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  1. perrypr

    GX470 Torque converter replacement, trans fluid fill

    Hey All, I hydrolocked my motor and am in the middle of a swap, while pulling my old motor, I damaged the torque converter - it made a nasty ticking noise when spinning by hand. Have a new torque converter now, and no more noise when spinning on the trans - I already pre-filled the TC as much...
  2. Beehanger

    Fj60 Engine Swap Best Options?

    Hi all, Haven't seen any threads on this yet--please send my way if this has been covered already. Decided I'm going to get the engine either rebuilt or swapped before summertime on the 60, trying to figure out what best options for engines I have to swap it with vs flat rebuild. I'm new to...
  3. B

    75 engine conversion

    Hi all, So here’s an update on my 75 series conversion. As some of you know, I’m dropping a 2UZ into it. So far, it’s going well... basically it fits! The first issue, not thought about, is the radiator.. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what will fit, which would suit a 2UZ, that isnt...
  4. DannyThornberry

    T100 engine q’s

    I’ve had my 96 T100 in the driveway for a while now with a broken engine. I recently had my GX470 totaled, so I’ll be revisiting this project. I came into the possession of my grandpas 96 4Runner 2wd, would this engine be a direct swap? They both have the 3.4 V6 engine and just would like to...
  5. B

    75 Series engine swap

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. After years of wanting to own a beast, I finally have one. I’ve recently purchased a 1988, 75 series LWB. I want to upgrade the engine and had either diesel 1hd-fte or the petrol 2uz-fe in mind. I also plan to swap the gearbox for an auto ( sac religious I...
  6. Woocha

    Engine Alternatives - Motor Mount Concerns

    All. I have a 1980 FJ40 with a B series Diesel Engine that someone over the past 40 years installed. i just picked this beast up 2 weeks ago. I am looking to complete an engine swap and i am curious if anyone has seen a list of engines that will be direct replacement engines? I am hoping to...
  7. 6T9cruzr

    F to F2 Engine Swap Info Needed

    I have thrown a rod in my old F engine. If I go to an F2, will I be able to use existing attachments, such as distributor, carb, exhaust manifold, fuel pump, etc? Any pitfalls? As long as I am jumping should I consider a newer Toyota engine such as an F3 and will it fit? I have a 3 a speed...
  8. B

    Ok to rotate oil pan 180 degrees?

    I'm trying to copy anothernord and swap a 1kz-te into my 2001 Tacoma and I foolishly got a motor from a Hiace Regius instead of a Hilux so the oil pan hits the front differential. I know I should order the correct pan but it is going to be over $500 from Japan so my current idea is to flip the...
  9. D

    HJ45 Engine swap.

    G'day everyone, I have done the unthinkable, i sold my 1984 bj42..... .....but, i am hoping to starting up a troopy overlander rebuild. Currently i am considering a 1980 hj45. During the rebuild i would like to replace the engine and transmission, just to get a more economic drive (and keep...
  10. E

    '73 FJ40 engine swap (OM 617.950)

    I have a stock '73 FJ40 and a donor '79 Mercedes 300SD with the 5 cyl Turbo Diesel. I pulled the Mercedes engine and I am going to put the FJ on my lift this weekend, rip the old straight 6 outta it and swap out. I understand there is a kit I can get from 4x4 labs in Grass Valley and I have...
  11. S

    Has anyone installed 1GR in early 90s 70 series?

    Has anyone installed 1GR in early 90s 70 series?
  12. Ryanagriffin

    Advice on 1st time swapping engines (2F in '76 FJ40)

    Just got this beauty from Whirlybird and will be bringing her home soon. Current 2f is seized up and I have another from an FJ60 that I'll be dropping in. This will be my second FJ40 restore but the first that I'm going to try to do as much of the mechanical myself as possible and take my time...
  13. Broc2C

    V8 Swap: What am I up against ?

    I purchased a '72 fj40 a few weeks ago and was in the process of putting life back into it (a classic barn find, if you will) when a serious knock developed: spun bearings for sure. The current engine is an early F (not original) and had been "re-manufactured" as evident from a tag on the block...
  14. G

    Looking for the swappers, fabbers, and suspension gurus!! 3rd gen 4runner overhaul

    Hello all, I have lurked on these forums for years. Have done my fair share of wheeling and have a lifted 99' limited on 35s. Before anyone directs me to the search bar; I have SCOWERED the internet for months on the info Im about to provide. OK :) So long story short, this runner was sunk...
  15. W

    Engine swap 1kz into LN106 Hilux and other details..

    Good day everyone! First post after forever lurking and reading! Great treasure trove of info! To get to the subject, after much research and reading, I still find myself doubting on having the complete details regarding this engine swap. I wish to ask if I have everything set for this...
  16. CruiserWeight

    For Sale  1997 Chevy TBI + Howell Wiring Harness & ECU

  17. Mudder92

    Diesel Power Conversion

    Hello all. I'm a diehard Land Cruiser lover. I'm currently in the process of purchasing my 6th LC. It's a 1996 4.5l. Factory lockers and in very nice condition. It has about 290k miles on it and has no real problems. My question or more maybe a goal of mine is to convert it over to a diesel...
  18. Nichostiles

    Advice for new member.

    Hi all - I should start by saying, I know very little about cruisers. I've made the decision to sell my 08 tacoma and get into a fj62 because of my enjoyment of everything old. I've been starting to browse, but am unsure of major red flags to keep an eye out for. I'm looking for a fj62...
  19. ffl3883

    2000 LX470 Engine Swap

    Hello, I have a 1999 LX470 with 140K miles. Great engine but bad frame condition due to rust. I found a 2000 LX470 with 260k Miles , great frame condition, reasonably priced. Is it possible to put the 1999 LX470 engine into 2000 LX470 ? If possible, how much would it possibly cost to swap at...
  20. prerunner84

    3.4 engine swap harness

    anyone know where I can get a already fabricated harness for a 3.0 to 3.4 engine swap harness? I heard someone might prewire them on hand? Thanks
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