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It suppose to be a 1965 but based on the first page it might be a 1964?

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Tim McCormack
Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia
Alive and well. Going to be restored once the HJ45 is done.

Edit: she doesn't have an F engine. Has been converted to an Australian Ford engine.

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Michael Hudson
Valparaiso, Florida
Alive Runs Drives Stops
Has gasoline 6 cylinder toyota engine
Swb right hand drive imported from New Zealand
Fold down utility bed, previous owner bondo'd up the roof and windshield seams
Hard to go through drive thru windows

I would appreciate know what year it was produced, It's titled as a 1980 but I think it's a 1975.
Just starting on my '77 FJ45 long bed. Got one coat on the frame, working on the second. It came out of Canada, towed it home to Alaska. Hoping to have it done in 2021!! Will be the factory Red.


year: 1983
model: HJ47RV-KCQ (troopie, general specification)
matching engine number (2H1058492)
imported from Australia to South Africa in 2018
ex Tasmania (Aus army), then 2 private owners. Previous owner in Queensland
original color: white, now nebula green
now in Cape Town, South Africa
frame off restored in 2020
original except for:
- second diesel tank mounted behind rear diff
- water tank mounted in front of rear diff
- thomson PTO winch
- front facing rear bench
- ezpowersteering electric powersteering
- OME suspension

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I'm blown away to discover that this cruiser that my buddy bought in Abu Dhabi, shipped to CA and sold to me, had a restoration story here on iH8MUD. I'm one lucky bastard!!

1980 FJ45
Imported from Abu Dhabi
H41 Tranny
Located in Pacifica, CA



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