Introduction, and original vs. modified?

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Feb 24, 2015
Portland, Oregon
New member here, and a new owner of my first Cruiser. (I had an FJ cruiser, but that does not count) I recently purchased a 71 FJ 40, mostly original except the 4 speed transmission added prior to me owning her. I am deciding what to do with her, creating a plan and would appreciate the input of more experienced Cruiser owners. Given a blank canvas, would you restore to original, or modify for drivability? I added a couple photos, and I have the correct windshield in my garage waiting for matching paint.



It completely depends on what your plan is for the vehicle.

Appears to be a clean Land Cruiser.

Post up some more pictures.
Welcome to MUD!
Nice rig clean and shiny! Create a list of issues that need immediate repairs or mods you'd like to accomplish and start from there.
Nice looking 40!.. and Welcome. As to your question, originality is ever elusive and ruinously expensive. Seeing as it already has a head start on modified, I would continue with tasteful upgrades within the Toyota family. You will much prefer the 4 spd over the column shift 3. Good luck and more pics please!
If it runs as good as it looks, just drive it and enjoy the ride....
nice looking truck ... I'm in the "original" camp and try to stick to fj40 OEM where I can, and where I can't, parts from the Toyota family ... original is an expensive proposition for a couple of reasons, one, parts are getting harder to find and therefore expensive, and two, unless you know the history of the truck, you're undoing what a previous owner has done ... welcome to Mud ...
Read on here before spending money on it. You will hear the good the bad and the ugly about most everything that can been done to these on here. I would say don't do anything that can't be undone. And you will learn where to buy from and what places to stay away from. Just search things in the search box and ask if you don't see.

I would start small and give it an oil change but read up alittle first certain oils and additives can really help keep these engines running better longer.
Then change all fluids over time.

By just driving it you will see what needs attention. Chances are a seal will leak or a brake cylinder needs some love somewhere on it but that's the fun of owning these.

Looks good. And the bezels on straight so a previous owner knew enough to do that which is a good sign.

And post up more pics we all like to see them and many on here can spot problems they have dealt with on certain issues from pics. If you do get a leak or two don't panic research on here. You will be more likely to find the right solution than a mechanic you would pay that might not get to work on older vehicles that often.

Drive drive drive
Going original might not be cheap or easy and comes with some gotchas. Remember the original 3 speed was not synchronized, so you have to come to a complete stop to get it into first. Also you likely would need to go back to three on the tree. I love the three on the tree, and can deal with the non sync but just stuff to think about. Nice looking rig that is for sure.
I have a modded and an original and i think about which one i should keep almost daily.
I am with 40 monk...keep as original as possible...modifications appear simple at first but always seems to have down stream impacts...upgrading brakes...then it's the brake booster...then it's a proportional valve...and then....

Nice looking truck...
Here are a couple more pics of the rig. Thanks everyone for the reply. Stopping is a bit rough, and the electrical is glitchy. Steering could use some love. Other than that, pretty solid runner.

IMG_6727 (1).JPG


A lot of good advice here. It looks like it's in good shape so I would drive the heck out of it and fix what breaks. If you're not a purist, modify and improve where you can (LED lights, etc). If your purest, slowly collect the hard-to-find parts and enjoy driving it until you can do a frame off.
I would never take that truck to ALL the places I want to go.. it's just too nice.
To do that I'd start with a rougher version and modify it to my liking. Toyota doesn't make low enough gears to keep me happy and stock suspension is not ever going to last in a driver of mine
Welcome!! Great looking truck!!

It's your truck... drive it as long as you can without changing anything large. You will likely figure out what's important to you and how much down time you are willing to tolerate at just about the same time that something needs to be fixed/modified/etc.

Hopefully, by then, you will have saved some money and figured out the approach you want to take and you can create a plan of action and work your plan.

Enjoy it!!

I enjoy mine every day... Either driving it, wrenching it or, when away from it (like now), I plan expeditions, plan mods/repairs/etc., order parts, etc. and read everything I can on MUD and other sites.

Again, welcome!!!

This is a thread were people have linked factory service manuals

40, 50, 60, and 80 series FSM for a hell of a price.

The guy that started that had a business that sells parts for cruisers and is known for tops and carbs that I know of. He has good relations with people on this site.

You mentioned wiring. I haven't dug into it yet on mine but I'm sure others have. There's a guy cooler man I think that has links to rewiring these. And if you know a specific question ask on here people know these vehicles very well.

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