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Jun 17, 2015
Oahu, HI
I found this part in the glove box of my new 40, but can't seem to see anywhere it goes. It doesn't have any OEM part number on it, or at least any I am used to seeing. One side says RH12V, and the back says 621 with the TEQ symbol. Has a small green transparent screen with a small bulb behind it. Here are some pictures of it:

Any info on what it is and where it may go would be helpful. Mine is a 1975, but don't know if that helps as i think there are some multi year parts on it. Thanks for any help!!
Ok thanks! The PO put in some gauges up in there and was blocking the area for it.

I can see the port for it up behind it now. Thanks!
I put an LED bulb in mine and it actually sheds enough light to read the knobs.
Do you have a link to the one you ordered or just get at local auto parts store?
I found that same thingamajig in my box of stuff and it took me years to figure out where it went . On my '75 it bolts up above the heater control selector under the bottom of the dash.
I may be mistaken but I believe the under dash pad has screw holes oposite each other.
The under dash "heater" light has off set mounting holes. There should be a metal bracket it mounts to. Bracket mounts to metal dash, one screw above heater control lever.
I see on Ginmtb schematic that they both have the same part numbet. Guess it could go either spot.
Never noticed they were the same!
Here's the one I found in the glove box of my '77

I just have to say wow. If it had been any one of any us normal schmuck guys, there might have been flogging, but since Jen picked up a 40 it's awesome and no flogging!

With that said, Jen said she would take pics wearing my shirts, so she gets a set of Quik Hinges for the effort. The rest of you must buy them...
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Even though the schematic shows the same part number, they are definately different.
The only thing I see the same is the bulb.


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I dont recall the exact one I bought. It was a tight fit. I bought several to use in different places.

Light bulbs for Land Cruisers

Thread with lots of LED info

I did the exact same thing in my 40. The lights work great now and puts out a lot more light than before. I got another dash light off one of my old parts 40 and installed it in my glovebox with a pull switch to cut it on and off. Really works good to find things at night in the glovebox. It also works great if the passenger needs to see something at night. Just open the glovebox door and the light shines out pretty good to see what you are looking at or to read something. The light being green doesn’t bother me while driving at night.

Pretty much every light in my 40 has now been changed over to led except the headlights. A lot less current now going through the old wiring harness.

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