1. FZJDoc

    For Sale  2002 UZJ100 Land Cruiser Charlotte, NC 182k

    Hi All Bought a 21 so need to move one. Otherwise I'd keep on trucking in this. Would save for my son but 7 years is just too long to hold onto. I believe I am the second owner. Out of Arkansas originally and now in NC. No rust issues. Frame is in great shape. No rock crawling but have taken...
  2. J

    For Sale  WNY Lexus LX470

    I am looking to sell my 2004 STOCK UNMOLESTED LX470 with 214,000 miles on the clock. I've tried several times to sell it on here to no they say third time is the charm. I bought the vehicle from a gentleman in Michigan who purchased it from an older gentleman in southern Indiana...
  3. R

    1996 Toyota HiLux Surf Diesel

    This is a recent JDM import straight from Japan with right hand drive in excellent condition. Miles have been converted from kilometers. 1996 Toyota Hilux Surf Diesel for sale at R and L Auto in Rochester, NY. 585-738-2792 | RANDLAUTO.COM | 4625 West Ridge Road Spencerport, NY 14559. JDM...
  4. R

    1995 Toyota HiLux Surf Diesel

    This is a recent JDM import straight from Japan with right hand drive steering in excellent condition. 136,508 miles which have been converted from kilometers. 1995 Toyota Hilux Surf Diesel for sale at R and L Auto in Rochester, NY. 585-738-2792 | RANDLAUTO.COM | 4625 West Ridge Road...
  5. B

    Wanted  Toyota's BJ43 Roof Needed * Want to Buy

    Hello I have Toyota BJ43 and it needs roof. Can someone help me locate the part dealer who can have this leather roof? It will be worth your time. Any tips or suggestions are welcome Thank you
  6. B

    Wanted  Leather Roof for Toyota BJ43 - NEEDED * WANTED

    Hello this is my car and I am looking for a nice leather roof with all the required components to properly install it I posted another picture so you would understand how it needs to look. Please let me know where can I buy it? Or maybe you can point me to the right direction and supplier? Thanks
  7. D

    For Sale  Olympia 1970 Toyota Hilux

    1970 Toyota Hilux first generation. 4cyl 8RC 2x4. $5,000 obo. This truck is all original and in great shape for a PNW truck that's 50 years old. It does run and drive. Not a daily driver. Comes with a stack of receipts from over the years. I purchased to restore but now have orders to Germany...
  8. N

    Fitting 315/70/17 on gx470

    Would I be able to fit 315/70/17 tires on my gx470? I have a 3 inch lift and new UCA. I can weld so I can do the body mount chop and any trimming. Would a 1 inch body lift be necessary? Do I need aftermarket bumpers or can I just trim it stock?
  9. huevosrachelos

    97 land cruiser with rust

    so long story short... I inherited my dads prized possession, his ‘97 Land Cruiser with about 213k miles on it. It sat for over a year (I know huge mistake) and I have now replaced the battery and changed the oil and filter. I am not super knowledgeable about cars but I did own a 2000 4Runner...
  10. T

    Can’t figure out why my 3F won’t run!

    Okay guys I have a 3F petrol in a fj73 landcruiser and I haven’t been able to figure out the issue. It just won’t run and coughs and spurts as soon as you use the accelerator. It’s had new leads, new plugs, new carbi, new dizzi, new coil. And just can’t seem to figure it out. All the local...
  11. D

    Wanted  NV4500 to toyota t case adaptor 21 or 23 spline

    whats the odds someone still has one of these adaptors floating around they use to be made by advanced adaptors. NV4500 4wd transmission to toyota 21 or 23 spline gear drive transfer case adapter from advanced adapters. advanced adapters part# 50-0215 or #50-0216 (only difference between to...
  12. A

    SOLD  Mesa, AZ Sidebars 89-93 Short Bed P/U

    Cleaning out my carport and rediscovered these. Bought them over 15 years ago, but they wouldn’t fit on my extended cab, and return shipping wasn’t worth it IIRC. Round, Black, comes with all hardware and instructions. Fits 89-93 Short bed STANDARD CAB Toyota trucks. $50 is the price if you pick...
  13. Brayden3223

    Looking to Buy a 80 series

    Hey guys, I’m kinda new to the 4x4 world, I’m currently looking into buying a 80 series land cruiser soon, is there any specific things I should keep an eye out for (issues and recalls) and what not, also just common issues and what to avoid, I’m also looking for advice on what engine to go for...
  14. T

    For Sale  Nashville Tennessee 1995 FZJ80 For Sale

    1995 Toyota Landcruiser FZJ80 4WD AWD SUV Classic, Automatic transmission $9,500 Clean Title, powerful 4.5L engine..V6 purrs..transmission is smooth cant even hear it shift. All time 4wd w/x-tra 4wheel shift power for climbing steep terrain. Automatic sunroof, leather, electric windows...
  15. D


    Pulling this out of the 1972 FJ40 that I just sold. Working condition. Trying to sell it before I leave town this week. Asking $1200 or make me an offer. In Raeford, NC. Thanks!
  16. M

    First time LX570 owner

    Hi All, I have always been a fan of LCs since I was a kid, so just bought a 2013 LX 570 with 87k miles at an auction, sight unseen & no PPI( I know ) for $29k. The fees, shipping and registration might bring the total up to $35k. And also it has lived in NY all its life. Please cut me some...
  17. mrjordann

    Locating Original Owner - Any Suggestions?

    About 4 years ago, I bought my 1973 FJ40 from someone who I knew was at least the 3rd owner. He doesn't have the contact of who he bought it from. I posted in the 40 series section because I believe this problem is much more relevant with pre-1980s vehicles, since this was before the 17-digit...
  18. Volta

    For Sale  2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser TRD 6MT

    2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser TRD SPECIAL EDITION $25,000 Extremely rare manual TRD 6MT 175K miles Excellent conditions Recently Changed all these parts New CVJ AXLES New OEM Spark Plugs New Serpentine Belt New Mobil 1 synthetic Oil Change New OEM Air Filter (Comes with a K&N Filter) New OEM clutch +...
  19. A

    Help identifying FJ45 Headlight bezel

    Can someone please shed some light on which is the correct Headlight Bezel for my 08/1978, FJ45 (Australian market) - Round or Square?
  20. K

    For Sale  1994 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 4x4 NO RUST

    $16,500 Link to 80+ photos 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 4x4. Right hand drive 3.0L 1KZ Diesel Automatic Third row seat No rust 4 new tires 200k miles Owners manuals Runs and shifts great No issues Hood and roof have...
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