For Sale FJ55 Cargo Area Vent Covers

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Jan 21, 2014
Ketchum, Idaho

Thanks to a collaborative effort from @DieselFJ and @bobm , I've successfully re-created the rear (cargo area) vent covers for our 55's. This one:


I've gone through a couple design & prototype cycles to dial in the geometry. Currently, a 3D print vendor is fabricating a few dozen for me in the same black Nylon 12 we use in the glove box handles for @PabloCruise . I expect to have these in-hand early next week.

To cover my costs, pricing will be $15 each or two for $25, plus $5 shipping. I'll update this post with pictures of the parts when they arrive. Thanks everyone!

Great interest from everyone, thanks so much. Again I'll post pics when they arrive and I test fit. Cheers!
How much for just the .stl file Calvin?
I guess the exterior vents are next model and print?

There are a few exterior vents. Which ones are you talking about? Glad to investigate.
There are a few exterior vents. Which ones are you talking about? Glad to investigate.
I have an NOS pair to use as a pattern but they do not look trivial or inexpensive to replicate.



All right, these are good to go. I'll send a PM to each of you that's expressed interest to exchange details. Thanks again, everyone.

@mtnpig and @WarDamnEagle , I can reproduce those! Too tricky to just eyeball with calipers - fortunately I just re-established my connection with a high-resolution scanner. Scanning then reverse engineering is how I re-created the handle internals and it worked out great.

Do either of you have a spare you can loan me? In all honesty, I'll probably have it for 4-6 weeks based on other work/life commitments. Let me know if you're game.
Are these right and left handed or not? I can't seem to find them on the parts diagrams. Also not sure if they changed any over the years.

@DoubleNickels you can keep mine for as long as you want but they are currently with me in Saudi Arabia. I have employees that rotate in and out and can get one of them to drop them in the mail next trip home.

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