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Dec 18, 2015
White Lake, MI
In no terms do I classify myself as a mechanic, so excuse me if my analysis sounds silly, but let me get to the point. I recently did a few thousand mile round trip from Michigan to Moab, Utah, in my 1991 FJ80, during the trip after around 300-400 miles of daily travel there would be a noticable leak where the driveshaft mates to the front axle, during my stay, on the trails (spent mostly all day) in Moab the leak was non-existent. I have gathered a few pictures as well.
What I have done:
-Drained gear oil (seemed to be full but a little watery)
-Refilled with fresh 90 weight gear oil
I drained and refilled when I finished my trip (June 14th) back at home and haven't noticed it leak again since then. The truck is my daily driver.
I don't like starting new threads that may have already been posted before, I already did a quick search and can't find anything similar.
Has anyone experienced this before?
Is this normal due to friction and heat?
Worn out seal?


Front Pinion Seal Leak.
I have the same with same symptoms.
There is some quirky way to torquing and setting it, I have yet to master.

Make sure you can get your top drain plug loose before you do anything else.
Not being able to add fluid, means your stuck with no Truck.

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