1. T

    For Sale 2001 fully built Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series

    2001 Toyota Land Cruiser 100 series - gray w/ tan leather interior. 207K miles. If it's posted, it's still for sale. $16,000 Build: Slee Offroad 1.5 Heavy Load Suspension Kit 2 x OME2866 Rear Coil Springs 2 x Old Man Emu 60000 2 x Old Man Emu 60002 2 x Old Man Emu Torsion Bars 1 x Slee Diff...
  2. yotadude520

    craigslist 1984 FJ60 For sale in NM - $16,500

    Saw this cruiser on CL - actually looks to be in pretty nice shape for the price. Pics & ad below: "Great condition, low mileage FJ60 Land Cruiser with some nice upgrades for sale. Runs and drives excellent, and has had recent service that included new tie rod ends. Only 180,XXX miles. Old...
  3. nicopodaca

    FJ80 Crank no Start

    My vehicle is a 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser. I'm somewhat mechanically inclined but still learning; detailed responses would be greatly appreciated! About a week ago I sprayed off my engine bay (engine not running) to clean it up. Right upon start up it idled rough and sputtered as if it had...
  4. B

    For Sale 1988 LJ70 Land Cruiser $20k

    I imported this sweet rig a year ago from Spain and feel its time to pass it along. The Cruiser was previously owned by our local mechanic in El Puerto de Santa Maria in Spain. I currently have South Dakota tags that are good until next January. This can be registered for off-highway use only in...
  5. B

    For Sale 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62

    1988 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 UPDATED: Roll Cage added, 1 3/4" DOM tubing, 8 points total to the frame and sliders, partial exo style w/ roll bar padding in critical areas. -155k miles -Inline 6 cyl, 4.0L 3FE, runs well, leaks some oil, and has a small radiator leak. -A440F Auto...
  6. 6

    Wanted Hard Top WANTED 69 LandCruiser

    I have a 69 Toyota Land cruiser in Oregon and am wanting to buy a hard top and a pair of Doors - My rig is a 69 factory Softtop but im interest in getting a warm so its time for a hardtop!!!! call w details 503 434. 7611 Thanks Paul
  7. LazyEye

    For Sale 1992 FJ80, Good Solid Mechanical condition, paint...meh, lifted, good tires

    Hey Fellow Mudders, I am choosing (being forced...:princess:) to sell my beloved 80. I was using it as my DD but was simply spending too much for my wife to bear, she's very fiscally minded. Anyway here's the book I've written about it along with some pictures. PM me is you're interested...
  8. erkelbot

    Wanted 80 series LC -- Near MN

    Howdy folks. Former 4Runner owner (02, 07, 08, 16) turned GX470er (05 -- my current truck), and now looking to go the 80 series route... The trick is, they're damned near impossible to find here. And what you do find is roached out from MN winters and the salt that comes with them... If...
  9. B

    Large drop in fuel economy after extras fitted (100 series V8 year 2000)

    Hi All I am new here, just trying to figure something out and wondering if anyone can help. I have recently had some attachments put on my cruiser (100 series V8 year 2000) these include bull bar, dual battery system, aux fuel tank, roof rack and snorkel. I know that my fuel economy would drop...
  10. T

    Wanted fj62

    I have been looking and looking and looking for FJ62 to be my daily driver. I have sold a vehicle or two and am ready to take the leap, however am having difficulties finding the right one. Color is not super important; however, a relatively decent interior is. Must be clean well maintained...
  11. A

    For Sale 1969 FJ40 almost no rust- all original!

    Cruiser in great shape, barn for 40 years, only 73k miles... it needs an engine rebuild but perfect for the right buyer. More pics and info in the craigslist listing below. Asking $15,500 obo. 1969 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser
  12. LazyEye

    Dallas/Fort Worth area cruiserheads

    I searched but then again i'm not exactly a whiz with the forum. sorry if this has already been covered Ad Nauseam. But how do i find other cruiser owners in the DFW area?
  13. Bodean

    13th annual Southern Cruiser Crawl

    Registration is open for the 13th annual SCC! Oct 12-15 are the dates and Hot Springs ORV park is the place. Great trails for all levels of experience, great food, great music and great friends! 2 nights of live music and we'll feed ya 3 nights! Huge raffle and BBQ dinner. Please visit...
  14. Bodean

    13th annual Southern Cruiser Crawl

    Registration is open for the 13th annual Southern Cruiser Crawl!! October 12-15 are the dates and Hot Springs ORV park is the place. Great trails, great food, great music and great friends! Please visit: Registration | CottonLand Cruisers for details and registration. Please visit...
  15. Bodean

    13th Annual Southern Cruiser Crawl

    Registration is open for the 13th annual Southern Cruiser Crawl!! October 12-15 are the dates and Hot Springs ORV park in Hot Springs, AR is the place! Great park with great facilities. Live music Thursday and Friday nights and we'll feed ya 3 nights! Good music, good food, great trails and good...
  16. WarWagon

    For Sale 1992 Land Cruiser Master Cylinder....

    Nothing wrong with this at all to my knowledge. I replaced it thinking it was faulty only to discover the culprit was really a torn brake line! OEM off my '92......$50 plus shipping. 770-654-6863
  17. tecbang

    SOLD 1991 Land Cruiser HDJ-81 - SOLD

    1991 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ-81 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ-81 The Land Cruiser was imported about 10 years ago now. I am planning to go back to school and it is my secondary ride so I've painfully decided to try and sell it. Not only that, but I have moved to an area where I don't have a...
  18. O

    For Sale 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

    This 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 4x4 is fully restored and in near perfect condition. Only 17,700 miles on build. Highly sought after Vortec fuel injected V8 conversion. Automatic Transmission. Power steering. Power Brakes. Disc Brakes. All lights working. Wipers working. Custom stereo. Heater...
  19. MauricioR

    Back seat belts wet

    Hi, I need a hand here to see if anyone have had this problem on an 80. What happens is that every time that rains, the seat belts on the back seats get wet, the two of them. I have no idea where the water might be going thru, have someone experienced anything like this? Could be a faulty...
  20. C

    For Sale Front and rear bumpers for 1997 80 series.

    Front bumper in fantastic shape no dents and only small mount of surface rust. Gray. $150. Rear bumper, just the corners and the middle aluminum piece. Alum piece in good shape corners scratched and beat up but good shape. Does not come with mud flaps. $100 Email
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