1. W

    Quick fix of transfer case leak

    Hi everyone, I have a 2001 VXR Landcruiser 100 with about 450,000Km on her. I have a leak on one of my transfer case seals. I replaced the rear output seal last week but this leak is from a more central part of the transfer case and so beyond the tools that I have available. She's an old truck...
  2. afnos

    Venturi Ass'y Leak

    Been lurking for a while on the 2LTE issues, but finally have one of my own. It's not overheating or head cracking, thank goodness. I was accelerating from an intersection and halfway through heard a sudden, loud escape of air that sounded like a serious tire puncture. I pulled over immediately...
  3. UGN

    All Brake Fluid Leaked Out from Rear Bleeder Screw. Help!

    I had an emergency last night and lost almost all brake fluid while taking my Lexus for a short test drive after bleeding brake fluid (The right brake bleeder screw in the rear leaked out the fluid). It leaked in the garage and everywhere on the road. I do not know if there is any damage to the...
  4. S

    LEAK! Unsure of what this is or how to fix! Please help

    Not the most mechanically minded but I have a leak in what looks like a coolant line but I am unsure. Is it an easy fix? If so can anyone link me to the part I will need. Thank you,
  5. BeigeLizard

    2000 LX 470 rear side leaks

    I have water coming in the speaker on the left side of the vehicle and also coming in the right side into the first aid kit cavity after a rain on a 2000 LX 470. I suspect it’s the black rubber trim pieces under the pop out windows. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to pop those trim...
  6. traillme

    Near overheat and no hot air -Troubleshooting

    On my morning commute I my 96 80 started heating up for the 2nd time in the past 2 weeks. Mostly, i do short trips (less than 10 miles) and have never experienced this before. Also the heat has been working intermittently for the past 2 weeks. Sometimes it blows hot - then just mild air. I...
  7. PinkLemon

    BJ70 3B Injector Pump Leak

    I have read all the injector pump leak posts on here I could find and whilst some are very similar I couldn't find someone asking my exact question... There is diesel leaking out of the top of my 1985 BJ70 3B injector pump. I noticed it on the ground about a month ago and before I could find...
  8. Q

    Leak near top of Front Driver AHC Shock

    I noticed a leak that appears might be originating near the top of the front driver side AHC shock. It seems to proceed down to the location in the second photo. I've done an AHC pressure test and get 8.1 in the front. I will pick up a 30mm socket and adjust my torsion bars tomorrow in case...
  9. starclassic

    Crazy clean 03 LX470 ... is this a leak?

    I've been looking at this 03 LX470, it has one of the cleanest undersides I've ever seen. But it looks like there's some kind of leakage on the frame above the left rear wheel. Any ideas what that might be from?
  10. jchoop

    Did something stupid

    Feel free to skip this backstory to get to the nitty gritty. So went for what I was hoping was a routine weekend camping getaway and came back with a leaking front axle/diff. Headed for Great Sand Dunes National Park in CO and all the recent posts regarding the 4x4 trail said the creek crossing...
  11. AtlWagen

    Leaking from a Rivet hole?

    I’ve pulled the interior and now the headliner. Both easier than I thought. I have been pouring hot water into the sun roof tray of my 1997 LX450 to find it dripping from this rivet. Any thoughts on a cure with or without dropping the sunroof pan?
  12. PanchoLedezma

    Big Tires = PSF Leak?

    Have some of you found a problem with the power steering pump, after set your tires. Or this pump work fine even some 38.1 Thanks in advance!
  13. ptrsn

    transfer case area leak but tastes like antifreeze

    99 100 series. Have minor leak. Can see in pic marked by yellow chalk. I have looked everywhere to see if coming from other areas. The thing is it tastes like antifreeze not Tran fluid. Bolts are snug. It looks like its behind that plate not necessarily the seam. Mechanic told me if taking this...
  14. joker77535

    Brake kine failure

    OK guys i need some help i finally got my baby running again after starter issues only to attempt to pull it out of the barn when I lost all brake pressure. needless to say after an hour of troubleshooting and bleeding i found the the rear hard line going across the axle had a pin hole in it...
  15. shack

    Bosal Y-Pipe 4 year review

    I'm writing to share my experiences with the bosal brand y-pipe available all over the internet. I installed this part back in Feb of 2013 and paid $198 shipped. You can see what has just recently occurred in the attached picture. Fortunately for me this item is under warranty and I will be...
  16. saleach

    Radiator leak after replacement

    Hey everyone! I tried searching and although there a quite a few coolant leak threads, I couldn't find what I am experiencing. So I am having a slow leak from the radiator dripping off the lower bolts on the passenger side. I first noticed it about three weeks ago along with a small crack at...
  17. Stevo1981

    3B Injection pump missing o ring? and very oily diaphram

    Hello all, I am wondering if anyone has run into this problem... I had a bad oil leak coming from in between my injection pump and the back of my front cover. Upon removing the engine and then injection pump I found there to be no o ring in between there whatsoever, when the manual clearly shows...
  18. F

    Coolant system leaks.

    Question : If you have a leak at the heater control valve/hose connection point under the hood, would it be normal that this would leak when you have the heat on but not leak when you have it off ? Background: Due to a loose water pump belt I replace the belts and tensioned to spec (yes...
  19. G

    1HZ diesel pump leaking from lhs timer cover

    Hi there, the pump on my 1HZ engine (1993) is leaking. It appears that the diesel is dripping fro the left hand side time cover, thus accessible without taking the pump out. I have had a look into manual and suspect that the two o-rings behind the timer cover are worn out. I have the o-ring...
  20. J

    recognize this fluid leak from bolt connecting intake/exhaust manifolds?

    Hi, '74 FJ40 with original F155. I just noticed a fluid leak from or near one of the bolts connecting the intake and exhaust manifolds together. The obvious thought is gasoline, which it smells like gasoline, but it doesn't evaporate like gasoline should (no, i haven't put a match to it)...
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