1. S

    For Sale  Carburetor FJ60 - Stamped 1B25 - Fits 8/80 - 8/87

    Toyota Land Cruiser Carburetor Stamped 1B25 Believe to fit 8/80 - 8/87. $185 shipped Unaware of running condition.
  2. stonepa

    Stock Toyota front and rear locker switch integration with ARB air lockers

    Has anyone attempted to integrate the stock Toyota locking diff switch with the ARB air locker switches to allow a seamless and stock looking setup? The ARB switches I have used on the past aren’t great looking.
  3. Bwrmoto

    For Sale  Prairieville, LA 1974 Toyota LandCruiser FJ55

    1974 Toyota LandCruiser FJ55Just under 75k miles but I am sure it has rolled at least once. F155, H41, split case, 3" Old Man Emu lift, FJ40 disc front axle, and rear disc conversion. Dual Line Locks for the emergency Brake. This is currently my daily driver. When I first purchased it I had a...
  4. C

    For Sale  Bend, Or: 1986 Toyota FJ60 Land Cruiser

    Vehicle: Year: 1986 Make: Toyota Model: FJ62 Land Cruiser Drive: 4×4 Miles: 180,000 Fuel Type: Gasoline Transmission: Manual Engine: 4.2L Inline 6 Cylinder VIN: TBD Exterior Color: Blue Interior Color: Gray Title: Clean Price: $35,000 More phots and details at 1986 Toyota FJ60 Land Cruiser -...
  5. C

    For Sale  San Jose, Ca 2001 Toyota 4Runner SR5

    Vehicle: Year: 2001 Make: Toyota Model: 4Runner SR5 Drive: 4×4 Miles: 155,000 Fuel Type: Gasoline Transmission: Automatic Engine: 3.4L V6 Exterior Color: Black Interior Color: Tan Title: Clean Price $24,000 Details & Upgrades: ToyTec Lift Kit including 3-inch 650 lbs Red front springs and...
  6. Fisher23

    Why would Toyota go to a Li-lon then a LiFEPO then back to a Li-lon battery?

    Why would Toyota go to a Li-lon then a LiFEPO then back to a Li-lon battery? EV car plans.
  7. Frey

    Tundra Photo Contest

    Hi, everyone! I'm a long-time lurker, 4Runner and GX470 owner. I hope you don't mind me sharing this here, but my ad agency works with one of the top Toyota dealerships in the country, Fred Haas Toyota World in the Houston market, and they're doing a Tundra photo contest where you submit a photo...
  8. Bombatron

    Radiator replacement

    I’m about to order a bunch of parts from Toyota to replace my radiator. Other than the Radiator, cap, 3 main hoses, thermostat, and t-stat gasket, what other parts should I consider replacing “since I’m in there”? Thanks!
  9. R

    For Sale  Toyota PTO winch $2500

    I have a Toyota PTO winch which I was going to swap over for the Aisin electric already in place on my BJ40. I have decided to keep things as they are and now am looking to sell the PTO winch. I believe it is complete with original drive shafts, PTO transfer case attachment, PTO select lever...
  10. chriscosta416

    SOLD  SoCal: Random assortment of vintage Toyota tire irons, spark plug sockets, 2 wrenches, 1 screw driver and 1 bag

    $25 shipped for it in the US!
  11. P

    Sourcing Toyota parts

    Howdy Mudders, I'm wondering what the situation is for sourcing Toyota parts are these days? There used to be a member who would source and ship genuine Toyota parts but he's now retired. My current mechanic is telling me that parts for our rigs are becoming more and more difficult to find; I...
  12. 7

    Electric plug

    Is it possible to reuse a Toyota plug? If so, what is the best method to remove the metal male/female connectors from plug? Thx, Sam
  13. zasdds

    2006 Sequoia Build

    Hey guys, currently searching for an 80 series, but felt this community was the best to chronicle my current 2006 Sequoia build. I purchased a 2006 Toyota Sequoia Limited 4x4 with ~193,000 on the clock for 12k on FB market place in November, 2020. I definitely overpaid a little, but I was...
  14. Jbomb76

    For Sale  1994 DJ81 (SCAM EBAY)

    I want to tell you about an advertisement I saw on eBay for a special car called a 1994 Toyota DJ81 supercharge. It seemed really amazing, but I was a bit suspicious. Luckily, my cousin was visiting Florida for Thanksgiving and went to the shop that the seller said the car was at. The shop is a...
  15. ATXDaddyO

    For Sale  Austin: 2002 Toyota Land Cruiser

    I’m considering the sale of my rust-free, straight, running, reliable LC with 280k. Here are the mechanicals. Mechanical needs: - steering bushing/alignment - champaign cloud color, clear coat near top edge of front quarter panels - a 1” wide rock dent on driver side forward quarter panel. -...
  16. Tassie Devil

    Tassie Devil Intro

    Hey all, joined the forum a few weeks back, thought I should introduce myself & my 80. Big thankyou to this forum, the info shared by many is awesome, especially in Resources.:cheers: I've recently tackled front rotor, all brake pads & 6 flexible brake lines replacement. Changed the clutch...
  17. prwillard2

    25% additional off Toyota parts @ Toyota El Cajon I get all my parts for my FZJ75 and my 200 Series at Toyota El Cajon. These guys here are great and actually give a s*** about cruiser owners. They've been invaluable in getting odd parts for my Troopy from Oman. This 25% off is in addition to the...
  18. TheGrrrrr

    TheGrrrrr's 1994 80 Series Build Thread - "The Notorious B.G.E."

    I'm no Dr. Seuss but this thing looks like one of those Big Green Egg grills and its piloted by a notorious fatass and sometimes HAM operator, the obvious naming choice would be Green Egg and Ham, but since the previous owner dressed it up as a... Lexus LX Four-and-a-half... I think I'm going...
  19. B

    Toyota Part # Confusion

    Possible two different part numbers for the same part? Or are they actually different... 90311-40007 and 90311-40001 3rd gen 4runner. I told the guy at the parts dept I need the seal for the back of the transmission, the part the connects to the t-case and he gave me 90311-40001 However in...

    Toyota 3b Diaphragm

    If im replacing the air/fuel diaphragm on a 3b do I need any extra bits or just the replacement part
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