Bad conclusion to a great weekend

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Feb 4, 2005
some friends and I went to red river gorge in slade, ky for a weekend of hiking, camping and some light wheeling. came home this morning, got 15 miles from cincinnati on 75 north when my steering wheel was pulling to the right pretty hard. it was really windy out, so i thought it was wind since i had some large rubbermade boxes on my roof rack. then i looked im my rearview and saw lots of white smoke so i pulled over. looked under my truck and it appeared to be grease dripping on to my hot rotors, five miles from home i thought i could limp it in the slow lane. well i made it home, let it cool down and pulled the wheel. much to my suprise my brake rotor was broke in half!!!!!!, went to pull the hub to replace the rotor and any damaged parts and when i pulled my drive flange off a 3 inch long section of my outer axle came with it!!!!! well i had a look and it appears my bearings turned to liquid and dissappeared, my lock nuts and washers looked like a taco, im screwed. i put my rotors on about 1000 miles ago and repacked my bearings, torqued everything to fsm specs. im puzzled as to how this happened, i am sending an order to c-dan to get my parts asap. just had to vent thanks.
That sucks.

Any idea what happen/when and what all you've got to replace. I'm assuming, axle shaft, hub, spindle, bearings... any idea about the differential?

Holy Toledo....Did it give you any warning beside the pulling and the smoke, any noise w/ the axle/bearing failure? Crap, it chewed the axle/birf in two...That is what I call a major meltdown....Glad you made it home safely....
all the nuts/lock washers melted to the spindle and the whole in the spindle is no oblong instead of round, i will need at least, spindle, hub(the studs are backing out and i am worried about heat damage) birf, bearings (they liquified) i will pull it apart when i get a chance, i hope the inner axle is ok, i have no idea how i am gonna get this spindle off, the nuts are melted to it.....and there were no symptoms besides the smoke and pull. when i go to my house it was clicking really bad, i knew something major was least i am ok, parts can be replaced...

p.s anyone have a spare birf, spindle, hub assymbly for sale?
Really quite amazing pictures...I can't believe it.

Maybe it's time for Onur to pull his front stuff out and take a look....

Head gaskets and now melted fronts...what's next?:rolleyes:

The inner axle is going to be the cheapest part of this repair. It looks like hub, spindle, birf, bearings, drive flange, possible rotor, possible caliper, possible inner, wheel studs, axle studs, cone washers, nuts and assorted gasket bits....:frown:
the rotor broke in 2 pieces i thought i got a pic of that while i had it apart, it broke right where the braking surface makes the 90* bend out to the mouting surface, i was thinking this failed first and caused all the heat buildup/problems.
OMG! :eek:

That looks awesome! I think you are lucky the spindle didn't melt in half chucking your wheel out into traffic and leaving you to drive it on the axle housing.

Unfortunately as Dan has already said, this ain't gonna be cheap.

Still you're lucky in the grand scheme of things. Good luck.
perhaps time for a used axle assembly?

and when you say "liquefy" and "melted" you meant this literally as in "the steel melted and flowed..." ????
Thats bad let us know what caused it if you find out.
e9999 said:
perhaps time for a used axle assembly?

and when you say "liquefy" and "melted" you meant this literally as in "the steel melted and flowed..." ????

there were on bearings, just a lot if metal "dust" and the washers melted and folded like a taco shell :doh:

i dunno how much this will cost yet, but with the time to swap out the axle , i will prolly just replace the pass side assembly and see what happens
I'd suspect the failure started with a siezed wheel bearing. Bearing could have been defective, contaminated, or preload too high. I'd suspect brake rotor broke after being overheated due to excessive contact with pads. Of course, this is all web guess work. Be sure to check other side of axle.
I am amazed your truck did not start on fire!
Sorry to say, but that didn't go quietly, with a little puff of smoke! If you had stopped and done a road side repair or had it towed at the first sign of vibration, it would have saved a ton of money. If the first thing you saw/feel/heard was after liquid grease running out, then you need to slow down and turn down the stereo, turn off the movie, whatever and pay attention to what your truck is telling you, that is pure driver abuse.
after the smoke i had no stereo on, i dont watch movies in my truck wtf?? and didnt drive over 40 listening for anything, heard nothing, looked in the wheel, rotor was intact still....was 10 miles from home
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