FJ60 Clutch Replacement

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Oct 15, 2021
My throw-out bearing is making a grinding noise so I am in the process of planning a clutch replacement. Vehicle is an 1984 FJ60 with stock engine and transmission. Is the AISIN clutch the way to go or are there any recommendations for aftermarket clutches?
Aisin clutch is the way to go. You can get a complete kit from Cruiser Outfitters. The Aisin throw out bearing is good, but if you want to be extra certain, the Toyota OEM bearing is beefier. More expensive, too. Up to you whether it’s worth the peace of mind.
Use genuine Toyota parts for everything related to the clutch. The job is too big to mess around with “compatible” components.
The Toyota throw-out bearing IS extremely expensive, but it’s superior to all the others. You’ll definitely want to get the original clutch disc too. Whatever you do, don’t use a clutch disc that uses spring dampeners. It should have rubber cushions.
This is the disc to get:

@batthewmrown This may be applicable to you with impending transmission/t-case work
Be sure to pay attention to the F on the disc… it goes toward the front of the vehicle.
Had a small “oh s***” moment when I first read this thread, having just ordered an Aisin clutch kit from RockAuto and not sure if it had the prescribed stuff in it.

Anyway, it’s got all Koyo bearings and the clutch disc WITH the rubber cushions as opposed to springs, and it’s only ~$160.

The only thing I didn’t see was the F stamped on it anywhere, so I’ll probably f*** that up.


P/N for posterity, if anyone was wondering.
Be sure to pay attention to the F on the disc… it goes toward the front of the vehicle.

I'm adding to this important instruction:

the metal that forms the clutch splines have more of a snout on one side. The other side is flatter. Make sure you pay attention to how this is oriented when you take the old one out. Or do a search on the forum. There's a thread floating around that shows the correct orientation. can put it in BACKWARD. will definitely NOT work.

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