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Oct 12, 2008
Corvallis, OR
Metric Hardware, Metric Fasteners, Metric Bolts, Metric Nuts & Time-Sert Thread Repair
Specialty: metric OEM style fasteners

BTB Products
BTB Shop
Specialty:coversion kits, general parts, used parts

C&G Ford Parts
Old Ford Parts at C&G Ford Parts. Tens of thousands in reproduction.
Specialty: Ford obviously but...
Notes: ...they have great plugs and grommets

City Racer
City Racer LLC
Specialty: general OEM parts, very good reproduction of parts no longer available.

Classic Cruisers


Clips and Fasteners - Automotive Retainers,Clips and Fasteners
Specialty: OEM style clips and fasteners

Cool Cruisers of Texas
Cool Cruisers of Texas Land Cruiser Sales and Parts
Specialty: general parts, lots of reproduction parts that are no longer available

Specialty: You never know
Notes: Search for "FJ40" in auto parts, I suggest searching nationwide using something like SearchTempest: Search all of Craigslist nationwide & more

Cruiser Corps
Toyota Land Cruiser Parts
Specialty: general parts
Notes: good source for new parts

Cruiser Outfitters
Specialty: general
Notes: new, used, all types of parts, lots of drivetrain components, Toyota Landcruiser Parts

Cruiser Solutions
Cruiser Solutions, custom cruisers, restorations, genuine Toyota parts, body tubs, used Land Cruisers for sale
Notes: all sorts of parts, seem to have a good selection of chassis and aluminum body parts

Cruiser Yard

Toyota Land Cruiser Used Auto Parts Accessories | CruiserYard | Austin, Texas

Specialty: varies day to day
Notes: search for “FJ40 OEM” as a starting point
Specialty: OEM and aftermarket parts

Hard Bodies (Aqualu Industries)
Hard Bodies by Aqualu Industries Inc. | Aluminum Replacement Bodies & Accessories
Specialty:Comprehensive aluminum bodys and parts

joetlc on eBay
Notes: Ebay store

Land Cruiser Parts and Consulting
Welcome to LCPC
Notes: Also known as "Beno" in these parts


LCR4WD - 612-695-1881

Specialty: general
Notes: another company with a long LC history - lots of general parts, seems to cover suspension and chassis components well.

Mark's Off Road
Marks Off Road Home Page
Specialty: carburetor parts, steering boxes, rebuilds, and excellent knowledge
Notes: be patient with Mark, leave a message, he will get back to you, possibly in the middle of a carb rebuild. The quality of his work is worth it.

Overland Metric
Overland Metric | JIS Hardware

Specialty: OEM style fasteners, with a real focus on Toyota JIS type.

Specter Off Road
Notes: long history as a comprehensive source for LC parts, good starting point, useful diagrams

Steel Cruiser Parts
Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 FJ45 Steel Body Parts
Specialty: steel bolt-on and drop-down tailgates, patch panels, floor pans, soft-top bow kits,

TLC Performance
TLC Performance Land Cruiser Restoration and Service FJ40 FJ60


TOJO Products

Tojo Products | eBay Stores
Notes: Ebay store features select New Downey products, as well as select used/rebuilt Landcruiser parts

Vintage Connections
Specialty: OEM style electrical connections and fittings
Notes: check out the kits
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Good point - they are roughly in the order I have used them and bookmarked them.
How about add if MUD discount available in Notes?
You know I have never asked for or been offered a MUD discount at any of the above. Dang! Who all offers that? Cruiser Dan did I think?
Don’t forget my friend Sonny at He sells all the same OE and aftermarket stuff that Kurt and I sell (we buy a lot of our parts from the same source) and has a very well organized website.

I am a little humored by your description of my business. In the beginning I was rebuilding a lot more transmissions and transfer cases than carbs. At the moment steering box rebuilds are running head to head with carb work. But the carb reputation is what has stuck.
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I p.m.(ed) him not long ago in regards to some oem parts and got no response... not sure if he is still doing it?

I see Land Cruiser Parts and Consulting in the list. He's had a lot going on but is still very much in business. Just received 2 cartons of goodies:

This ebay user JoeTLC has quite a bit of land cruiser stuff. No affiliation.
Jim the Downey guy's ebay page is at thetojoman he calls it tojoproducts
Updated per the previous comments, thanks for the help and the additions. I could use help finding more and adding better detail on specialties and notes. I stuck in what I know personally or gathered from others...
Updated per the previous comments, thanks for the help and the additions. I could use help finding more and adding better detail on specialties and notes. I stuck in what I know personally or gathered from others...

LCR4WD is another repair facility like mine, who despite a wide range of services kind of got pigeonholed for one thing. In Steve’s case, its supplying rear disc brake components.

Jim C is another example. TLC Performance TLC Performance Land Cruiser Restoration and Service FJ40 FJ60 is another great one-man show too-often pigeonholed. Jim has a really long and wide-ranging history in auto mechanics, but requires the same kind of patience I do.

Also worth the wait.
I didn't know that BTB Products sold used Land Cruiser parts until earlier this last year (forgot for a minute that it's now 2018 - doh!), when tipped off by @UZJ40. Was needing to find a used 2F pushrod locally to cure my loud engine knock problem, so drove down to Henderson. The guy behind the counter took me out back to a large supply of used parts of all kinds. Went home a while later with a like-new replacement pushrod for $5. Engine now purrs like a kitten. Good resource.

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