Lift kit and shackle reversal

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Oct 27, 2003
I am getting started on my restoration project.. Frame first so I thought I'd do a shackle reversal (Man a fre ) and a Pinnacle 2" lift kit. The shackel reversal says it will lift the front about 1 1/2". Will this combination make for an uneven lift? I certainly don't what to go around with the nose in the air look!

Thanks for any input
I'm running an LC Advanced Handling kit( Man A Fre is same) with Downey 2.5 in. lift springs ( Rancho )in the front. It lifts you a lot. I put Skyjacker Softride 4 in. lift springs in the back. It sits level. It also rides real nice with Doetche Tech shocks at high speeds on good or nasty roads.
Don't do the shackle lift on the back unless you redo your pinion angle. You don't want the damage that wrong angle vibration will bring. :D
skyjacker makes a lift kit for this purpose it has 4 inch springs in rear and 2 1/2 springs in front. check out 4wheel pearts wholseller they have them.
my fj45 with MAF SR, OME front and rear springs sits level, OME shackels front and rear. THe rear OME even have a leaf pulled out of them, but they are HUGE spring packs.

MAF SR and lifts

This is old but with luck somebody will see it. I am looking for some other combos for evening out my FJ40 with the MAF shackle reversal. I was running a Skyjacker 4" that a PO installed but that puts the nose high by an inch and a half. I have noticed folks talk about a 2 1/2 inch spring and I am confused by this - I figured a shorter shackle might even things out. Also - the springs are messured by the distance between a plane of the mounts to the lowest point in the curve, right? Sombody enlighten me :crybaby:
I run the shackle reversal with 4" skyjackers front and rear. I used teh extended shackles from MAF to level the truck our. The over all lift is about 5.5" and fits 35" tall tires with a little trimming at the rear fender wells. The picture show the rear hanger and a side shot with the cruiser loaded.
rear hanger to post.jpg
Daves 1975 FJ40 to post.jpg
I'm a big fan of Alcan springs. I ran OME's for several years and liked them a lot, but I had Alcan's on two different minitrucks and liked them so much I put them on my 40. The great thing about the Alcan's is that they will custom make them for whatever lift you want and match them to your own truck and it's weight to give you the best ride/flex/lift possible for what you want.

You guys running Downey or Rancho springs are NUTS! I don't know how you still have teeth and imagine that you must pee blood from beating your kidneys up.

If you are looking for a small lift in order to run 33's and have a better stance and a good ride, I personally would go with OME's or maybe skyjacker for sake of simplicity. Alcan's would obviously be a good choice too but if you don't want to bother with it and just buy something off the shelf it would be OME or skyjacker for me. I even ran 35's for several years on my 40 with a custom shackle reversal and extended rear shackles. So you can get away with that.

If you're going bigger with 35's or larger tire and want to stay SUA, Alcan is the only way to go IMO. Otherwise just do a good SOA conversion and call it good.

As for shocks, I never liked the Doetsch Tech shocks. I had really good luck with RS9000s on my 40. But another good option is the 5100 Series Bilsteins. I had the 5150s on my last minitruck and they were excellent.
Not a great shot but here's a good look at my shackle reversal I had on my 40. This was taken during and ARB install. Personally I prefer this approach to the Man-a-Fre style shackle reversal with the big drop hanger. Much better approach angle for sure. Just make yourself a couple front hangers and sleeve the frame for the shackles. Better clearance and cleaner look.

BTW, these are with a set of 5" Alcan springs with the center pin moved 1.5" forward for better fender/firewall clearance.

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Pete - That is the MAF shackle reversal on the front? Curious since that kit raises the front the 1.5 inches. Also, how are your front shackle angles and how have you found your caster?
The springs are measured by the distance between a plane of the mounts to the lowest point in the curve, right? If that is correct, wht do stock springs measure? Also, I see that caster is an issue with the MAF SR and various lifts. I do not want to go much higer then I already am but it looks like the rear extended shackles may be the best solution. Also, what about driveline length and angle with those? Pete - with the additional height what did you do with your drive shafts?
I would also , HIGHLY recommend making a long travel slipyoke for your front driveshaft. With nearly all shackle reversals it becomes very common to see the "stock" driveshaft pull apart when the truck gets flexed out.

More importantly, with a shackle reversal you can bottom out the driveshaft under compression and blow the t-case to peices in the process.
That is actually a 60 series hanger up front. I had a Advanced handling kit originally but when I had my power steering redone I had the shackle reversal redone at teh same time. My original shackle kit was bolted on and not welded. The Shackle reversals are all similar unless you are going spring over. I have flipped my front springs around to get a longer wheel base and have a 2.5 degree shim for caster correction. All of my driveshafts have been adjusted for the lift. I feel it is part of doing a lift. I do not have a long travel driveshaft up front but want to do one. Just have not gotten around to it.
petescoffee said:
have a 2.5 degree shim for caster correction.
I think that is what comes in the MAF kit. U find with the lift the small shim is plenty to fix your caster?

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