot! Now it's carpet time, couple small spots to deal with on drivers floor, otherwise this is a...
  3. Well Sorted

    Wanted  A343 Tailhousing

    We're doing an LS swap and need the A343 tail housing to go with the Torfab kit. PN: 35015-60070, shipped to 30040.
  4. C

    For Sale  South West Utah: 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser LS Swap

    This 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 with an LS swap, is for sale in South West Utah. We love the looks of 80s, it must be the fender flares that give the sides of the truck some curves. Our only problem with the 80s is the power, especially with larger tires. Well, problem solved with this example...
  5. 84pickup

    LS swap positioning question

    Hey all, I've been working on an LS/NV4500 swap on my 86 fj60 for a few years now and I'm wondering if anyone could help me figure out my T-case positioning/alignment. I was driving it for a while before I decided to replace the original motor mounts, bell housing, and now exhaust. In pulling...
  6. southern son

    LS Swap One Piece Radiator Hoses

    I swear that I saw someone who posted part numbers for one piece upper and lower radiator hoses when doing an LS swap but I closed the window and can’t seem to find it anymore through search and the google machine. Does anyone have them? I’m installing a 5.3 with a Ron Davis direct fit radiator...
  7. S

    For Sale  Austin: LS mount kit for FJ62

    For sale is @cruisermatt’s LS mount kit with new engine mounts, shifter bracket and 4L60e-FJ62 NSS harness $450 Located in Austin, TX
  8. Holy Moly

    For Sale  AC compressor

    I bought this as a replacement for my 89 fj62 factory Ac compressor. Shortly thereafter I decided to LS swap the truck so need to sell this.
  9. Rock40

    Old and New: 5.7 Vortec to 6.0 LS Swap, ‘69 FJ40

    Finally making some time for this in between working on the ongoing M715 build Here’s the FJ40… I’ve owned this since 2000 when it was a bone stock rusty basket case. It’s been through the standard evolution of changes. In 2003, I installed the Vortec 5.7 from a 1996 Suburban and at...
  10. 80ToRunner

    Life After 300K?

    My good partner of 27 years may have to go. My 1997 80 had 265K when a head gasket leak caught me by surprise. A used engine was swapped in, and all was well until a few weeks ago, when an engine knock started. It seems impossible to find people willing to open up an old engine on a...
  11. R

    For Sale  Tarboro NC 91 LS Fj80

    91 fj80 LS Swapped. 2006 LQ9/4L65, part Time 4wd kit + manual hubs, NOT triple locked, Tom woods driveshaft, like new 285/75-16 bfg all terrains, vision wheels. $19,000
  12. Elkwagn

    Starter wiring for LS swap

    Long story short my wifes 60 sat in our garage waiting for its heart transplant with the engine/trans/transfer out of it. Our puppy labrador decided the starter wires looked tasty to chew on. Pics are what is left. LS in in now and I need to wire the starter, and need to know what each wire is for?
  13. TechChachi

    Sasquatch engine swap 2.0

    Happy new year cruiser heads! So i have been busy since my last engine swap… My 1987 Toyota landcruiser is now powered by a 2010 LY6 6.0l ls and 6l80e transmission with advanced transfer-case adapter and twin stick kit. The new combination boasts a estimated 400hp fully rebuilt engine with a...
  14. CarcaineProblems

    Talk me off the ledge. Thinking about selling

    I have an 5.3 LS swapped (Proffitts) 1991 80 with 160k miles on it. It’s absolutely beautiful and everything is dialed in. Rebuild transfer case, full float axles and Eaton lockers build by @orangefj45. Really too much to list from the sound deadening, stereo, rack, bumpers, disc brakes...
  15. mattnandie

    Project "Sparkles"-1997 LX450 Gen V 6.2 Swap

    I'm starting this thread to document the parts, costs and work done, as fully as possible. Ill be adding info as I go along. Im doing all work myself except for the manifold back exhaust. Work will begin in March 2024 and be finished in time for our trip to Ouray in July 2024. This by no means...
  16. B

    FJ 40 Swap

    Hello all, I have recently been tasked with LS swapping my dad's 78 Landcruiser. I have been looking into it a lot, having a little trouble finding help online. Has anyone been through this process that could offer some tips? I looked for a thread discussing it but could not find one, if I am...
  17. C

    SOLD  Denver, Co: 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 LS Swap

    Vehicle: Year: 1984 Make: Toyota Model: Land Cruiser FJ60 Drive: 4×4 Miles: 300,000 Fuel Type: Gasoline Transmission: Automatic Engine: Chevrolet 5.3L V8 (4,000 Miles) Exterior Color: Blue Interior Color: Grey VIN: TBD Title: Clean Price: $39,500 Details & Upgrades: Per Seller: Truck has...
  18. Well Sorted

    For Sale  Cumming, GA: 3FE/A440/ECU/Air Meter/Emissions/Etc

    Pulled this powertrain out of my personal FJ80 to do an LS swap. I have the full engine, emissions equipment, air box and meter, ECU, and all accessories. Price includes the A440 trans with ECU and tcase however I will need parts of the harness to facilitate the LS installation. The engine...
  19. KDAWG97m3

    LS SWAP 84 60 Atlanta

    Hey anyone doing clean,correct LS Swaps in Atlanta? I am looking to do a 6.2 8l90 swap. I am picking up motor and trans this week. ECM TCM etc. thanks for the help!!
  20. D

    4l60 / Transfer Case Grinding / Is this normal?

    I am getting close to wrapping up a vortec swap in my 62, and have noticed some odd behavior from my transfer case. Wondering if anyone has a recommendation, or experience with something similar. Basically it seems like the 4l60 doesn't stop spinning enough for the transfer case to be shifted...
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