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Collection of Useful HDC Threads

Discussion in 'NM- High Desert Cruisers' started by pappy, May 7, 2007.

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    Welcome new folks, and long time members that are checking this out for the first time. Our stickies are starting to grow. In an attempt to keep the list at the top shorter I'm going to link to them here and let the others scroll off. So, new folks, here is a list of resources that have come up that are important to making life here, and in the club, enjoyable.

    Can't figure out who people are? Here is the code to our aliases.
    HDC Aliases

    Several of us have posted up pics of our trucks. Add yours here.
    HDC Vehicle Registry

    Working on your favorite piece of junk? Like to share with the group?
    Project Vehicles

    Here is info about our website and the discount we receive at various places.
    Website Reminder and Parts Discount

    Come awn! You love hunting for old junk. There are treasures out there to be had. Post up here what you find.
    Boneyard Finds

    Need a good machinist?
    Thumbs Up B & K Fab

    I have something to sell? Post up here.
    For Sale @ High Desert Cruisers

    After all that wrenching and wheeling it's good to refuel the stomach.
    Where shall we eat?

    We are all children at heart.
    FJ40 Hot Wheels!

    Need something done? Rebuilt? Painted? Fabricated? Look here!
    Local Resources for Cruiser Service

    Trail communication is not a luxury, it a necessity.
    Trail Communication ... CB vs. HAM
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