damn landcruisers

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Dec 18, 2006
Swift Current, Sk
I sold my faithful hj60 back in February with 508,000km after nearly ten years of ownership. I felt that I was going to be very content only owning my fj45 and my daily driver Matrix. Well, long story short, on my way through Washington state, like a mirage in this farmer's field was a tan 1975 40. I approached the owner who told me that the truck had been parked in their barn for 15 years and they just dragged it into the field last fall. As I approached from the back, I figured the worst, as the rear sill was rotten.
After a full inspection, that was apparently the only rust. Some slight surface rust all over, but nothing like our Canadian rigs. There was still paint on the frame, and it still had the pto winch.
So here I sit again, another project. I know my intention will be to drive it the way she sits, but my wife has heard that before.

'77 fj45 cummins
'75 fj40 the new one
C'mon, it's April 2nd today. Not fallin for that.

I call BS 'til the pics are posted.;p

Resistance is futile. Enjoy the addiction.:)
I will have the last laugh when I figure out how to import this thing to Canada. I will forward pictures in May when I go to pick it up. The field was 2' in mud and snow. It is paid for and I have the registration in hand. Jason

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