1. Jerbrea

    For Sale  Salt Lake City: 1991 HDJ RHD Land Cruiser

    Alright, this is my unicorn, I searched high and low, found it, and fell in love. I was once a Taco man, but that was only because I was young and naïve, I settled until I found this majestic beast. I bought it last year; honestly, I haven’t even enjoyed it as I should’ve due to COVID, finishing...
  2. N

    2009 Toyota Venza leakage on a pillar and sometimes b pillar.

    Hello, I recently bought a 2009 venza secondhand. It has 190,500 miles on it and a sun and moon roof. Previous owner has never had an accident in it. For the first few weeks, there was no leakage, and then one day i Noticed a little leakage coming from the drivers side front a pillar, where the...
  3. W

    Wanted  Toyota Sequoia 4wd

    On the hunt for a 4wd Toyota Sequoia. Preferably 2008-2012. Under 150k and under $13,000. If open I have a 2012 3.6 Subaru Outback for trade with cash on my end depending. Just PM Thanks Nick
  4. The Lake Hero

    90 Series Prado, where the heck do I get parts lads!

    Picked up a 2000 Land Cruiser Prado J90 - VZJ95W and I want to get brake pads and rotors, thing is, I can't find a good enough spot to get parts at the best price. USDM doesn't have this model but the UK and AU do, wondering where I can find the best parts, decent price and are able to ship to...
  5. P

    SOLD  CA: Supercharged 2001 Toyota 4Runner 4WD Limited

    2001 Toyota 4Runner Limited 4WD 229k miles Clean Title Asking $9500 with roof rack. $8800 without roof rack. Selling to get a bigger vehicle, headgaskets replaced and supercharger rebuilt less than 5000 miles ago (both done at a shop). Will only trade for a Triple Locked 1997 Land Cruiser ( I...
  6. dingoboyexplore

    For Sale  Sold

    SOLD! 1982 Toyota Hilux. Short bed. 5spd manual. 4x4. Clean body & frame. Lifted on 33s. 22R motor. No PS. No power windows. Solid axle front and rear. Runs and drives great. Has AC. But no compressor. It'll cruise at 60mph (the dash says 60) comfortably. Bought with the intention of taking...
  7. U

    1990 Toyota pickup 22r won’t start

    recently bought a 1990 Toyota pickup with the 22R with a blown head gasket. I replaced the head gasket and all necessary gaskets along with the repair. I had the head pressure tested to confirm no cracks or warpage. I adjusted the valves after torquing the head bolts. When I try to start it, it...
  8. DesRochers

    My first landcruiser; bj60 or hj60 ?

    Hello, my name is Antoine DesRochers and I am in the process of buying my first landcruiser. I am very very new to this forum. Right now I am hesitating between a bj60 and a Hj60, I want to chose right and I got told this is the best place to ask questions so here am I... Before I get down to...
  9. Selfsponsored702

    Parting Out  Carson City Nevada 1982 Toyota 4X4

    Location, Carson City, Nevada. $2,000 for all
  10. trucklady

    Advice on restoring FJ62 to Original Stock Paint or Different Color All Together

    I'm about to send my 1990 FJ62 to get painted for the first time since it left the factory in 1989. It spent the majority of its life in California under one owner so is beautifully maintained and completely rust free. The only real part of the car that took a beating was the paint from all the...
  11. W

    For Sale  New Jersey, Toyota Land Cruiser BJ70 1990 ~~~

    Toyota Land Cruiser BJ70 1990 $ 16,000 ! This is an imported car from Costa Rica. the VIN number is BJ700001071 Engine Specifications 177 miles (285 kilometers) Model: 3B-II displacement: 3431 cc injection: indirect horsepower: 90, 93 or 98 at 3500 RPM torque: 159, 163, or 167 ftlbs at 2200...
  12. C

    Land Cruiser 60/61/62 or 80 for Offroading and Overlanding in Paraguay and South America?

    Hey guys (and gals), I am currently living in Paraguay, South America. There are many asian cars driving around here. Speaking of Toyota 4x4’s, there are lots of Toyota Hilux, Hilux Surf, Land Cruisers (of all models from the early J45’s to the new 200). I haven’t quite decided yet, whether...
  13. F

    For Sale  NEW*ARB Old Man EMU Front +Rear Shock Absorbers +Coil Springs Set For Toyota 4Runner

    I purchased these for my Toyota Prado in Costa Rica. When I tried to take them, Southwest Airlines would not allow them to be shipped. By the time I tried to return them to the Ebay seller, it was past the 90 day window so now I'm stuck with them. My loss could be your gain. I paid $889.27...
  14. 1969 ToyotaFJ40

    Wanted  1968-1973 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Rear Step (1969, 1970, 1971, 1972)

    I am looking for the rear step for a 1969 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. The one that was on the vehicle was removed by Metal mayhem restoration shop in Snowflake, Arizona and never returned.
  15. T

    Putting a hemi 6 or other 6 cylinder engine in a Fj73 cruiser?

    Hello everyone! I’m new to this stuff so here we go! I got a fj73 1988 SWB land cruiser and the 3f petrol in it is on its way out. I’ve been looking at what’s the best and easiest way to get some power back into the old girl. What’s some easy engine swaps or ideas people have got or have done? I...
  16. CahabaCruisers

    SOLD  *NEW* Toyota Land Cruiser 60 Series Grill 2of2

    $350- New old stock!! In perfect condition! Flat rate shipping included to the US and Canada. PayPal (friends and family) or Venmo accepted
  17. CahabaCruisers

    For Sale  *NEW* Toyota Land Cruiser 60 Series Grill 1of2

    $350- New old stock!! In perfect condition! Flat rate shipping included to the US and Canada. PayPal (friends and family) or Venmo accepted.
  18. CahabaCruisers

    For Sale  Toyota Land Cruiser Spare Tire Mount 70 Series

    $150 - 70 series rear door spare tire mount. In great shape. One stud has a slight bend in it. Flat rate shipping to US and Canada included. PayPal (friends and family) or Venmo accepted.
  19. CahabaCruisers

    For Sale  Toyota Land Cruiser Mud Flap Set

    $150 Toyota Land Cruiser Mud flap set. Black in color. Good condition. Left rear has a “burned” spot . Part numbers can be seen in the pics to cross reference whether it will fit your rig.
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