Cure for slick running boards?

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Dec 17, 2005
When my stock running boards are wet, they're like ice, despite the diamond pattern.

I was thinking about putting some sort of paint on rough texture coating on them, but have not found a product. I like the stairway grip tape, but it won't conform to the diamonds.

(And no, I do not want to replace them with sliders. If I ever put sliders on, they'll go under the running boards.)
You might want to check out durabak black rough uv . Plenty grippy enough for anyone to use on steps. I have done it as well. I'll try and get you a pic of the finish. It is on here somewhere. I'm headed to go on a call but it works great.
They sell stuff (silica or fine sand) at the hardware store to put in paint but outdoors is a little different. If might just create a path for rust. I will have to go to my standard coating ZRC or zinc paint with silica added. Could probably use sandblast sand.
Herculiner bed liner has ALOT of sand in it just mix it up real good

This is a close up the texture if that works for you. You roll it on or spray it with a undercoating gun.
i saw some rust oleum textured spray paint at Home cheepo
the other day...
Don't know how it would stand up on the running board...
But for $5ish a can it might be worth a try...
Wide range of colors too....
Some bedliners are slick when wet, even with texture. Anyone have experience with which ones aren't?
:hmm: And conforms to the diamond pattern?

I would use that too. Seems like the best option. If it's a bit stiff, use a heat gun to soften it up and press it in and around the diamond plate.

Perhaps get a small amount at first and test it to see if it will soften kup and mold to the dp.
Grip tape from the skate board shop.r

"sand" in the little bag from Home Depot added to paint.
i use grip tape from my local sk8er shop, make sure its been sittin in the sun and itll do whatever you want it to do
I used grip tape on top of my sliders for awhile and it worked OK. I now have Hurculiner on top of the sliders and that works good too.
we use sandblast sand here at work, spray some paint, sprinkle it on, and spray it again. it holds up remarkably well. just try to get a nice texture, don't go overboard.
After the last rain we had, I walked on my sidesteps and there are no issues with rain/water/liquid and possible slick surface. That being said, there is a difference between the texture of rolling it on like the manufacturer would like you to do and using a undercoating gun which is what I used for the tub as you see in the pics above. Spraying provides greater texture than rolling it.
Cheap options

remove the steps and you won't slip on them
Handful of play sand from your kids sandbox and a quart of rustoleum paint.
2 four inch strips of grip tape from the hardware store.

More involved and $$$

1 can of spray on duplicolor bedliner
My initial reaction was very much like vtcruiser60's.

However, this should be an easy fix. If you have a West Marine close by, check out the material they sell for placing on boat trailers. It is available in a diamond plated design, but is made of rubber or similar product and is easy to cut in to a form/shape that you could match to your steps. It remains non slip when wet. That is what it was designed for.
Or you could just find a set of 65 to early 69 running boards that came from the factory with a rubber pad cover. Before 65 they still had the rubber pad but were just shorter. Which for off roading is a bad idea.
get some sheet metal screws and come up from the bottom. let the points just come through for good traction. lol not something I would do, but its an Idea. you can even make a design in them.

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