Clutch master question needed asap!!!

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Oct 10, 2004
Lodi, CA
I need to get another clutch master for my FJ40. The auto parts place told me that the early year 1970 clutch master is different than the later year 1970 one. Has anyone had issues just using the later one for an earlier production, or vice versa?
I have a January 1970, and all this store has is a later year 1970 clutch master. They cannot get an early year 1970 clutch master at all.
Can I just use the later year one? Will I need to find an adapter, or will it be the same? The picture of it looks identical to the one I have on now, but they said there may be a different size fitting somewhere. Is that true????
Please get back to me as soon as possible, because I need to get the clutch master before this saturday!
check out sor for detailed sketches might be able to help ya.


by the way

rip (cough) off!
Other than the fitting(maybe) there should be no other issues. Bolt pattern is the same. You might have to make a hew hard line or change the fitting on the end, but that's not that big a deal.

I'm in Lodi and want to avoid whoever your buying parts from. Do share!
Cammy said:
I'm in Lodi and want to avoid whoever your buying parts from. Do share!

I'm in Manteca so same goes here.
I always check at Global Auto parts here on pacific ave & hammer ln. Sometmes they are way high, sometimes they have good prices. They always have cruiser stuff though. I check them first because it makes everyone else's prices look that much better. :)
Oh, btw. I found one at Man-a-fre for $45. Don't need this anymore.
Dude, I beem thru this a few times on my Pig. Usually different part number is due to different internal diameter. Not a big deal. You can probably use just about any similar MC. Rebuilding is cheap and easy too.

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