1. nicopodaca

    FJ80 Crank no Start

    My vehicle is a 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser. I'm somewhat mechanically inclined but still learning; detailed responses would be greatly appreciated! About a week ago I sprayed off my engine bay (engine not running) to clean it up. Right upon start up it idled rough and sputtered as if it had...
  2. 6

    Wanted  Hard Top WANTED 69 LandCruiser

    I have a 69 Toyota Land cruiser in Oregon and am wanting to buy a hard top and a pair of Doors - My rig is a 69 factory Softtop but im interest in getting a warm so its time for a hardtop!!!! call w details 503 434. 7611 Thanks Paul
  3. tecbang

    SOLD  1991 Land Cruiser HDJ-81 - SOLD

    1991 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ-81 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ-81 The Land Cruiser was imported about 10 years ago now. I am planning to go back to school and it is my secondary ride so I've painfully decided to try and sell it. Not only that, but I have moved to an area where I don't have a...
  4. fwtx

    Help Wanted  Field Landman - TX

    I'm looking for some contract field landmen to work on some upcoming prospects predominantly in West Texas & New Mexico. We have a well established client base with a lot of work continuing to come in. Some Permian title experience is preferable, but we are also open to training some newer grads...
  5. Y

    Toyota Land Cruiser World Car

    I'm an American citizen who currently lives in Saudi Arabia. I'll leave permanently in June and I want to take my Toyota Land Cruiser 78 with me to travel through north Africa and Europe, so I need a new registration and plates since I have to surrender my license plates and registration when I...
  6. Josey1972

    Parting Out  1992 80Series Indiana

    I'm parting out one of my 1992's and putting the engine and built axles (locked and geared) on my other 1992. Some may know this truck as "The Trail Whale". As you can see from the pictures its seen Cruise Moab and I know plenty of other adventures in Colorado and surrounding areas. I took it to...
  7. cru1s3r

    Land Cruiser Longevity

    No surprises here: Study: New Cars People Keep for the Longest Time People keep their LC's longer than any other vehicle.
  8. LandCruiserPhil

    Tyvek Land Cruiser car cover - GOT?

    Looking to purchase a Tyvek car cover for an 80 series anyone have any experience. The Tyvek is said to be the best when it comes to reflecting heat but is recommended to be removed when it rain. What do you got?
  9. A

    For Sale  1971 Fj40 Land Cruiser

    I had a thread a while back but never sold the cruiser and decided to re-list it. I could not figure hot to edit the original one and add new link and such. Anyways here I have a 1971 FJ40 for sale 12k obo located in coeur d alene, Idaho 1971 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser Some things about it are...
  10. scottm

    Drove my brother's Land Cruiser tonight

    Although I don't miss working on them.
  11. Y

    For Sale  Land Cruiser Parts

    New parts for sale in Los Angeles, CA. Part Number GG2342GA Disc Assy Clutch x 1 (Toyota Genuine Parts - in original box) Part Number 31210-36102 Cover Assy, Clutch x 1 (Toyota Genuine Parts - in original box) Gold NAPA Oil Filter 1627 x 1 Tora Cooling Systems Products Water Pump WP896 x 2 $400...
  12. M

    2011 Land cruiser is it worth it!

    Hi all. I have started looking at a 2011 land cruiser with 90000 miles on it. I haven't bought it yet and today I brought it to a mechanic I know, not a toyota guy. It is from Maine and been here its whole life, so rust is my biggest concern. It ran well and inside and outside it is in good...
  13. pappy

    2017 Land Cruiser: The Hippo of SUVs

    2017 Toyota Land Cruiser: The Hippopotamus of Luxury SUVs
  14. O

    For Sale  98 LC w/ E-Locker @ 175k near Baltimore, MD

    1998 Land Cruiser w/ 175,000 miles. Purchased spring of 2015 at ~155,000 miles. Exterior and interior both in good shape - no damage to clear coat and no tears in the leather. Some rust underneath - has spent its life in the northeast. Oil changed with Mobil 1 synthetic oil and filter every 5k...
  15. ewillis

    230 MPH Cruiser

    Where's @scottryana Toyota Land Speed Cruiser Hits 230 MPH - Motor Trend
  16. MooseRDS

    2000 HP Land Cruiser 230mph

    Toyota's 230mph Land Cruiser: the full story
  17. D

    1994 Land crusier won't shift from drive to first

    I have read countless threads and still can't figure out how to fix my problem. 1994 land cruiser when put into drive, won't down shift to first, just try's to start out in drive, I can manually shift to 1st then 2nd then 3rd and it works great, and then mashing on the throttle it won't down...
  18. Francorotunno

    land cruiser 79 1gr or 1vd

    I was on my way of buying a brand new land cruiser double cab lhd, only 1gr option and import to my country (venezuela). When i was ready to pay the seller told about the new 1vd option lhd. I am a cruiserholic and i want the best option of this car. In my country diesel is not popular here only...
  19. TrailBum

    For Sale  1994 Toyota Land Cruiser: $42,500?!?!

    Holy space balls...
  20. U

    The Toyota Land Cruiser is on life support...(

    The Toyota Land Cruiser is on life support
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