Early Rig- Should I have concerns?

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May 24, 2016
Bainbridge Island, Washington
Hey Guys. My intention in rebuilding my '67 was to use it, not have a garage queen (though it's still almost as clean as in this picture). So my buddy and I are planning to do the WABDR (Washington Backcountry Discovery Route) this year. I intend to be gentle with it, but what are some areas of concern, especially around the pre-Birfield front axles?
I am @rkymtnflyfisher , the worst thing about the early rigs is the braking system. I think the drive train is plenty strong, especially if you are being gentle and or taking smart lines and not trying to get crazy with an overloaded rig. I have a feeling you will be just fine with a stock 40 . Since you rebuilt this beauty, the best thing you have going for you is familiarity with all the systems so field tweaks shouldn't be an issue if they pop up. :)
Nothing more fun than using one of these in stock form for what they are designed. As mentioned, be cautious and drive smooth and smart. There is no need to defeat every obstacle or beat it into submission … you’re out to complete the route.

On stockish tires the original drivetrain is fine if it is in good shape. Don’t be afraid to air down. You may want to carry a good box of drivetrain spares if you’re really out of the way.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to really flex it out and put the steering and suspension to the test, do so. Weird stuff always shows up with anything that has been rebuilt once it starts to get worked. Don’t know how many fans I’ve seen self clearance a shroud or radiator. Check and retorque everything you think is perfect prior to heading out. Don’t be afraid to set aside some time to give the rig a good once over after being on the trail for a while.

Remove the hubcaps unless you have an inventory of replacements……those things seem to flatten right out at the first sign of a rock or tree.
Thanks Cruiser_Nerd. I did a tighten-every-bolt dance at 1000 miles, but will do it again before this trip... and great idea for sparing my shiny new hubcaps.
Drive the crap out of it on shorter trips first to work out the bugs and find all the rattles and noises that would drive you crazy on longer trips.

Most important thing is have the tools, parts and knowledge to fix it yourself when sh*t happens. Having other toyotas and toyota geeks on the trip is always a good idea.

Take extra beer. Have fun.

This is me broken down in the red desert of Wyoming on a long dirt trip. No worries.

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U bolt skidplates. And take the running boards off.

I spotted a stock 1973 FJ40 on L78/15 tires through the Rubicon in 1989. The only thing I asked him to to was drive slow and take off the running boards.

Keep the skinny pedal away from the metal… :D

You’ll do fine.

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