Correct Tie Rod End for Saginaw

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May 24, 2014
Hey Mud

So I got 3 of the 4 TREs on my 40 done (1970 with a Saginaw). However, when I went to put the TRE in at the Saginaw end of the rod, it didn't fit - feels like the TRE threads are just a little too large. I can only get it in about three turns, while the one I want to replace came out real easy. Now that it's out I can feel all kind of play - it's obviously got to be replaced, I just need to know the right part.

Here are some pictures - I ordered Moog ES140R, and I don't think that was the correct one. Can someone please steer me in the right direction?



Not sure what size your new TRE is but on mine I had to ream out my pitman arm. My TRE was a GM 1 ton from 4x4 labs. If you have a good machine shop nearby, you could take your Sag box in and have them ream the pitman.
The TRE bushing seems to fit okay in the pitman arm. My problem is with the threads, unfortunately.
Ahh. Do you have access to a thread pitch gauge and calipers? Those would help you figure out what you have.
If you interlock the threads on both TRE's do they match? Have you tried cleaning out the threads in the rod and TRE and do a dry fit? A small piece of dirt or rust or even a nicked thread on the TRE may prevent it from wanting to go in. Once you know everything fits then you can put anti-seize on for the final assembly.
Sorry for my slow response. If I interlock both threads they do not seem to match. I took some calipers and I measure .665 OD on the bolt and 18 TPI. 11/16-18?

I also found some lettering on the boot "45479-30030-CA1 1" but I think that's from the old TRE since a search turns up FJ parts for that number.
I can in no way, shape, or form guarantee that mine is the same as your or anyone elses, especially since mine was most likely done 30 years ago by who knows and my drag link doesn't match anything you can buy online (length wise).

I found all companies that sold the modified drag link had a TRE, but wouldn't provide it's size (and wanted in the $50 range).

I was able to, sort of, figure out my thread size then guess on the pitch.... but for mine it was....

"11/16x18 SAE with a tapered end was accurate for my drag link. About $15 shipped from Speedway Motors."
Your local hardware store should be able to figure out the thread pitch and size for you easily.

That'll solve the main concern right?
The ES140R is in fact the TRE we always gave with a Downey Saginaw conversion, but who knows what you have, I've never seen a gear box mounting plate like yours????
Hi all,

Try the TRE intended to fit the pitman arm on a J**p CJ7; I have found that this one has the correct diameter and threads, and the proper taper for the hole in the pitman arm.

BTW, it is very important to be sure that the taper of the TRE stud is correct for the pitman arm; improper fit can lead to failure of the TRE.

Good luck,

Thanks for all the help guys.

White Stripe - I haven't even got that far. The threads don't match up.

Alan - how do I know I've got the correct fit on the taper? Do I have to be concerned with the cone angle or just the diameter?

dgangle - that's the one I have. It doesn't fit.

toyotaspeed90 - did you wind up ordering from Speedway? If so, did you ever get a part number?
Almost all of the cone angles are the same, it's a diameter fit concern more than anything else.

Did you figure out the thread pattern of the old one?
I'm pretty sure it's 11/16-18 UNF Right but I'm going to test fit with a nut and get a protractor to confirm the cone angle. 7deg is typical right?
1.5" per foot is the taper IIRC
toyotaspeed90 - did you wind up ordering from Speedway? If so, did you ever get a part number?

I did.... I don't remember if it was LH or RH thread, but think it was RH....

LH is 91002919
RH is 91002909

Their description says for a 1948-64 Ford half ton pickups so you might be able to CA local parts stores and see of they have any in stock to compare yours with.

Old and new for my setup:

I'm pretty sure it's 11/16-18 UNF Right but I'm going to test fit with a nut and get a protractor to confirm the cone angle. 7deg is typical right?

Here are the spec's for the Moog TRE:

  • Bushings Included: Yes
  • Centerline Length (In): 3.220 Inch
  • Configuration: Straight
  • Dust Boots Included: Yes
  • End To Centerline Length (In): 3.110 Inch
  • Grease Fittings Included: Yes
  • Hardware Included: Yes
  • Number Of Studs: 1
  • Rod End Thread Gender: Male
  • Rod Thread Size: 11/16-18 Inch
  • Stud Bottom Diameter (In): 0.626 Inch
  • Stud Thread Size: 1/2-20 Inch
  • Stud Top Diameter (In): 0.543 Inch
So the threads are apparently different on the old TRE. Do you have a metric or SAE thread pitch gauge? One of these would at minimum give you the thread pitch of either TRE.

The Speedway 11/16-16R TRE for a 48-64 Ford Half Ton also didn't fit. The taper was too wide, wouldn't go in the arm.

Is it possible to just swap the arm for something with a known mating TRE?

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