Arabian Cruiser Roll Call

Discussion in 'Arabian Cruisers' started by Honger, Jan 11, 2015.

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    Mar 20, 2014
    Lohne / Germany
    the FJ comes from Taif and the Pagoda from Riad. I started searching already month ago via the web, mainly for Land Cruiser's but always looked a bit left and right, so I found the Pagoda even before the FJ. In between I had an FJ45 troopy transported to Dharhan but returned it after a close look, nothing been matching the description and the seller been rather "creative" on telling stories.
    Both cars would need a bit of love, but nothing worring me to much.
    Gone look soon for more as I still need an FJ45 Pickup and F55 in my garage :)
    Any ideas where to find spares, been already in the scrap yards in the second industrial, man that is a city from themself :confused:
    Best regards,
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