June Hurricane Creek Run - June 2-4, 2017


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@Beau Diddly put his club's post up, so it's time I got off my butt and did the same. Here's his thread:

Hurricane Creek, June 2-4, 2017

ONSC's first official scheduled trip to Hurricane Creek for 2017 and the surrounding areas in NC and TN will be June 2nd - 4th.

This is an Expo style trip in which self-reliance is the subject: Limited/no bathrooms, no gas stops, no showers, no guaranteed camping sites as we will be miles from paved roads. You can expect miles of US Forestry Service roads, short mountain hikes, scenic views, refreshing mountain streams, cool nights spent around a campfire and maybe a bear or two. Expectations are that any Toyota with 4WD will do fine on the terrain we'll be covering. (Read here: You don't need lockers, a lift, mud tires, etc.)

As far as equipment, gear, etc., those attending will coordinate so we don't have more than 2 of most things (campstoves, etc) and yet ensure we have firewood, tarps, rope, saws, shovels, potable water, etc. At a minimum, an attendee would need a lightweight sleeping bag, tent, cooler and $ to put towards group meals.

Details will be ironed out in the near future but plans will include the ever-popular group meals. Click HERE to see the thread and photos from two years ago and HERE for last year's trip.

The trip will be limited to 6 paid ONSC member trucks. The format is a little different this year in that we will be heading up there with both UC and LCLC, so each group is limited to 6 trucks to make sure there's space to camp. We require that attendees have an active ONSC membership before signing up to give our contributing club members a fair shot, given the fact that these trips are extremely popular and that they are official events. PM me with any questions or clarifications needed.

We'll meet around 11:00-12:00 at the Sierra Nevada brewery in Asheville for lunch Friday June 2nd. After lunch, we'll head down the road to HC and make our way up to the Round Mountain Campground in TN. We're going to be heading out earlier than in years past so that we can set up camp with more than 30 min of sunlight to spare.

Trails aren't too hard, but there can be washouts. Despite that fact, we've never had an issue getting stock trucks up through the trail system and in reality, most of the "offroading" will be on gravel roads.

Last year's thread:
June Hurricane Creek Run - June 24-26 2016

Sign-ups, GO!

1. John Casale @GLTHFJ60
2. Eric Forrest @forrest5000
3. Jim Smith @jimsmith1370
4. Derek Hamaker @DeeRex
5. Joseph Bowling @NC LX
6. Jonathan Jones @lumbee1
6. @SeanLX
6. @jrmudder84
6. @BillRiley

6. @amay3

Wait List:


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I'll take a spot if available or go on wait list, but I have it off from work for sure so I'm committed.
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