For Sale FJ40 Spring Branch

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United States
1978 FJ 40

Hi all. I am in San Antonio, TX. I have never purchased an FJ before and am very far from having an experienced eye in evaluating one for purchase. This one is available not too far from me and I have spoken with the seller about seeing it later today.

Can y'all please give me some input on what your experience/expertise tells you about this rig. Anything in the pictures/description that sticks out as good/bad? What about price?

I thank you all in advance.
You need someone that knows them.

My impression is for 20k they could at least clean it up under the hood. I’m a stickler for clean wiring. And horn and blinkers are easy to fix. They should have done that
Lots of cruiser heads in Texas. Don’t know Texican personally, but know he would be helpful if you’re in his neck of the woods. I think he owns 49 tire. Post up in the Texas clubhouse, perhaps a member would go with you to inspect. You might even be wise to join a local club, go to a meeting, I’d bet there’s guys who’d enjoy helping you. You’ve got time cause that is not close to being worth $19,000 imo.

fyi there are some members who believe the term “FJ” is ONLY to be used when referring to a modern “FJ Cruiser”. It’s a source of irritation to some. It’s no biggie to me. Figured I’d take a moment to let you know the commonly mud approve description terms I’ve seen are, “FJ40” “40” “40 series” “cruiser” :meh:

Thank you for the input. I appreciate the FYI on the lingo--i.e "FJ" referring the the FJ Cruiser. I can understand it being a point of frustration. As I have tried to learn more about the FJ40 many searches pull up FJ Cruisers--which I have ZERO interest in. I used the "FJ" because it is not just the 40, but also the 43 and 45 I am interested in. So moving forward I think using the 40, 43, and 45 are the way I will refer to them. Again, I appreciate the time you all are taking to show me the ropes.
"Needs Minor Electrical Work" is not a good thing to add to a FJ40 classifieds ad. Scares me off, and at that price point, electrical should be sorted...
Maybe just take 30 minutes and look around this forum and learn about the market before spending your hard earned dollars?

OR, just lease a RAV4?
very high price..
This is only a few miles from me. Would be glad to go look at it with you. Price seems a bit high but it seems to still be on the market. Never know how motivated they are until you talk to them. Shoot me a message if you want to connect on this. Thanks. Jim
I always like it when the engine gets desmogged and the tube in the clean air part of the air cleaner isn't plugged off and they just suck dirty dusty air right into the carb.

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